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The Trouble with Keavna

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The Trouble with Keavna

Post by Orgoth on Tue Sep 04, 2018 6:14 am

The rise of the Keavna (56, AII)

Deep in the caves and tunnels that criss-crossed underneath the Kri’Lak Badlands, a race was undergoing a change. Keavna were creatures that plagued the Free Lands near them, causing damage to farms and infesting cities. They were never considered an actual threat, more of a nuisance to be sure. This would change when a new leader ascended to the top of the Keavna hierarchy, one they called Tomolak. One of the main reasons never posed an actual threat to populated areas was because they were scattered and rudderless, just doing what they needed to survive and acting usually alone. Tomolak begun to change that system when he reached a leadership role. He started organising the splintered gangs into cohesive units, and very soon had amassed a considerable force under his banner. Tomolak unified the entire Keavna race over the next few years, and he would soon unleash them upon the continent.

The Keavna Wars (565 - 570 AII)

The Keavna under a unified banner were a force to be reckoned with. The overwhelmed the defenses of the border towns easily, but they did not occupy conquered settlements, being content with simply destroying the buildings and equipment there. Conflicts broke out all over the Free Lands, to the point that the Kingdom of Mondolin were compelled to send an army in to combat the infestation. The war continued for years as the Keavna reproduced and matured rapidly, meaning they always had more numbers. However, as much as Tomolak was an inspiring leader and a mighty warrior, he was a poor strategist. The Keavna had succeeded to a degree thanks to both the element of surprise and their large numbers, but once that surprise was lost, they began to lose momentum. Combine that with their relatively low level of technology, and it became clear to all but the Keavna that the war was drawing to a close. During a raid on a Mondolin outpost for supplies and weapons, he left his back exposed, and a stealth unit from the Knights of Mondolin slit his throat as he barked celebratory cries of victory. With the loss of their leader, the Keavna unification fell apart, and they were quickly routed. The Keavna numbers were decimated, and they returned to being a scattered nuisance in the Kri’Lak Badlands.

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