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Kishin Dola and the Fall of a Hero

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Kishin Dola and the Fall of a Hero Empty Kishin Dola and the Fall of a Hero

Post by Orgoth on Tue Sep 04, 2018 6:12 am

Attack of the Kishin Dola(557 AII)

Time passed, and with it, peace. But while the Humans and Eldross had their own problems, the Heanta and Eldari found themselves facing something foreign and terrifying. The Kishin Dola, as it was later named, was a blind Dragon-like creature with midnight scales. It was formidable, almost rivaling the powers of a Dragon. It brought with it a infectious virus that got into wildlife and people alike, driving them mad to the point of violence. The Kishin Dola quickly became a problem for the Heanta and Eldari, who both sent forces to try and deal with it. The Kishin Dola spread chaos and death, and it easily ripped through the divided forces. And so for the first time since the Draconic Wars of the First Age, the Heanta and Eldari met to discuss their plight, and how to deal with it. In the end the only choice was to send for their kind’s greatest warriors. The Eldari sent for Dalrodir Shor, the hero of the Golden Tide, and the Heanta summoned Ren the Hornless, the venerable former leader of the Sanguine Dominion.

Initially, there was little hope that the two warriors would work together, and indeed the hostility shared between them was felt by the entire camp when they first met. Both looked upon each other, knowing that before them stood a powerful predator. Still, Only age, wisdom and necessity stopped them from trying to tear each other apart, and most likely killing everyone in the area with the backlash. So the unlikely pair set out to fight the Kishin Dola, a battle both knew may very well be their last. The found the beast in Jade Rock Gully. Its honed senses detected them as they approached and attacked with fervor. The fight that followed was intense. Relying on years of combat experience and pure instinct, the two warriors fought together as one, struck as one, they beat it back. The creature realized it was being overwhelmed and tried to flee, and with a sling of his wrist, Dalrodir Shor launched his sword into the beast’s wing-arm, severing the tendons. The kishin dola dropped like a rock, and lashed out in pain and fury. It smashed its tail into Dalrodir, sending him flying, backhanding Ren away as he tried to draw its attention.

Fueled by fury, the Kishin Dola smashed forward and tried to gore the prone Dalrodir, but Ren moved faster, intercepting the beast. With fierce strength he held it back, until his grip gave out under the weight and force of the Kishin Dola. His hands slipped, and the beast bit deep into his side, it shook him like a rag doll and launched him. However Dalrodir had the time he needed to recover, and as the Kishin Dola let out a triumphant roar, he slashed open the beast's throat with a long-knife. In the following moments of its death, his thoughts went to Ren who had risked himself to save Dalrodir. The Heanta made his way back, wounded but refusing to sit. Dalrodir tried to inspect his comrades wounds, but was warned away with a growl. Ren’s wound was fierce, and though he should have healed, it was too slow. He knew he was dying, and accepted it. However he did not accept dying like a dog.

Ren asked Dalrodir for a favor, and the honor of a duel, and the Eldari warrior had no choice but to agree to both. He knew there was no arguing with Ren, he knew he could try to save the Heanta, but he would still die. In that moment he hated the Kishin Dola. Because the fight he was about to have with one who was his equal, was tainted. His opponent was weakened, it was unfair, but it was also what Ren wanted. To die with dignity, on his feet, fighting. Dalrodir collected their scattered weapons, returned Ren’s, and the fight began.

It lasted what felt like an eternity, and at times Dalrodir almost thought he would actually be killed. Ren, despite his weakness was neither holding back nor failing. In the end he forced Dalrodir to fight him properly and not hold back. The intensity of the fight increased, but Dalrodir gained the upper hand and drove his sword through the Heanta seconds before Ren’s own dagger ran him through. But it should have, Dalrodir knew, and the spark in Ren’s eyes suggested that he had pulled his blow. The Heanta died with a smile on his face.

Dalrodir buried Ren and mounted the Kishin Dola’s skull above his grave, an eternal reminder that One of the greatest warriors Asmir had ever seen lay in that spot. He also returned Ren’s weapons to his daughter, and watched over the young Heanta in secret until she was grown enough to defend herself, payment for his life debt to Ren. He told no one of his promise to the Heanta, or of the friendship or respect he had felt towards someone who should have been a mortal enemy, but had taken a mortal blow for him, an act that proved that maybe not all Heanta were monsters inside and out.

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