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The Human-Orken War

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The Human-Orken War Empty The Human-Orken War

Post by Orgoth on Tue Sep 04, 2018 5:56 am

Human - Orken War (421-431 AII)

The Humans, their strength fully recovered after almost a century of military inactivity since the Xartas event, decided to launch another offensive at the behest of the new King of Mondolin, King Edric Valeron, an ambitious young man who aimed to display what he believed to be the supremacy of Men, by taking over more territory. Despite the warnings of his advisors King Valeron declared war with the Orkens and proceeded into Orken lands in full force. Although the humans were on the front foot initially, even gaining a foothold near the entrance to the Nazsog Underground. However, that was far as they would get. The Orkens halted the Human advance just before they reached the Cavern entrance, wearing the Humans’ frontline down in the process. The men saw their folly as countless amounts Orkens poured forth from the mouth of the cavern like an endless tide of doom. However, they were unable to force them back past the township, the fighting continuing from building to building. the Orken’s sent word to the Heanta for aid with repelling their common foe. The Heanta, seeing an oppurtunity to counterattack to do some real damage and make serious inroads into Human lands, decided that they would indeed join the Orkens to combat the Human threat. The Humans, who had been holding their position in the township, were starting to deplete their supplies in their effort to break through. When the Heanta joined the Orkens, the Humans were utterly broken. As they began to retreat home, the Orken/Heanta forces pursued them, routing units left, right and center.

The Golden Tide (431 AII)

The Orken and Heanta forces, riding a wave of momentum, crashed through the Human border and began to wash over the Kingdom of Mondolin. The remnants of the Mondolin forces retreated to the capital city and began to organize the defence of their home. King Valeron was put to death for his incompetence, and he was replaced by King Casavir. Casavir was an able commander and a brilliant tactician. He organised a sterling defence that refused to budge against the onslaught of the Orken and Heanta forces. One of his greatest achievements was his forging the temporary alliance with the Eldari. He sent his most trusted vassal, a young man named Garrik Vasuarian, to Gateway Harbour where he negotiated passage to the Golden City. On arrival he was accosted and brought to the Damerlond to be put before the Elder Council. Vasuarian read to the Council the message he was sent with, an impassioned plea for help from King Casavir. The Council heard the passion behind the words and were amazed by Vasuarian’s expert delivery, not expecting such passion and emotion from such a young, short-lived and impatient race. The Elder Council unanimously agreed to help.

A tide of gold swarmed forth from Sindaron, the soldiers of the Eternal Watch swiftly reaching the front-lines. They were led by an accomplished commander, named Dalrodir Shor, and once they arrived at Mondolin they used their legendary magical abilities to create a massive shield over the city until King Casavir could rally his forces to counter-attack. Once they were ready, the combined Human and Eldari force pushed back, driving the Heanta/Orken coalition to the edge of Human territory.

Heanta Attack Endaron (432 AII)

The counter attack drove the heanta and Orken from Mondolin, but while the Orken prepared to push back, the heanta called a slow retreat. The war was over, or so the humans and eldari thought, however as the heanta forces retreated, another appeared in Endaron. The heanta had out-manoeuvered the victors, angry that the Eldari had cost them certain victory. Though an Eldari force still remained in Endaron after the main force had left for Mondolin, they were not prepared for the suddenness of the attack. They managed to limit the damage the Heanta inflicted to an extent, but they still managed to raze some small villages and the town of Goldorin before reinforcements arrived. The overmatched Heanta forces retreated to Blackspire Pass.

Battle at Blackspire Pass (432 AII)

Furious that they had allowed the Heanta to inflict such damage on their lands, the Eldari forces, led by Liliana Vixx, drove for Blackspire Pass. The two forces clashed in what was one of their most bloody battles to date. Ren the Hornless and Dalrodir Shor both pushed hard to get to the battle, but before what would have been one of their most catastrophic meetings, the Heanta forces finally gave ground under the Eldari’s wrath and retreated into the Burning Wastes. Though Liliana Vixx argued to chase them in and finish them off, Dalrodir Shor finally arrived and he came with the order to pull back. The Eldari considered the day a Pyrrhic victory, given that they had allowed costly Heanta infringement on their lands.

Ceasefire and Humans Close Borders (433 AII)

In the wake of the latest war to occur in this land, King Casavir and the Kingdom of Mondolin began the long road to recovery. The Eldari offered help, but Casavir respectfully declined, stating:

“This tragedy was caused by our own arrogance and short-sightedness. It is therefore our own humility that must help us learn from this and our own strength and resilience that must repair the damage. Thank you, my friends. Farewell.”

The Kingdom of Mondolin closed its borders and retreated to strengthen and learn from its mistakes. It was then that a change in the dynamics of the Human Kingdom would occur.

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