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Supernatural/Special Creatures Empty Supernatural/Special Creatures

Post by Orgoth on Wed Aug 29, 2018 6:24 am

Keavna/Farlay: These creatures average at about 4 four tall at adulthood. They're intelligent enough to speak, are quick to become violent and easy to drive a blood lust in a pack, or army, of these creatures, as the Undari did when the creatures wouldn't get the picture that they weren't welcome on Undari soil. This was the initial cause of the Farlay Wars, where droves of the creatures streamed into the Free Lands and Mondolin, causing a general nuisance. They have a elongated face with wide swept back ridges, their teeth are permanently exposed, with no lips. Their eyes resemble a serpents, yellow and slitted. They're understanding of personal hygiene is limited to "If its smells goods, rollos in it!".
Supernatural/Special Creatures Vorcha10
Most are driven off as if they were plague carriers, which is a possibility since they have an unnaturally high resistance to disease, and most Heanta would prefer to starve. Keavna are scavengers, feeding off carcasses, even of other Keavna. They come in droves after a battle to feast. Unlike Heanta, who prefer fresh meat, they prefer when their food has spoiled beyond safe consumption. Again, the smellier the better, for a Keavna. The live mostly in lairs underground, emerging at nighttime to investigate what food the day has left them.

Eldross: An offshoot of the Eldari race, the Eldross are almost as old. They originated from the Forest of Harodiel, once a lush and vibrant forest full of life. However, the dragon Onyxus destroyed Harodiel during the Second Age, wiping out almost all of the Eldross in the process before he was killed by Dalrodir Shor, a battle that also claimed Shor’s life. As a result, the remaining Eldross now only number around a hundred. The Eldari sheltered their surviving cousins, allowing them to live in the many forests of Endaron, which they preferred to the bustling metropolis of Gilderan. The remnants of the Eldross offered their skills to the Eternal Watch, although some few did travel further afield, joining the Order of the Sun or offering their services to the mercenary guilds in the Free Lands, who always had use for an Eldross scout or two.
Supernatural/Special Creatures Thea-t11
In terms of physical appearance, the Eldross look very similar to their Eldari kin, with a few differences. They stand slightly shorter than Eldari, with green eyes instead of yellow, and darker skin. The Eldross are usually quite proficient with bows, and can also wield swords with some skill, though not as well as the Eldari. However, the Eldross’ real strength lies in their attunement to nature, and their ability to call on magic from the very land around them. They also possess an animal companion that is bonded to them at birth, and takes the form of a staff when the Eldross is in combat, acting as a focus for their powers. Particularly powerful Eldross are able to take on an animal form of their own, a more powerful version of their companion, sometimes even being able to manifest a hybrid form that is on par with an Elite-level Eldari.

Undari: The once formidable Undari civilization was reduced to nothing more than a few surviving remnants by a cataclysmic spell that backfired. Now the Undari live a nomadic lifestyle within the Free Lands. They are mainly found living near the coasts and rivers. Quite a few Undari can be found in Edaria, where they made a home when they helped the city drive off a Red Fang attack not to long ago.

Kishin Dola: A creature so mighty, it took the combined might of Ren the Hornless and Dalrodir Shor to defeat one, and even then it nearly cost the legendary Heanta his life. A truly terrifying beast, a Kishin Dola hasn’t been seen in centuries. However, since it is not known where they come from, it is also not known if there are more. Indeed, when the first was killed in the aforementioned battle, it was assumed that it was a unique and solitary creature.

Normal Form:
Supernatural/Special Creatures 74b2f211

Rage Mode:
Supernatural/Special Creatures A0c14410
Standing at 12 feet tall and 40 feet from snout-to-tail, its size alone provides a serious challenge. It’s hide is pure black in color, and it resembles a dragon in body structure, though it is not actually a member of the dragon family. It has flight capabilities too, with a wingspan of 40 feet. The webbing on its wings is lined with dark purple fur, and there is a crimson tinge to its talons. When enraged, the Kishin Dola’s physical capabilities are increased, gaining frightening speed and agility that shouldn’t really be possible for a creature of its size. It also undergoes a physical change, with large purple horns extending from its head and a purple glow emanating from its body. Its hide is extremely tough, and possesses strong resistance to magic, and it also has a breath weapon, similar to a dragon. Its breath weapon resembles purple fire, but is actually a darkness energy attack. By far its most destructive quality though is the Kishin Virus. The Virus is spread via dust particles from the creatures scales, and once a creature is infected it is driven into a bloodlust until the Virus expires, at which point they develop temporary immunity to it. Humanoids are less susceptible to the Virus, provided they maintain high adrenaline levels for the duration of infection.

Astraea: Only one of these creatures is known to exist. No one has ever gotten close to it, so very little is known about it. It is said that the appearance of one heralds the coming of an event that could change is course of history on Asmir. Some believe it is an agent of the Gods themselves, sent to keep watch over their creation. Others believe it is lost, and its only aim is to find its mate that it got separated from in millenia past. What is agreed upon, is the creature possesses great beauty, and its cry is both mournful and defiant at the same time. As it travels across the sky, it leaves a trail behind, said to be stardust. Whatever the creature’s origins, all of the lifeforms on Asmir gaze up to to it upon hearing its cry, from Keavna all the way up to even the mighty Dragons, all are mesmerized by Astraea.

Supernatural/Special Creatures Untitl10

In terms of appearance, Astraea is a slim, primarily beige-colored flying creature, resembling a wyvern and characterized by its leaf-like wingtips and striped skin patterns. Astraea's head is topped with a pair of antenna-like fins which are attached via a thin membrane to the back of its neck. It has bright yellow eyes and powerful legs ending in piercing talons. Its face, tail, feet, and wingtips are a dark navy blue, and its body is covered in striped patterns of the same colour. The ends of its wings are separated into four distinct flaps which overlap each other when folded, and it's tail has three retractable fins on the left, right, and dorsal. Astraea has star-like shapes on the back of its wings, and its back is also dark blue.

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