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Korroth Vex

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Korroth Vex Empty Korroth Vex

Post by Zenke on Fri Oct 12, 2018 11:09 am


Character information

Name: Korroth Vex
Age: 32
True age: 189
Sex: Male
Personality: Korroth is not your average heanta. He is far more bloodthirsty, violent and ambitious than the average heanta. A former heanta born slave, he fought his way from the lowest right into a spot within Clan Vandel, an achievement uncommonly seen in slave caste of the heanta. Even so, he is a low ranking member though most in clan Vandel hesitate to call him on that when he oversteps his bounds. The only person he really listens to in the clan is Roth, and only because Roth Vandel earned his respect long ago. Korroth harbours a rage that most cannot fathom, and it fuels his hatred.

Korroth has an unnatural hatred for most everyone, and if he doesn’t hate someone, he merely feels indifferent about their existence. This extends tenfold to Roth Vandel’s personal assassin Knightfall. A capable killer to be sure, and someone who has earned slight respect for offing his own brother, but his cowardly methods of doling out death do not sit well with Korroth. Korroth does not understand the meaning of compassion, or love, or friendship, and has a complete lack of empathy. He is above these things. He has never been seen to express interest in a mate, and rarely wastes time with anything other than killing. The only thing he has shown any appreciation for is music, which is little more than a pause and a glance in the sound’s direction.

Korroth used to fight to survive, but now he fights to kill and to climb higher within the ranks of society. Korroth kills because he enjoys it, and he cares very little who it is he’s killing. Strong or weak, young or old, man or woman. Anyone who stands in his path, or happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time end up dead at his hand, intentionally or not. He is very intense. He finds it hard to relax, or settle, and time not spent fighting, or honing his skills is considered a waste. Korroth rarely sleeps or eats, and pushes his body to the limits his demon matrix can allow for before doing so. He is not a natural born leader, but when he is forced to lead he does so with an iron fist, and expects his soldiers to give their all, to never hold back and to most of all, slaughter anyone in their path.

Korroth acts as Roth Vandal's bodyguard and personal executioner. He takes great pride in the latter part of his work and prefers to be out in the world, cutting off heads for his grand leader. Korroth is not a clean killer, and has no qualms about making a mess. In Fact, he doesn’t always go straight for the kill, and sometimes likes to toy with his prey, cutting off limbs or goring them before finally letting them die. He takes a very frontal approach to assassination missions, kicking in the front door and carving a path to his target. This works for his Grand Leader, and Roth likes to send Korroth out, when he needs to send a particularly blood, gruesome letter.

Korroth could be called arrogant, but he is not. He is simply confident in his own skills and abilities in combat, but does not allow it to cloud his judgement in combat. Korroth cannot abide weakness. Cowering before him is more likely to set him off, resulting in a brutal attack, where as he can at least respect someone who stands up to him, though he will still knock them aside for trying. He hates slaves, and cannot stand their broken will and weak forms. He believes slavery is a just punishment for those who cannot fight or provide use to the heanta.

Likes/dislikes: he likes the sight of blood, making a mess with his victims, and music. He dislikes weakness, cowardice, and victims who refuse to fight back.
Fears: Feeling powerless or insignificant in the face of a being so powerful he knows he cannot win, such as a dragon or kishin dola, the sea because it’s something he cannot fight or kill and easily sweeps away the mightiest of warriors, and becoming weak.


Korroth Vex 4b322910

Height: 7’9”
Weight: 344 lbs
Appearance: Korroth is a large Heanta with a heavily muscled, heavily scarred body. His arms are as thick as small tree trunks, bound in thick, powerful muscles. His legs are equally powerful. His sheer size is dominating, towering over most other heanta. His weight is primarily from muscle, and there is very little fat on him. His face is scarred and battered, and his nose broken and reset incorrectly. Korroth has dark red eyes and dark grey skin. He has jet black hair cut short. He has several noticeable scars along the side of his face. Korroth’s horns are large, black and grey, extending back and up from his temples.

