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The Arena of Blood

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The Arena of Blood

Post by Orgoth on Tue Sep 04, 2018 6:06 am

The Arena of Blood (552 AII)

Wherever there was conflict, there was blood, and given that conflict was the main staple of life on Asmir Ka’Lesa, any who could make money off blood tended to make a lot. Provided they kept their own of course. Corin Taal was a businessman first and foremost, and a shrewd one at that. He was a Human who lived in Karcanak, and although he found a very wealthy living from the slave trade, he always felt that there was more wealth to be made from flesh and blood. So one day he set forth to create a place where the main produce was death, and could be sold to the masses. On an island off the southeastern coast of Ka’Lesa, near to the Kri’Lak Badlands and the slave-heavy towns of the Free Lands, Corin Taal built the “Arena of Blood”. The Arena was comprised of a single large coliseum, in which tournaments were fought using slaves or anyone that wanted to fight. Grudge fights were settled here too, and Corin quickly found himself far wealthier than he could possibly have imagined. He used his wealth to make his estate the most heavily guarded home on Asmir Ka’Lesa. Corin Taal would pass away a few decades later, and his business was split among his two sons, Roan and Hounslow. They too would succumb to age, and no-one currently knows who runs the Arena of Blood. But run it still does, and people still flock to witness the carnage of the fights.

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