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Trouble in the East

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Trouble in the East Empty Trouble in the East

Post by Orgoth on Tue Sep 04, 2018 6:06 am

Undari discovered, Undari/heanta - orken war, orken Genocide (447-511 AII)

Little did the others know, but along the coast a new race had appeared, living in a majestic cave city carved from the rock by magic. Although the Eldari were the first to encounter theses species, and name them Undari, the Orken were the first race to provoke them, and it was the last thing they did. Without conscience, an Orken raiding party attacked a small village recently settled by this new race. Little did they know they would provoke an all out attack against themselves, as Undari do not take kindly to the deaths of their kin. They surged forth from the coast and a massive war began. The Undari were led by Analia Morin, their mightiest warrior and a cold and cunning individual. Time and again, the Orken and Undari clashed, and the Orken were driven back. They were no match for the Undari who used the rivers to get behind their enemy, and also used intelligent and brutal tactics to tear apart the Orken lines.

The Undari drove the Orken back to the mountains, and the Orken called for aid from anyone. They called on the Humans living in their region, but they had witnessed the might of the Undari but none came. They called on the Eldross, who they aided in killing the Dragon-lord Xartas, but none came. They called on their enemy, the Eldari, and were ignored. Finally, they called on the Heanta. The Heanta, smelling blood, came in force. They met with the Undari forces. The Orken forces cheered as their allies stared down this new threat, right up until the Heanta turned on them. The Black Legion, the Orken elite forces, temporarily turned back the first onslaught from the combined Heanta-Undari force. However, their resistance was broken when Ren the Hornless arrived, and he joined with Analia Morin to rout them utterly. Ren lamented that his race were reduced to such dishonorable tactics, and he despised Morin entirely, but he was loyal to his people, and thus he carried out his orders. The Orkens were doomed from that point on.

The Orkens were driven back to their mountain by the combined forces of Heanta and Undari, until none remained. Then, the Undari, satisfied with their warning to the other races that stated “we are here”, returned to the sea, and left the Heanta to finish their genocide. For the Heanta didn’t stop, they hunted the Orken to the last in their majestic caves, and feasted heartily once they were done. The Orken race was no more, and despite the outrage many of the other races felt towards this, they had declined aid, and thus had a hand in the atrocity.

Dalrodir Shor vs Analia Morin (452 AII)

Dalrodir Shor of the Eldari, hearing of Ren’s involvement in the conflict, headed for Orken territory, intent on confronting Ren the Hornless. However, Analia Morin had received word of Shor’s approach, and moved to intercept the Eldari hero. The ambitious Morin was always looking for ways to enhance her standing amongst her people, and defeating the fabled Dalrodir Shor would establish her as a legend greater even than Ren the Hornless. Another thing Morin had to prove stuck in her mind vividly. When fighting alongside Ren, she noticed that Ren didn’t seem to utilize any powers. He defeated his foes purely in martial skill, and Morin felt the burning desire to prove that she too didn’t need powers to defeat the strongest foes. She sprung an ambush on him in a ravine leading into the former Orken lands. The attack caught him by surprise, and his horse was killed by the first strike. Shor managed to repel the first salvo and settled into the fight. Morin was a formidable foe, wielding twin axes made from celestial coral, and utilized a fighting style that was unfamiliar to him, but he had not garnered his fearsome reputation for nothing. Shor did sustain several lacerations, the coral contributing to make them a little more severe than they otherwise would have been.

Analia Morin continued to fight ferociously, but she was finding it more and more difficult to breach Shor’s defenses, which in turn was forcing her technique and finesse to give way to anger and frustration. One of Shor’s main assets was his ability to read an opponent’s techniques and styles and swiftly adapt his own strategy accordingly, and he used this to full effect. His defense tightened to the point that Morin no longer inflicted damage. Something had to give, and eventually Morin’s desperation overwhelmed her, and she geared up to release a devastating blast to end the fight. If she couldn’t defeat Shor in martial combat, then she at least had to make sure she put him down by any means necessary. However, her attack left her open for a split second, and Dalrodir Shor struck decisively, inflicting a severe blow that left Morin on the ground and bleeding profusely. Shor, realising that his foe was defeated, bowed in respect to his foe, and moved to leave. Analia Morin did not take defeat kindly however, and lunged at Shor with malice, attempting to use the power she had managed to produce to strike a final blow. Her wrath would be her undoing, as Dalrodir spun and thrust his blade through her chest out of pure instinct, finally laying the Undari’s mightiest hero to rest.

Dalrodir Shor rushed to his original destination, but Ren the Hornless was already gone. Another opportunity missed. Disappointed, Shor returned home. The Undari people were furious at the Eldari for the death of their greatest warrior, and another chapter added to the legacy of Dalrodir Shor.

Undari and Heanta relations begin to degrade, (511-534 AII) War breaks out(534-551 AII)

A time of peace followed the genocide of the Orken. The Undari didn’t stir in their water homes and the Heanta seemed content with their slaughter. The land prospered for a while. Humans, Eldari and Eldross entered a golden age, where they each suffered minimal casualties to minor incidents. Years passed, alliances were formed, and the Heanta grew bored. They approached the Undari to ask for aid in a war. They mistook the secretive water people for allies, and when they overstepped their bounds, relations between the two began to simmer. Heanta, smelling a threat and itching for a fight, happily went to war with the Undari, and this time both sides got more than they bargained for. The Undari, though adept fighters and tacticians, were not accustomed to the hardiness of the Heanta, however their Celestial Coral worked well against their regenerative abilities. The fight raged, and began to spill over into the Human lands. Mondolin was set to enter the battle, however the Undari realized how fruitless this war was. They decided to broker peace with the Heanta, rather than risk drawing the Humans into the war. The Heanta accepted, though there was much ill will between the two races afterwords.

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