Korroth Vex Korrot10

Clothing: Korroth is usually not seen outside of his imposing Suit of heavy armor, but when he isn’t wearing it He usually wears light black clothing, and a dark fur cloak made from the pelt of a direwolf. He wears a black shirt and loose dark grey pants under his tunic, and a tasset of cloth, along with several belts. He wears heavy black leather boots and

Fighting style

General Fighting Tactics: Korroth is a very upfront combatant who likes to get in close and swing his weight around. He leans more towards offense and lets his armor take the brunt of incoming attacks rather than trying to dodge or evade. He’ll still use his Bardiche to parry and block, usually following up with a counter attack from the weapons heavy counterbalance. He’s strong enough to swing the weapon around in one or two hands, but has better control with two. Korroth is no stranger to using his body as a weapon, whether he’s using his first, or massive size to crush opponents under him. But when he does need a second weapon, he has a rather large divinium longknife at his disposal. He’s well versed in the use of his secondary weapon, but will only use it when his bardiche is out of reach or the fighting location becomes to small.

Korroth’s abilities utilise his natural large size and power to scare his opponents, and are while some are defensive, their main purpose is to deal damage at close ranges to multiple opponents. He will always open a fight with melee combat, before beginning to use his powers to keep his opponents pressed.  When it comes to range, Korroth’s abilities won't be much help to him, and using ranged weaponry is out of the question for him, so he must rely on his armor to weather a storm and close the distance and bring his assault to bear. He is at least lucky to have decent stamina and durability to keep him on his feet and moving. Korroth is sure of his own combat prowess and is not easily intimidated, even when he is evenly matched by an opponent who shares his size and strength.

Combat Stats-

Strength || Very Good
Speed || Poor
Agility || Average
Durability || Good
Stamina || Good
Magical power || Poor

Strengths: Weapon Prowess: Korroth is well trained and highly skilled in the use of his bardiche, Empress of Ruin, his and long knife, wind cleaver. However, this does not mean he is as skilled with other weapons of these types, as his own weapons are very specialised and the only other weapons he’d be skilled with are custom built weapons of these types meant for him.

Unarmed Combat: Korrath has grown up using nothing but himself to fight and kill to survive. He uses his shear size and strength as a weapon of its own, knows plenty of ways to use his fists, horns and claws to dish out painful blows.

Resistance to Fear: Korroth has been exposed to the threat of pain and death for most of his life, and as such learned that fear is inconsequential. Trying to scare or intimidate him is almost useless. Mental attacks that cause fear are met with a roaring challenge. Only his own, well repressed fears have any effect on him, which he is fairly good at hiding. Anything that can shake the big man must be truly horrific.

Weaknesses: Range: Korroth’s abilities lack range, and he also cannot/does not use ranged weaponry due to a dangerous level of inaccuracy that puts anyone in front of him in danger. His tendency to become frustrated by bows and crossbows often leads to him using them as a club rather than their intended use too.

Mental Rage: Mental attacks designed to influence his mind tend to drive him into a psychotic rage, causing him to drop his guard and focus solely on attacking the person who’s responsible for it. If he cannot find or identify the caster, he will take it out on anything or anyone within sight instead. He may still be influenced by the abilities effects, and he’s generally more susceptible to them than most others. Resisting the attack, or the rage it drives him into, is less likely to occur. This of course excludes fear based mental attacks, which he is still resistant to.

Lightning weakness: He takes more 25% more damage from Lightning based attacks.


Primary Weapon: Empress of Ruin - Empress of Ruin is a War Bardiche, an 18” long, 6” wide, crescent blade attached to a 6 foot handle. The difference between a war bardiche and the regular variety, is the mace like counterbalance capable of crushing armor. Forged from Divinium, it was given to Korroth by Roth Vandel as a welcome to clan Vandel. He has used it countless times since to cut a path of death through his enemies. It is primarily a two handed weapon but given Korroth’s strength, he can swing it easily with one hand.
Enchantment: Primal smash - The head of the weapon is surrounded by magical energy and the next strike delivers average magical damage on top of the attack itself. Korroth can opt to smash the ground instead, causing a shockwave in 10 feet of the strike that deals weak damage instead. 3 post cooldown.

