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The Order of the Sun

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The Order of the Sun

Post by Orgoth on Tue Oct 23, 2018 5:14 am

The Order of the Sun was established in the year 445 of the Second Age. The Order began as a small collection of nobles and ex-soldiers that united under the banner of Solden Kallis, an former Knight of Mondolin. Kallis was a renowned commander, having took part in many operations in the Human-Orken War, most of them successful. Despite his skill and reputation, Kallis knew that without the intervention of the Eldari, the Kingdom of Mondolin would have been defeated, in a war that they themselves started. He concluded that the best way to achieve peace was cooperation between all peoples. Given that the Kingdom of Mondolin was currently adopting a policy of isolation from the outside world, Kallis knew he would have to operate outside the authority of Mondolin for the time being.

Using the influence he had gained over his career, as well as that of any that held influential positions in the Mondolin hierarchy, Kallis acquired the supplies and tools he needed for his plan to work. All he needed was the space to make it happen. To that end, Kallis requested an appearance before the King of Mondolin, King Casavir. The King was initially reluctant for Kallis to attempt such a project, but he understood the man’s reasoning, and eventually granted him a large section of land near the border between the Free Lands and Harodiel, the home of the Eldross.

Kallis brought with him all of the followers he had acquired to that point, who now numbered over a thousand, and began to establish a homebase. There was a fort that was used in the past for keeping watch over the Eldari and Eldross, but now lay abandoned. Kallis took command of the fort and rebuilt it, repurposing it as the base of operations for the new Order of the Sun. The fort was renamed Sunshield Hold, and became a bastion for people who shared a common goal in the west of Ka’Lesa. Kallis then expanded Sunshield Hold outwards, turning it into a small town that could sustain itself and any that joined in the immediate future.

Having established a solid base for his plan, Kallis then moved onto the next phase. He sent envoys to the Eldari and Eldross, outlining his aims and his wishes for cooperation. The Eldross were convinced fairly quickly, but the Eldari were skeptical at first. Through some deft diplomatic gestures by Kallis, however, the Eldari eventually agreed, and the relationship between the Eldari and the Order of the Sun began, and still exists to this day. The Order began attracting more and more followers, resulting in the expansion of Sunshield Hold. The town became a relatively bustling and prosperous settlement in its own right.

The Order of the Sun soon gained a reputation for being a safe haven for people who simply wanted a peaceful way of life. The Order even contributed to global events despite their small size. During the Second Great War, the Order was instrumental in providing aid to displaced refugees fleeing the violence. They were the primary force behind the ceasefire and subsequent peacetime. They also provided help for the survivors of the Onyxus event, with a small few choosing to remain as a part of the Order.

Although the Order of the Sun originated in the Kingdom of Mondolin, they readily accept anyone who shares their goal of peaceful co-existence, regardless of race or background.

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