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Introduction to Asmir Ka'Lesa

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Introduction to Asmir Ka'Lesa Empty Introduction to Asmir Ka'Lesa

Post by Orgoth on Wed Oct 17, 2018 10:52 am

Welcome from the owners!

Welcome to Asmir Ka’Lesa, friend! Thank you for taking the time out to have a look at our little RP site. This post is a brief overview of what we do here. If you wanna read more on a particular topic, there are links included below. We hope you like what you see and feel free to contact us or any of the staff for help. Remember, we’re primarily here to have fun and tell some awesome stories at the same time. Thanks for reading, and we’ll hopefully see you out there!

Zenke and Orgoth


The Site

Asmir Ka’lesa is a high fantasy roleplaying site set in the world of Asmir. Ka’Lesa is a continent on Asmir that is home to many different people where you can find magic and adventure aplenty. Create a character from one of the races that inhabit this land and tell your own story, making friends and enemies along the way. Roleplay here is carried out through the medium of a text-based forum.

The World

The world of Asmir is a diverse and strange place where many people live and thrive using their skills and their resources to carve out their own place in the history of the world. The continent of Ka’Lesa is inhabit by four main races: Eldari, Heanta, Asentari and Human. Peace is fleeting as conflict occurs often, caused by anything from territorial disputes to blood feuds. The land itself varies as you travel. The Eldari lands in the west are mysterious and magical, while Kyrias in the north is harsh and mountainous. The Kingdom of Mondolin lies in the central plains of Ka’Lesa, with lush and fertile pastures stretching from Mith Silvanus all the way down to the mountains and swamps in the south. The Free Lands is a chaotic region in both climate and politics, reaching from Kyrias all the way down to Asentari lands and out west to the sea. The Asentari inhabit the Sky Islands of Edia, a set of floating islands in the far south. The Kri’Lak Badlands are a brutal and treacherous region in the east, home to temperamental weather and strange, powerful creatures.


We’ve tried to keep have the rules as balanced as possible between fairness and regulation. We do encourage people to be as creative as they can, and we will always try our best to accommodate as much imagination as possible. However, we must still enforce rules and restrictions to make sure everyone can enjoy a fun and equal experience. In the Rules section you can find our specific rules with regard to member conduct, as well as roleplaying rules and other things you need to know on that front. Make sure you take a look before you begin, so everything is easier later on.



Characters on Asmir Ka’Lesa are no mere mortals. They have special powers and abilities, and are capable of surviving things that would kill most normal people. Eldari are the longest-lived of the races, and can train to be powerful Magi, or skilled Swordsmen who are resistant to poison and are always at their best. Heanta are a terrible race of carnivorous warriors, whose bloodthirsty nature and powerful regenerative abilities make them a formidable foe. Asentari are an elusive race who share bloodlines with the powerful dragons, and the unassuming Humans. And then there are the Humans themselves, seen as small and immature by the other races, but in the heat of battle are capable of unlikely feats of physical or magical prowess.

All of the races are different in both appearance and philosophies. The Eldari and Heanta are mortal enemies, and have been since their creation millennia ago. Their battle is the longest-running and the bloodiest. The Humans have been pushed and tested by all sides but have established themselves as a force to be reckoned with, though their inherently diverse and chaotic nature earns them a wary eye from outside forces. The Asentari are a new arrival to the rest of the continent, and are wary of the others. They are the youngest race on the continent, and their Dragon-blood makes them powerful and deadly.

Your character finds themselves in the middle of this world, and they have the chance to make a difference. They can follow their race’s traditions, or they can go against the grain. They can be cocky young upstarts, or they can be seasoned veterans. They can be virtuous and genuine, or they can be cold and ruthless. They can be noble-born, or lower-class. They can be like Fayla Shor, a reluctant descendant of a fabled Eldari hero, and a skilled swordswoman. Or you can be like Korroth Vex, a huge and frightening Heanta who terrorizes his opponents and loves to cause fear and destruction. Your character is your own. How they live, and how they die is up to you.

Character Creation Help
Race Information

Faylandrea "Fayla" Shor A-5 Eldari
Kairi Thorne A-5 Human
Knightfall A-5 Heanta
Andreas Toral A-5 Human
Miral Nerys A-5 Eldross

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