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The Human Equation

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The Human Equation Empty The Human Equation

Post by Orgoth on Tue Sep 04, 2018 5:42 am

Rapid Human Expansion (1-200 AII)

As the Humans grew, they developed their own culture and technology to survive in the world, and they established the city of Mondolin. Another key to their rapid growth was the proximity of the Eldari, who welcomed the fledgling race and gladly traded goods and services with them. The Eldross were much less trusting as the Humans seemed naive and corruptible. The Humans, for their part, were glad of the help. However, the Human kingdom was expanding faster than the Eldari and the Eldross had predicted. The Humans expanded their territory until they reached the borders of the Eldari and Eldross land. The new race were originally hesitant to engage in hostilities, however Erolath’s programming gave the Humans a burning need for expansion.

Human - Eldari War (201-220 AII)

Something had to give. In the year 199, The Eldari and Eldross had convened a council of the oldest and wisest of leaders of the Eternal Watch and the Eldross Collective, and they decided that they could not allow Human expansion into their lands. The Humans, who were also gifted with a reckless commitment to a cause, took the aggressive option, and declared war with the Eldari in the year 201. The resulting conflict was relatively short. The Eldross came in on the side of the Eldari and the Humans were quickly driven back into their own lands. One thing the Eldari noted was the Humans’ unwavering loyalty to any cause they believe in, as well as their bravery against vastly superior forces bordering on recklessness. Another thing that was noted by the Eldross as well was the Humans’ incredible adaptability in any circumstances. Indeed, before the Eldross intervened in 218 and put a rapid end to the war, the Humans were actually on the brink of turning the tide in their favour, such was their ability to survey a situation and adapt accordingly. They would suffer a defeat to a particular tactic once, but the tactic would be useless thereafter. However they could not cope with sheer numbers, and a ceasefire was signed. This brought the Human-Eldari War to an end.

Though the Humans were turned back relatively quickly, there were many things learned by all parties. For the Humans, they learned that one does not simply walk into someone else’s lands without encountering resistance, that the Eldari are far more dangerous than they look, and they have powerful back-up in the Eldross. They Eldari and Eldross learned that this new force that has risen up, though weak individually, are astonishingly strong as a collective, adapting to tactics and creating new strategies for different situations. Another thing they learned is that while generally a human is relatively weak, there are always certain individuals that surpass all of his peers power and personality, and it is these powerful beings that bolster the others and turn them into a near unbreakable force. The Eldari would also soon learn that the Humans also have a unbelievable capacity for rebuilding and improving.

Humans Rebuild and Enter Edia (220-307 AII)

After the Human and Eldari war ended, Humans decided to look elsewhere for new land. one such group found its way into Lower Edia where they began to settle below the mysterious islands in the sky. They believed the islands were uninhabited, but they were far from correct. Dragons lived above them. It was a bad place for humans to settle, one might think, but they were left undisturbed by the Dragons. The village grew into a town, and only when Heanta started to attack did the Dragons reveal themselves. The Dragon Abraxos intervened in an attack on the Humans, saving them from a grisly fate. Eventually the Dragons approached the humans, and made them an offer. The Humans could live in Upper Edia, in exchange they would perform the Melding ritual, ensuring that their offspring would be born with Dragon blood running through their veins. This was both a way to ensure the Humans could defend themselves in the future, and the Dragons' bloodlines would continue in sentient beings long past their extinction. With much discussion that lasted half a year, the two races came to an agreement, and the Dragons created a portal stone in the centre of the village linked to the lands above. Most of the Humans moved up and began building, while others stayed below to protect the town and the portal, with the Dragons' help. The Humans of Edia began to settle in, unaware that they were the stepping stone to the creation of a new species.

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