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Rank system and how to get stronger.

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Rank system and how to get stronger. Empty Rank system and how to get stronger.

Post by Zenke on Fri Apr 19, 2013 6:14 am

Basic information

You've probably seen the term rank thrown around here, or seen something like A-3 or E-1. Well these are how we messure a characters total power. Upon approval of a character, staff will give the app a rank between A-1 and A-5. You can then earn higher ranks to unlock new powers and transformations by challenging for rank ups or buying them.

In total there are 3 normal ranks, each with 5 levels. There is a special rank too, earned through feats of extreme Heroics or martial prowess. This rank is called Hero, and you can only have one.

Apprentice: Every character made on the forum starts at Apprentice, albeit sometimes at a different level. Apprentice characters are the least skilled of the bunch, having very few abilities and racial abilities.

Regular: A character Earns the regular Rank once they've reached A-5. You must challenge to earn the rank, but once earned it often comes with a boost in power or a new transformation and new abilities.

Elite: A character can earn the Elite rank Once they've reached R-5. Again, you must complete a challenge to earn it, but once earned it you unlock your strongest powers and transformations. Elite is the strongest of the normal ranks.

Hero: Each person can only have one hero rank character. Hero Rank is equal to E-5 in terms of power, however Hero characters gain access to certain powers no other character can gain. Hero rank can only be earned by doing something very special, and will not be achievable in a standard tier up thread.


Experience is earned by particpating in Rp threads. Each time you post in an rp thread, you will earn 5 experience, which can be spent on Ranking up. Taking part in events and missions earn extra experience. It doesn't matter which character earns the experience, you can spend it to rank up any of your roster.

ranking up

Ranking up is achieved in one of two ways. One, you pay the experience cost, and do a rank up thread. Rank up threads are against staff or certain members staff trust to see the thread through, and will push your rp skills with your character to the test. They are usually always pitched fights against a character who is a higher rank than yours. The other way is to spend experience, and resources to buy a tier up.

Sometimes a Rank can be earned if your character has gone trough a particularly trying experience in a thread. If you think you've earned it, ask a staff to check the thread and see what they think, but its not always a guarantee that you'll get a rank up in this manner. If you do, it wont cost experience.

Rank graph with prices

RankCost in ExperienceCost in Resources
A-10Minimum Rank
R-175Must be earned
E-1100must be earned
Hero???Requires special conditions to earn

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