Secondary equipment: Wind Cleaver - Wind cleaver is a heavy bladed weapon similar to a long knife, however that blade is wider and longer. Made of Divinium, It is a single edged, straight blade with a edge that curves into a razor sharp tip. The weapon is 3 and a half feet long from pommel to tip, and seven inches of that is handle, while the rest is blade. The blade is two inches wide, and an inch thick, adding a good deal of weight to the blade, but given Korroth’s strength he’s well capable of wielding it efficiently. Wind cleaver is usually used for finishing off foes or in situations where Empress of Ruin is out of reach or movement is restricted.

Demon Matrix Powers

Demon Matrix Appearance: Korroth’s demon Matrix is a black circular shaped crystal that seems to drink into the light, and is embedded into the left side of his chest. It is roughly 3 inches wide.

Name: Terror
Type: Support
Damage Category: N/A
Description: When Korroth enters combat, his opponent is attacked by his dominating presence alone, causing their minds to be flooded with fear. Korroth may seem larger or more demonic, and they will be assailed by a sense of dread and fear. The effect is a mental attack and as such, varies in effectiveness from person to person, and also how they react. Some will run, some will cower, and some will attack him out of desperation. During combat, it will affect an individual for up to 2 posts before they are no longer affected by it for the thread. However some abilities can temporarily reawaken the fear caused by terror. If they face Korroth in future threads, its effectiveness is based on how well they dealt with him the first time. If they were defeated, the effects may feel stronger, but if they defeated him, the effects will be weakened.
Cooldown: It costs 3pp to activate and will affect all opponents present in the fight at that time. If another opponent enter the fight, the ability will trigger again at the start of Korroth’s next post in which he has 3pp available.

Name: Crippling Roar
Type: Offense
Damage Category: Weak
Description: Korroth lets out a powerful roar that comes with a blast of energy in a cone in front of him. The cone is 15 ft long and 10ft at its widest. If it hits, it deals weak and reduces the victim’s strength by 1 for 2 posts. The attack also has small chance of reawakening the fear caused by terror for the duration.
Cooldown: 3 post cooldown

Name: Rage
Type: Support
Damage Category: N/A
Description: Korroth’s muscles surge with a powerful burst of magical power causing an dramatic but temporary increase to his physical strength giving him +1 for 2 posts.
Cooldown: 3 post cooldown

Name: Brutal Defense
Type: Defense
Damage Category: Average
Description: One of Korroth’s more defensive abilities, it temporarily surrounds his body in energy. Brutal Defense can completely neutralise a single physical attack, regardless of where it hits, and cause the attacker’s weapon to repel away from Korroth. However, if the attack in question has a buff to it, for instance Vala’s Explosive fist, Brutal Defense will only defend against average damage. Doesn’t block Ranged Magical Attacks.
Cooldown: 3 post cooldown.

Enhanced Powers

Name: Doom Scythe
Type: Offense
Damage Category: weak
Description: Korroth Charges energy into the blade of his Bardiche or Longknife and swings, throwing out a short ranged scythe like blade of energy at an opponent. It has a reach of 10ft and deals weak cutting Damage on impact
Cooldown: 1 post cooldown.

Name: Blood Price
Type: Defense
Damage Category: Average
Description: For a single post, If Korroth is hit with an energy based elemental attack of average or weak he takes half the damage and absorbs half the powerpoints of the attack used rounded up. Can only block 2 weak or one average ability. The power points become available to use in the next post. The most he can gain from this ability is 2pp. This cannot be used with Pain Syphon.
Cooldown: 3 post cooldown

Name: Fury
Type: Offense
Damage Category: Average
Description: Korroth lets out a furious roar and unleashes a powerful blast of energy from his body, blasting anything within 15 ft of him with energy for average damage. Fury may also awaken the fear felt while Terror was active, during the attack.
Cooldown: 3 post

Name: Pain Syphon
Type: Support
Damage Category: N/A
Description: If Korroth is hit with a single attack of weak, average, or strong, he can choose to absorb the energy of the attack. That energy is then gathered, and half the damage of the attack is added to his next energy based attack. The energy disperses if its not used by the end of his next post. This cannot be used with Blood Price.
Cooldown: 2 post cooldown.

True Demon Form

Transformation method: Korroth Gathers all of his energy to his demon matrix, which appears to begin to grow inside, pushing outwards into an orb of pure blackness that envelopes him within. In a single moment, the energy gathered explodes outwards, dispersing harmlessly and leaving the transformed Korroth in its place.

