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The Nyberrite Alliance

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The Nyberrite Alliance

Post by Orgoth on Fri Oct 19, 2018 8:25 am

The Nyberrite Alliance is shadow organisation that specialize in subterfuge and manipulation. Originating in Karem, the Alliance began in the Second Age, shortly after the Second Great War, as a guild of assassins that offered their services to the whoever could afford them. As their profile grew, their clientele progressed from lowly merchants with vendettas against competitors to nobles with political agendas. They prospered in the shadows, slowly building up a fearsome reputation as efficient and deadly operators.

After the Onyxus event in the year 902, the surviving Eldross were forced to find new homes. Most fled to Endaron, where they were sheltered by their Eldari kin. Others took their chances out in the world, becoming scouts and rangers for mercenary guilds or the Sunlight Covenant. One such Eldross, Kaverra Multani, traveled to Karem. Kaverra had lost her entire family in the Onyxus event, and she was filled with rage and anger over the loss. She joined the Alliance, and swiftly became one of their most prized operatives. In her mind, the world stood by while Onyxus took everything from her, in exchange, she was going take from the world in return. She rose up the ranks of the Alliance, getting close to the leader, Neelan Arter. She waited for the moment, before killing him in his hideout. Kaverra assumed control over the Alliance, and she would change their destiny.

The Alliance began to employ intimidation tactics to coerce certain members of the Karemma Guild, the main authority in Karem. The Guild were a collection of the most powerful merchants in the city, but the Alliance had begun to plant the seeds of the Guild's downfall. On a fateful night in the year 963, the Alliance made its move, eliminating the Karemma Guild leadership in a single, well-coordinated attack. Kaverra had also negotiated a contract with the Red Fang, a band of ruthless mercenaries, which she used to suppress the inevitable uproar from the citizens of the city. In one single night, a city had fallen. The Alliance did not stop there though.

Using the Red Fang as the muscle in her plans, Kaverra installed a new leadership in Karem, albeit one under the direct control of the Alliance. Therefore, Alliance officials were never seen by the citizens, only the new puppet leaders. In the meantime, Kaverra decided to move quickly to secure another foothold in the Free Lands. The city of Karcenak was an almost Utopian paradise, if one ignored how things were run there. The city was built and maintained by slaves, with the ruling class being an assortment of slaver chiefs. Kaverra sent the Red Fang to occupy their attention by blockading the city, while a unit of elite operatives led by Kaverra herself infiltrated the city and eliminated the slavers. The leader of the Red Fang, a Heanta by the name of Juresh Enyo, was installed as the new leader of the city, making it a Red Fang power-base for years to come. Enyo was under the direct authority of Kaverra though, meaning she had dominion over the two cities. She retreated into the shadows with her Alliance, issuing directives from the darkness.

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