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The Second Great War

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The Second Great War Empty The Second Great War

Post by Orgoth on Tue Sep 04, 2018 6:15 am

The Tension and the Spark (620 - 657 AII)

In the years following the Keavna Wars, tensions between the various nations once again began to simmer. Small flashpoints occurred here and there, but war was always just avoided. The Eldari were losing patience with the constant Heanta harassment at the border, while the Heanta themselves were growing restless and militant. The Undari shared the more militant Heanta viewpoint that the time to strike was close at hand. The Eldross, for their part, were trying urgently to diffuse the situation. They argued that a war would cost too much for both sides, and for minimal gain. Nevertheless, the spectre of conflict hung over the land for the next couple of decades. Some of the skirmishes spilled over into Mondolin territory, though the Human kingdom remained silent. Tensions escalated to the point that both sides gradually increased their military presence at the border, in direct response to each other. The situation was a powder keg, all it needed was a spark.

Temporary Ceasefire (650 - 657 AII)

Sensing the futility of their efforts to avert war, the Eldross Collective sent an envoy to the Sunlight Covenant, asking for their aid. The Covenant reluctantly agreed to send a diplomatic party to the border, in one last attempt to find a peaceful solution. The party called a representative from each race to a summit in Highspire Hold, a disused Human fort in the buffer zone between Eldari and Eldross lands, which was attended by all. The Eldari sent Merlin, an eccentric scholar and longtime advocate of peace. The Eldross representative was a veteran member of the Collective called Numena Visari. Visari was the part of the envoy that contacted the Sunlight Covenant initially. The Heanta were represented by Roth Vandel of the Vandel Clan. Roth was a capable negotiator, and He was expected to secure a strong front for the Heanta. The Undari sent some lady also.

The summit lasted for eleven days, but eventually a breakthrough was had. The result was the signing of the Highspire Treaty, enforcing a ceasefire between all sides. The treaty formally recognized the buffer zone, and stated that neither side was allowed to enter it for any reason. It was believed by many at the time to be a large step towards a proper peace. It lasted seven years, before everything went wrong.

Heanta and Undari break ceasefire, Second Great War (657 - 712 AII)

For seven years, all parties involved respected the Treaty. However, the chaotic nature of the Heanta meant that despite the best efforts of the Eldross and the Sunlight Covenant, its eventual failure was a foregone conclusion. A Heanta strike-team entered the buffer zone and executed a swift and deadly sneak attack that wiped out an Eldari garrison near the border. The Eldari retaliated by burning a Heanta watchpost to the ground. Thus the call-to-arms went up on both sides, and the Second Great War began. The former buffer zone became a death zone, and neither side could gain any kind of advantage. The Eldari had Dalrodir Shor, but he for all of his skill and might, he was still only one man and he couldn’t be in two places at once. The Eldari hero had become a hated figure among both Heanta and Undari peoples, so considerable effort was put into neutralizing him before he could influence too many battles, and as a result he was unable to turn the tide on his own. Overall, the war was bloody, even more so than the First War, and its repercussions have been felt to this day.

The front line of the war was the buffer zone, but the fights began to spill over into Mondolin lands. For their part, the Humans were silently watching the war, raising their own armies in preparation. The Sunlight Covenant were dismayed by the violence that had been unleashed on the world, but they knew they lacked the firepower to truly influence the war by force. Instead, they moved to protect the non-combatants, and provided sanctuary to refugees displaced by the conflict. They also provided independent aid to injured or sick that needed it. Every side paid the price. The Undari briefly set the Eldari-Eldross front back by attacking from the sea along the coast, but this was eventually thwarted by the Eldari. The conflict was slowly building up to a breaking point though, and it would arrive soon enough.

The Battle of Serenity Valley (712 AII)

The war built towards one final battle. Serenity Valley was a location inside Mondolin borders, and it would become a notorious place over time. The Heanta had given up on breaching the front line, so they amassed a force alongside the Undari, with the intention of bypassing it altogether. The Eldari and Eldross had been hesitant to enter Human lands, but the Heanta and Undari had no such reservations. Thus the Eldari raised a force in response and bolstered it with Eldross troops, then set forth to Serenity Valley. The two forces were the biggest the war had seen, and the resulting battle was appropriately cataclysmic. The valley became littered with blood and corpses as both sides fought tooth-and-nail. Dalrodir Shor was beginning to sway the battle in his side’s favor, even cutting down the Archfiend of the Sanguine Dominion, when he was engaged by two combatants. One was Roth, a high-ranking Heanta who was part of the negotiation party that formed the Highspire Treaty. The other was Celaena, the daughter of Ren the Hornless, whom Dalrodir Shor was bound to protect by the oath he had made to Ren all those years ago. Both of the Heanta were extremely proficient fighters which meant that, combined with Shor’s aversion to harming Celaena, the Eldari was prevented from helping in the main battle.

The battle raged on, and as it headed towards the promised end, the game changed. Horns and banners signalled the arrival of the Mondolin army. The Humans moved in, bringing all their might and engines of war to bear. Both sides were in tatters after the long battle, allowing the Humans to move in swiftly and efficiently, routing Eldari and Heanta alike. The Humans lacked the individual prowess of the other races, but they made up for it with numbers, organisation, and most importantly, stamina. Dalrodir Shor broke off from his fight with Celaena and Roth, taking Roth’s arm off in the process, and moved to engage the Human forces. However, the Knights of Mondolin focused their offence on him and their sheer might, combined with his fatigue from his long fight with the two Heanta, meant they eventually forced him back. A general retreat was called on both sides, and the Mondolin forces push the interlopers back as far as their borders, setting up a stout defensive line.

The war didn’t last long after that battle. The Sunlight Covenant and the Eldross sensed their best opportunity to end the war was at hand. Another summit was arranged, this time with a Mondolin presence added. The ceasefire was signed, keeping the buffer zone in effect. The Second Highspire Treaty was established, and the races returned to their realms to rebuild, lamenting another colossal loss of life that in the end, amounted to nothing gained for anybody.

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