Korroth Vex 556d9011

New appearance: When Korroth transforms, not much changes to his overall bulk and height, however his skin becomes like dark grey chitin, he sprouts a second set of horns on his head, and his entire eye turns red and glows brightly. He grows a long prehensile tail that can be used to devastating effect, and his claws become Talons of black Keratin, razor sharp and eager to tear flesh. On top of that the energy of the transformation will also affect korroth’s armor. If he’s wearing it, the armor’s appearance shifts to match this new demonic look, the helmet adapts to allow for the extra horns and the back for his tail. The steel plates take on the appearance of chitin and change slightly in shape.These changes are undone when he transforms back. The armor cannot be removed but can still be damaged and will not regenerate.

-New powers-

Name: Terror Reborn
Type: support
Damage Category: N/A
Description: When Korroth enters his true demon form, he can reawaken the fear his foe felt while fighting him before. This new effect is stronger and is a direct mental attack, meaning he singles out a single person and focuses all of his ill will towards that person. Not only will they be assailed by fear, their reaction and speed will be affected, dropping agility and speed by 1 for the duration of the effect.
Cooldown: 2 post duration, 5 post cooldown.

Name: Crush
Type: Offense
Damage Category: Strong
Description: Korroth throws out an open hand and surrounds a target in an sphere of energy that moves with them. The energy stays there for a post before he can close his hand. As he closes his fist, the sphere crushes in on the target and explodes in a 7ft area, causing strong damage. Once the orb starts to close, it no longer moves and can be outrun. The target must be within 30 ft of him for him to use it on them but if they try to run out of that range he can still set it off.
Cooldown: 1 post charge, 4 Post Cooldown.

Name: Juggernaut
Type: Defense
Damage Category: Very weak
Description: Korroth surrounds himself in a barrier of energy that will bounce away very weak ranged magical attacks for the next 2 posts. If Korroth is in motion, the attacks will ping off his shield and shoot off in random directions, but with a carefully timed block he can potentially bounce them back towards their caster.
Cooldown: 5 post cooldown.

Name: Oblivion Strike
Type: Offense
Damage Category: Very Strong
Description: Korroth forms energy around his forearm, forming a large lance of energy around 6ft long. The Lance is 1ft wide around his forearm, and tapers into a sharp point. The attack deals Very Strong and is capable of shattering walls and solid barriers as if they didn’t exist, and punch through heavy armor as if it was made were leather. It lasts for a post, and When it hits something that’s alive during that time, it will explode forward dealing its damage.
Cooldown: 7pp. Can Only be used once per thread.

New Boosts: strength +2, speed +1, agility +1, Durability +2, magical power +2




Born a slave in Av’Eden, Korroth’s mother was a slave, and his father was of the warrior caste. His mother died giving birth to him and his father disowned him since in the eyes of many heanta, breeding with slaves is a disgrace. He was given to a surrogate mother, since keeping a good population is useful. However, Korroth was lucky in one respect, he grew quickly, and he grew big. Even as a child he was large, and he was selected to become a “training dummy.” A slave who was used to train young heanta in combat, to give them something to fight. For many slaves, this was a death sentence, as most did not survive the wounds they sustained unless they happened to be heanta.

Korroth survived his first few bouts, and despite his wounds he slowly recovered and kept being called back to the ring. He met each challenge with savage glee, and would often quickly overwhelm his opponents with his sheer size and savagely beat them. And when he was outmatched in skill, the favor was returned. He learned to take the beatings, and they made him tough. His time in the ring worked in his favor however, as Korroth slowly began to pick up Av’Hean and learn the instructions the masters gave their students, and learned to fight properly. It became obvious that Korroth was picking up fighting skills of his own after disarming his opponent and running him through with his own blade. Korroth’s life continued like this for years, and because of his ferocity, tenacity and strength, he was given the chance to take Na’Kora’s trial and ascend into the warrior caste and receive real training.

