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Order of the Sun Hierarchy

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Order of the Sun Hierarchy

Post by Orgoth on Wed Oct 24, 2018 4:55 am

The Order of the Sun

The Order of the Sun is a small faction that maintains a military force whose main tenets are peacekeeping and cooperation. The leader of the faction is also the leader of the military force, though they utilize the division leaders as advisers, as well as prominent civilians. In structure, they are loosely based on the Knights of Mondolin, due to their origins. However, they have strayed from the Knights’ hierarchy a bit in recent years, resulting in the Order as it currently exists. The Knight-Commander title has been retained, more for historical significance than anything else, but the other titles have dropped the Knight prefix. This is to emphasize the difference between the rigidity of the Knights of Mondolin and the relative openness and adaptability of the Order’s own hierarchy.

Roster is formatted as follows:
Character Name(Owner of Character): Rank

Knight-Commander: Odric Mantell (NPC): E-1

Military Division
Captain: Randalla Thorne(NPC): R-3

Lieutenant: Kairi Thorne(Orgoth): A-5


Information Gathering Division
Captain: Shran Trostani(NPC): R-5



Medical and Magical Division



Faylandrea "Fayla" Shor A-5 Eldari
Kairi Thorne A-5 Human
Knightfall A-5 Heanta
Andreas Toral A-5 Human

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