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The Breaking of the Mountain

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The Breaking of the Mountain

Post by Orgoth on Tue Sep 04, 2018 5:54 am

The Breaking of the Mountain (350 AII)

Meanwhile the Heanta were also dealing with a massive threat in the form of the Dragon known as Rune, who swept down out of the sky on Av’Eden and began to assault the city. The furious battle with the Dragon was sensed deep in the earth, and in response to her presence, a powerful, ancient Magma Mauler burst from the ground to fight her. Easily rivaling her size, the Magma Mauler, named Karesh fought the wicked Dragon back from the city. Rune’s fire was completely useless, and the battle came down to a fight of tooth and claw, as the two titans lay into each other. In the end, Karesh was slain, but not before severely wounding Rune. By the time she was done with the great Magma Mauler, Ren the Hornless had arrived at the city, and fought her off. The heanta began to rebuild. However with Karesh gone, and Rune likely to return for revenge, Ren put his mind to protecting the city. He created a powerful sphere of energy around the city that would protect it from another attack, while also protecting it from volcanic eruptions. The work took him several months and drained much of his magical power, but he succeeded. He established arch stones to hold the sphere in place, then he formed a gateway, to allow passage in and out of the city. There is only one way in and out of Av’eden, and it is heavily guarded.

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