-The Trial-

The trial of Na’Kora took place that year not long after Korroth had received the chance to take it. By then, his shaved horns had mostly grown back, but it was clear there was much doubt that an unarmed, unprepared slave would succeed. The other heanta taking the trial were equal parts offended and amused by the large heanta slave. They expected him to die quickly. As the trial started, one of them made a joke about putting an end to the farce before it began. Korroth responded with a brutal blow to the face that threw the heanta to the ground. As the heanta struggled to fight back Korroth caught the handle of his axe, ripped it from his grasp and beat him to death with it before the crowd. Then, with axe in hand he sauntered off into the magma chasms. Anyone who crossed his path met a similar fate and while he didn’t kill everyone, he was one of the only survivors. The other survivor had fled the magma chasms at the sight of him covered in the blood of all the other initiates that day.

After Korroth’s trial, he was accepted into the ranks of the warrior caste and given a small home, and a job to fulfill. He cared very little for his job and prefered to hone his skills in the combat ring. He was reprimanded on multiple occasions before he finally cracked the skull of his commander, which would have earn him some serious punishment, but Kran Sarkus had witnessed the fight and has seen a use for the untrained Heanta. Kran offered to train Korroth and in exchange, he would become the Clan leaders hound. Korroth accepted because it meant being given time to properly train and he would be set lose to hunt down anyone Kran saw fit.

Kran trained Korroth personally and pushed him brutally to breaking point, sharpened him from a blunt sword into killing steel. He pitted Korroth in fights to the death against heanta, ordered him to slaughter a groups of human slaves who had tried to murder Kran, and sent him out to hunt down deserters and heanta who failed their trials and ran. Korroth did everything without question, and over time he earned himself a small amount of respect and acknowledgement from other members of Clan Sarkus. When he was prepared enough, he set off to forge his demon matrix, before returning to Kran to undertake the last of his training.

Then when Kran decided that he was ready, he revealed his true purpose behind training Korroth. He had trained him to kill the warlord, so Kran could take his place at the top. Korroth accepted, and began to prepare for the mission in question and was given Wind Cleaver to carry the task out. At the time, the warlord in charge was Keral Drakorius, leader of Clan Drakorius, however Kran wasn’t the only Clan who had set their sights on taking Keral down. Kran was nice enough to outfit Korroth in a suit of heavy armor before sending him off to to fight.

-Killing the Warlord-

Korroth, and several members of Kran Sarkus’ armored warriors broke into Keral’s house, and a bloody fight broke out between Kran’s and Keral’s men. Korroth cut a swath through anyone in his way and made his way to Keral. When he arrived at the warlords chambers he was stopped by the heanta’s son. Without a second thought he cut the young heanta down, and when he burst into Keral’s room, he threw the body at his feet. Keral roared a challenge, but the was fear in his eyes a he charged across the room and slammed into Korroth. Korroth kicked the warlord off and hit him a heavy back hand, throwing him across the room. He charged, but was blindsided by a new threat.

As it turned out, Kran was not the only clan leader out for Keral’s head, and Korroth now found himself facing off against Roth Vandel, leader of clan Vandel. Korroth did not balk at the sight of the new threat, and attacked Roth without hesitation. Roth however proved to be more than he could deal with, and the furious fight that ensued quickly turned in Roth’s favor. Keral tried to escape, but Korroth threw his longknife and took out Keral’s leg. However, before he could attempt a finishing blow, Roth hit him with a powerful blast of lightning that sent him through the wall with a crash.

Roth killed Keral, and then moved on Korroth. Expecting this to be his end, the new Warlord looked Korroth over and smiled, dropping the longknife in his lap. “Send Kran my Regards, Warrior.” He said, before disappearing. Korroth managed to escape the house before exhaustion and his injuries caused him to pass out. He woke up a few hours later, but he had failed Kran. He knew Kran would try to kill him for his failure, so he made his way to Roth Vandel’s Home.

He demanded Roth speak to him, and when the new Warlord came to meet him, a scowl on his face, Korroth did not back down. “If I kill you, Kran will become warlord.” Korroth reasoned. Roth shook his head. “Ah. You are correct. I welcome your attempt, Warrior, however I would find it to be a terrible waste of a good heanta if i were to cut off your head. You can’t beat me. But you don’t have to die trying.” Roth explained. “I have use for a warrior like you, far more use than that fool Kran. Work for me, and he won't dare move against you.” Roth said. Korroth frowned. “I am not afraid of Kran. I will kill him if he tries.”
“Not in your current state.” Roth replied. Korroth could do nothing but agree.

