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The Legendary Dragon Incident

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The Legendary Dragon Incident Empty The Legendary Dragon Incident

Post by Orgoth on Tue Sep 04, 2018 5:50 am

The Legendary Dragon Incident (328 AII)

On the other side of the land, the Eldross had convened an Assembly of the Collective. This was a gathering of the most senior members of the Eldross Collective that had been called to consider a radical idea. A young and ambitious Eldross named Seralana, who hailed from a family of renowned Wardens, had proposed the idea of moving the Great Tree of Annis Galaris, the great tree city of the Eldross, into the dead center of the forest. Seralana provided a compelling argument, declaring that such a move was not only possible, but necessary. According to legend, a terrible power resided beneath Annis Galaris. This power took the form of a relic, known as the Heart of Xartas. The legend stated that, long ago, a great Dragon known as Xartas terrorised the early Eldross and Eldari lands. This Dragon was formidable, even among the other Dragons. The legend goes on to say that the leader of the Eternal Watch, a hero named Valaroph, and the Head of the Collective, a powerful warrior called Carodin, combined their powers to imprison both themselves and Xartas in a dimensional prison. The only remains of this procedure was the crystallized heart of Xartas. In order to prevent tampering, the Heart was locked away under the Annis Galaris. Seralana proposed that Xartas presence under the Great Tree was actually proving to be a corrosive presence, and that if the tree was not moved, the corruption would spread until the Great Tree was uninhabitable. She made a compelling case, and hers was a noble bloodline which meant that her words carried good weight. So it was decided that they would go with Seralana’s plan.

The preparations were made for the impending event. Using Seralana’s prototype teleportation spell, the Annis Galaris found a new home in the center of the forest. But then, disaster struck. With a mighty roar, Xartas burst forth from his prison. Seralana had betrayed the Eldross and set Xartas free in order to fulfill her own selfish desires. The newly awoken Dragon-lord immediately set about wreaking destruction on the lands of mortals. Xartas spared nothing. Within a few days, all of the dominant races had suffered massive losses. A special summit was convened between the leaders of the five races. A temporary alliance was formed to combat this threat to all life. A small strike force of the land’s strongest warriors would be sent to fight the Dragon-lord in his lair in Dark Reach mountains. The strike force set off to defeat the monstrous tyrant, the fate of the land resting on their shoulders. The reached the beast’s lair at dawn. The battle was bloody, and the Strike team had been decimated. Xartas was preparing to finish off the remnants of the strike force, when an unlikely duo stood to confront the Dragon-lord. An Orken shaman by the name of Nash’gok, and an Eldross Warden named Faren, looked at each other and nodded knowingly. Faren threw his staff bolt-like towards the dragon’s chest. Nash’gok’s wind elemental burst forward and merged with the staff, creating a protective and penetrating barrier around it. Just as the staff reached the scaly exterior of Xartas, the elemental-charged barrier dissipated, boring a hole in the scaly armor-like hide. The staff then transformed into its animal form of a wolf and tore straight through the heart of Xartas, killing the beast. However the destruction of the Heart of Xartas caused a catastrophic explosion, obliterating everything within a mile of the center. The heroes died, but they had destroyed the Dragon-lord Xartas. Seralana was tracked down and hauled off in chains, forever to be imprisoned under the new Annis Galaris.

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