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The Sun Rises and the Next Generation

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The Sun Rises and the Next Generation Empty The Sun Rises and the Next Generation

Post by Orgoth on Tue Sep 04, 2018 5:59 am

The Sun Rises (436-445 AII)

While the Kingdom of Mondolin become essentially an isolationist nation, closing all of its borders and committing vast resources to defence, there were some within the ranks that believed that it would benefit the Human race more to cooperate and learn from their neighbors the Eldari. This group of people argued that there was strength in numbers, and that the fact that the Eldari came to their aid in the war was cause enough to welcome their help. The group, led by a famed former Knight of Mondolin named Solden Kallis, used the influence of any of their members that were high up in the hierarchy of kingdom to acquire materials and funding to establish their own territory. They wished to establish a rally point for all those who had the same beliefs, a small piece of land where they could work with the Eldari to benefit all.

King Casavir understood the goal of the group too, and he allowed them to purchase a piece of land on the Eldari border that was both fertile and peaceful. Kallis oversaw negotiations with the Eldari Eternal Watch, the result of which was a treaty which allowed human citizens to settle in the Eldari border territory. Thus the town of Minarion was established, a small township that traded with the Eldari and prospered greatly. Kallis knew however that he needed to do more to realise his vision of an Eldari and Human union. As only Eldari were allowed to enlist in the Eternal Watch, Kallis decided that the humans living in Minarion would need a military force to protect them. While the Eldari leadership had promised that the Eternal Watch would defend Minarion as long as it remained there, Kallis knew they couldn’t rely solely on that for protection. So in 442, Kallis established an order of knights that served as protectors of the civilians of Minarion and served alongside the Eternal Watch to protect the Eldari borders. Given the Eldari’s worship of the sun god Na’Sora, Kallis christened the knights “The Order of the Sun”, in honor of their allies. A fortress was built to house them and it was named Sunshield Hold. Solden Kallis became the first Knight-Commander of the Order of the Sun.

The Next Generation Arrives (447 AII)

Deep in Eldari lands, a changing of the guard had begun. Dalrodir Shor and his wife Cariel welcomed a daughter into Asmir Ka’Lesa. They named their newborn Mariel, and Dalrodir Shor vowed that now, more than ever, he would be required to keep Eldari lands safe.

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