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The Gods of Asmir

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The Gods of Asmir

Post by Orgoth on Sat Oct 27, 2018 8:34 am

The Gods of Asmir Ka’Lesa
This is a list of the Gods of Asmir Ka’Lesa. The Gods inhabit the realm of Nolmir, a plane that is not accessible by mortals. Each God manifests as a humanoid, and each represents an aspect of life. They possess many powers and abilities, with the Demons being the only beings that have been able to actually kill a God. The Gods are worshiped by the denizens of Asmir, and though they have not ever been seen by mortal eyes, there is enough evidence and belief in their existence to nullify that. Unbeknownst to the people, the Gods are actually in a deep slumber since their war with the Demons, and thus they have not been keeping watch over the world. How long they will remain in their slumber however, no one knows.

Nolmir is depicted as a collection of floating buildings, high above the clouds. The realm consists of one massive central building, the Sanctum, and is orbited by several smaller buildings, each the home of one of the Gods. Nolmir expands infinitely in all directions,and it was here that the War in Heaven was fought between the Gods and Demons.

Not much is known about Typhos, but what is agreed upon is that it was the first being to exist in the plane that is now called Asmir. It had complete command of time and space, and used these abilities to create the land, the sun and the moon that would comprise the plane of Asmir. It created twin daughters, Na’Sora and Na’Kora, and tasked Na’Sora with creating and maintaining life on the new world, while also creating Nolmir, a realm to house its daughters. Its choice earned the ire of Na’Kora, who began to try and undermine her sister’s efforts. Typhos watched as its daughters create their own fellow Gods to help them with their work, creating neutrality to keep the mortals on a stable playing ground, leaving a God named Erolath to maintain this. When it became clear it was no longer needed here, Typhos created a being tasked with the sole task of keeping the other Gods in check and to protect the mortals from any conflict that was instigated in Nolmir. Then, Typhos left to explore the cosmos, and has not been seen since. It is speculated by the Gods that Typhos’ departure left a breach in the fabric of the plane, which led to the Demons’ incursion.

The Gods
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Na’Sora and Na’Kora || Zen || Manus || Lia || Orgost || Gráinne || Erolath || Ambiron

Na’Sora and Na’Kora
The twins Na’Sora and Na’Kora are as different from each other as they can be. Na’Sora is the Goddess of the Sun, giving life to the Eldari and creating Lia and Manus to help her in her work. Na’Kora is the Goddess of the Moon, and she gave herself the task of undermining and hindering her sister at every turn. She created death to counteract life, and she created Zen and Orgost to deal with Lia and Manus. They sisters disagree on everything, and this discord nearly cost the Gods their very existence when the Demon incursion began. They begrudgingly worked together to combat the Demons, but their alliance was short-lived, immediately bickering in the aftermath of the War in Heaven. Their rivalry is reflected in the relationship between their creations, with the Eldari and Heanta having a similar relationship with each other.

Zen, God of Chaos
Zen was created by Na’Kora to combat the abilities of Manus, the God of Law. He sowed discord among the races on Asmir, planting in them all his unpredictability. He loved to tamper with Manus’ machinations and plans, but he eventually developed a grudging respect of his rival, though he would never admit as such out loud.

Manus, God of Law
Manus was created by Na’Sora to bestow structure and restraint upon her creations. He was responsible for the sense of self-regulation among the mortals, admittedly some more than others. When Zen arrived, Manus found in him a rival that both frustrated him to the point of rage but also provided a challenge that Manus found to be stimulating and educational. He outwardly hated Zen, but he inwardly saw the value in his rival.

Lia, Goddess of Nature
Lia was created by Na’Sora, and was the first God to be created after the twins. Lia was tasked with creating and maintaining the life of the plane itself. She created the trees and animals that now call Asmir their home. She admired the craftsmanship that went into the Eldari, so Lia decided to try and create her own race to help her safeguard nature. Using the Eldari as inspiration, Lia created an offshoot of that race, calling them the Eldross. The Eldross were attuned to nature itself as a source of magical power, and used an animal companion as a focus.

Orgost, God of War
Orgost was another God created by Na’Kora. His job was to bring violence and war to the mortals below, breeding conflict and aggression as traits in them. Orgost’s work has arguably produced the most dramatic ramifications throughout the history of Asmir. Conflict has been the one constant, and though love and the other mortal traits sometimes temporarily overcome it, conflict never truly dies. His attempts to make mortals of his own have been markedly less successful, with his Orken and Undari races ending, somewhat ironically, due to conflict with the others. Orgost also had a hand in the creation of the Gráinne, as it was his loneliness that persuaded Na’Sora to create a partner for him. Though as the God of War he is bound to sow conflict wherever he goes, he is unable muster his aggressive tendencies against Gráinne, showing that maybe love can soften even the hardest of souls.

Gráinne, Goddess of Love
Gráinne was created by Na’Sora after her twin had ignored the pleas of Orgost, the God of War. Orgost was beginning to despair, having isolated himself with his inability to co-exist peacefully with the other Gods. Thus Na’Sora created Gráinne, who would represent the domain of love, a concept that had eluded Orgost thus far. When she first appeared, she reached out to Orgost, trying to persuade him to find peace. Orgost lashed out at her initially, trying to resist her arguments. The attack left a scar over Gráinne’s left eye, a scar that remains to this day. However, her work was done after that. Orgost no longer had the will to resist, and he fell for her. Gráinne remains the only being who has truly tamed the God of War.

Erolath, God of Neutrality
Erolath was one of only two Gods that were not created by Na’Sora or Na’Kora. He was created by Typhos when the First God saw the miracles that were taking shape on Asmir below. He was tasked with providing the concept of neutrality to the mortals, giving them a stable base upon which to support their individual beliefs on. Erolath himself was not satisfied with that though, so he too brought his own race into being. First, he created a race of creatures that would unify the other races under one neutral banner, by force. He called the Dragons, creatures of great power that forced the races to work together. However, the Dragons were actually defeated, something he had not foreseen. After the Dragons retreated, Erolath decided to try a different approach. He created Humans, a race not allied to any of the existing races. His plan was tampered with, when Zen introduced a chaotic trait into the Humans, for nothing more than entertainment. The Humans ultimately became a power in their own right, with their chaotic nature and unwillingness to truly ally with anybody else made the other races sit up and take notice.

Ambiron, Arbiter of the Gods
The last of the Gods to appear, Ambiron was created by Typhos in order to keep the other Gods in check. Typhos would then leave, but not before bestowing a powerful enchantment over all of the other Gods, excluding its daughters. The enchantment gave Ambiron final authority over the others, meaning that if Ambiron told them to do something, they would be compelled to do it, no matter what. This allowed Ambiron to regulate Nolmir, keeping the Gods from fighting each other. Ambiron would be slain during the Demon incursion, triggering the subsequent War in Heaven.

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