-Vandel’s Executioner-

And So, Korroth began working for Roth Vandel, the new warlord. He’d become enemies of both clan Drakorius and Sarkus, but once he’d been given enough time to heal in relative safety, the threat of both diminished. Besides that, Roth began to send Korroth into the free lands as an enforcer, since some of his old business partners had decided to end their trade deals. Most of these deals involved slavery. One particular man refused to make good on his end of the deal, and Roth sent Korroth to kill him, and make it very clear to the others what would happen.

And so Korroth set out to Karcenak, the city built on slaves. He didn’t both to hide himself as he entered the city, and his target had known he was coming. He set a heavy guard on his home, hired the best mercenaries money could buy and it still wasn’t enough to repel what came for him. Like a mountain of death, Korroth cut a path through the man’s forces, those who still stood to face him at least. Many had simply fled at the sight of him, but some managed to keep their nerve despite the overwhelming terror they faced.

When Korroth was finally done, he killed the man very slowly, drawing out his screams as he hacked off limbs and broke bones. In the end, he gutted him and hung him from the house’s eaves by his intestines, a message to all who knew who had deals with Roth Vandel. Despite that, Roth always had more work for him, and when he didn’t, he spent his time protecting Roth.

It wasn’t long after, that Roth brought on a second wayward blade. A man who liked to call himself knightfall. He did not make grand claims about all of his kills, but the name was enough to tell he was an arrogant warrior. Not only that, but the heanta prefered to kill clean and quickly, using cowardice to catch his foes unaware. Korroth hated him almost immediately, and the only reason he didn’t try to kill him, was because Roth Vandel had ordered him not to.

For the most part, they were not forced to work together. Infact, Roth tended to send one out, while the other watched his back. Many years passed, and Roth began to become very paranoid, and show an unnerving level of weakness. His fear of Celaena the Hornless grew especially after he’d strictly forbidden her to help the humans slay Onyxus. It was when she had a child, that the warlord really began to show signs of instability, sending several Assassins after the girl.

-hunting a traitor-

Not long after, Roth was betrayed by one of his own clansmen, and almost killed. The man had failed though, and ended up fleeing Kyrias with a small force of traitors. Roth dispatched Korroth to bring justice to the man, and so he did, hunting him across Kyrias all the way to the border. The heanta in his panic, ordered his soldiers to stand and fight Korroth, before fleeing into Mandolin. Korroth fought the soldiers, killing most but leaving the others to die in the grass, before chasing the traitor heanta into Mondolin.

It was there that the traitor ran afoul of a small group of Mondolin soldiers who had been doing drills close to the border. They were mostly squires, and a single Knight. They had captured the traitor, and were debating what to do with him, when Korroth caught up with them. There was a panic at the sight of him, and the squires and knight formed up to face him. The traitor seen him and began to scream bloody murder, causing more fear. One of the soldiers loosed a bolt at him, which bounced off his armor and made him smile. He charged in, cutting the crossbow open with an axe, and started to lay into the squires. Most ran, but he found himself facing off against the knight, and a particularly feisty female squire. Working together, the pair began to overwhelm Korroth, but a mistake on the girl’s part cost her an arm, before he cut the Knight’s head from his shoulder.

Korroth slaughtered the traitor, and, job done he left, not stopping to check if any of the squires lived. When Korroth returned to Av’Eden he was rewarded greatly by Roth, who initiated him into clan Vandel, and gifted him a bardiche of Divinium named Empress of Ruin. Korroth accepted the promotion and gift with a grunt, and went back to guarding Roth’s back.

A few years later, Roth sent Korroth out with Saivene Marin to hire a mercenary company to kill Valatrix of the Hornless clan. Korroth was simply there to Protect Saivene, who did most of the talking. It wasn’t long after, that word arrived of the mercenary companies failure, a failure which set many wheels in motion.

Rp example:

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Approved A-5, pending a second.

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Everything looks to be alright, albeit a few typos nothing too big. He seems like he'll be fun. 

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