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A World in Transition - Part 2

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A World in Transition - Part 2

Post by Orgoth on Tue Sep 04, 2018 6:19 am

The Dragons Leave Edia and Asmir Ka’Lesa (857 AII)

600 years after the Melding, the Dragons of Edia’s worst fears happened. No more young were hatching, and the Dragons were now facing extinction. Though the Asentari guaranteed that their bloodlines would never truly die off, many of the Dragons began to grow restless. They did not want to sit still and face this future without trying, so they decided to leave Edia in the capable hands of the Asentari, and took flight. People all across Ka’lesa witnessed the Dragons’ flight from Edia, and out across the oceans in search of a solution. Not all Dragons left. Some remained. The outcasts, or those who liked the perks of Ka’lesa too much. Abraxos stayed, though he went into hiding soon after. The world began to breath a bit easier, with one of the largest threats they had faced in the past leaving for good. No Dragons would harass them again, or at least they thought.

The Fall of Medin Taji(859 AII)

After the conclusion of the Second Great war, the Undari retreated into their homeland and cut themselves off from the rest of the world. They spent the majority of the time rebuilding everything they had lost. However the Undari’s trials were not over yet, and a great catastrophe would bring the cerebral civilization to its knees.

Deep in the underwater city of Medin Taji a powerful sorceress by the name of Naderi Morin, daughter of Analia Morin, had emerged and began to slowly gain grown in the Undari political scene. She promised a returned to their former days of glory when Analia Morin still lived. She had developed a dark curse that she would use to bring the Eldari to their knees.

Naderi gained support for her plan, though there was many who disagreed too. In the end, she went ahead with her plans and began casting the curse. However halfway through the ritual, she was attacked by those who opposed her, and the spell misfired. The curse was cast on Medin Taji, corrupting and killing many of the Undari. Naderi tried to control the flailing spell, and saved the majority of her followers, but the rest of the city was struck down by a great plague. The survivors mutated, becoming ghastly creatures. Naderi was also corrupted by the spell, and her mind merged with her followers. She became known as the Blight-Witch of Medin Taji, though she hasn’t stirred from her lair in a very long time.

The Undari who escaped the city, or were not there, were left to roam the lands in search of a new home.

The Humans Discover Divinium (892 AII)

In the Kingdom of Mondolin, a discovery that would impact technology across the continent was about to be made. Until now steel was the material of choice for weapons and armor across all races. The most sophisticated variant was Enchanted Steel, which involved placing a magical enchantment on the iron before shaping it in the forge. The resulting weapon would be easily five times as hard to break. The enchantment did also make the steel considerably harder to shape and manipulate, and the process was quite costly, so armor generally did not have this quality, save for those who could afford greaves or gauntlets. The smiths in the Kingdom of Mondolin were among the best in the land at their craft, which was a major factor in the Humans being able to keep up with the other races’ militaries. Their main mine lay in the mountains just south of the Verdant Plains, and it was here that they one mining group broke through a layer of rock and discovered a vein of metal unlike anything they had seen before. The metal, once smelted, made weapons and tools that were as difficult to break as Enchanted Steel, but was as simple to work with as ordinary iron. The metal was bright white in color if smelted normally, but it was later found that if dye was added to the metal before being forged into a weapon or tool, the metal would come out brightly colored as if enchanted. This property led the miners to name the metal “Divinium”.

Word of this discovery soon spread, and it attracted the attention of the other races, who were intrigued by this new metal. All of the Kingdom of Mondolin’s mines were run independently of the government, and in the interests of keeping the mercantile ranks happy, the King at the time, King Radoghir, decided to leave the Divinium mine under the control of the guild that originally founded it. The guild were free to open negotiations with whichever party they wished, and they soon became a flourishing trade organisation when it negotiated an agreement with merchant guilds in the Free Lands. Due to the limited supply, Divinium ingots were both expensive and highly sought after, meaning a nation couldn’t juts start arming regular soldiers with it. However, most high ranking military officers and renowned warriors at least had one Divinium weapon to their name.

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