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Strange Bedfellows Empty Strange Bedfellows

Post by Orgoth on Tue Sep 04, 2018 5:46 am

Ren the Hornless Vs Grishnakh The Destroyer (311 AII)

Meanwhile, relations between the Heanta and Orkens were simmering once again. Each was trying to get underneath the other’s skin. Diplomatic envoys were sent back and forth between the nations, but these only served to insult and provoke the other into a confrontation. For the most part though both sides sought to conserve their strength, rather than wage an all-out war for the second time. But despite their frosty relationship, trade continued between the two, as well as with the humans that dwelled on their borders.

During the initial breakdown of Orken and Heanta relations, the Orken’s strongest warrior, Grishnakh the Destroyer, known for his bulk and shear brutality, took his band of warriors into Heanta lands to raid. They attacked a settlement of Humans in the dark of night, destroying it and killing many of the occupants, taking most of the survivors hostage. Grishnakh took pleasure in ripping out their teeth, cutting off fingers, and in general torturing his captives. He was content to linger, eating the food there and enjoying the shelter. Most of his victims were women and younglings, and he committed acts worse than most Heanta.

Ren the Hornless got wind of the attack, and since he was in the area, headed out alone. He walked right into the village and the middle of Grishnakh’s men, who saw the Heanta and attacked on sight. They died before most of them even realized Ren had moved, his twin blades ripping and cutting through flesh like butter and bone like thread. Half a dozen were dead in the first ten seconds, when Grisnak roared a challenge and called his men back. He laughed at Ren’s stupidity, gloating that he’d killed twice as many Heanta in half the time. Ren grinned coldly, the smile of a predator, and the fight began. It ended no less twenty seconds later, as Ren ripped out Grishnakh's throat with his claws.

Tue Orken warlord’s stunned body collapsed, confusion still on his face. The Heanta’s feral gaze scanned the survivors, who scattered into the snow and wilderness.

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