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Heanta: Powers and Abilities

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Heanta: Powers and Abilities

Post by Zenke on Fri Apr 19, 2013 3:13 am

Heanta are naturally magic, unlike humans and some of the other races, their magic developes on its own without the need for training. Heanta have several natural abilities, as well as their own custom ones.


Heanta can recover from wounds at a much faster rate than any other race on the forum. This allows them to survive longer in battle, but wounds to internal organs do not recover as quickly. This ability stops Heanta from bleeding to death, but they will still become fatigued and eventually pass out from taking damage. Heanta can also regenerate limbs, but it takes much longer. If they loose an arm in a thread, it will grow back before the next thread, but not in the same thread.

Demon Matrix

A Heanta with any kind of power has obtained their Demon Matrix. A demon matrix is a piece of crystal taken from the magma Chasms below Na'kora's forge, the only volcano in Heanta lands that is dormant. The Demon matrix is the embodiment of A Heanta's power. Its shape and color is unique to each Heanta who holds one, as is its location on the Heanta's body. It is fused into the Heanta's flesh, and It is indestructible.

Enhanced pysical capabilities

Stronger Heanta have X2 speed, strength, stamina and durability, increasing their pysical capabilities to twice that of a normal human. Once unlocked this grants a permanent boost. Unlocked at R-1

True Demon form

The True Demon form is a powerful Heanta's greatest asset. It allows Heanta to transform into a more demonic creature, and unlocks new and stronger forms of their previous powers. This form is not permanent, allowing Heanta to transform back and forth at will. A heanta must have a Demon Matrix to release this form. Unlocked at E-1.


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