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Edia (Upper and Lower)

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Edia (Upper and Lower) Empty Edia (Upper and Lower)

Post by Zenke on Fri Aug 03, 2018 4:47 am

Kelari and Kelits: Kelari are horse-sized canine mammals resemble oversized flying wolves. They are fast and strong, possess an incredible sense of smell, and live in small packs similar to wolves. They also possess good pace on the ground. They are ferociously protective of their pack, or anything they consider to be part of their pack.They are mostly covered in fur, though their forelegs are covered in thick scales, and their front claws are replaced instead with razor sharp talons. They can slash and tear and cause serious damage with these talons. Their head are wolf like in appearance, with slitted yellow eyes and pointed snouts. They have scales on their chin extending down their neck. Their fur is thick and comes in a variety of colors, usually grey, black, or brown. Similarly their scales are quite diverse in color. Their tails are long and are covered in thick fur. Kelari are faster than wyverns, both in the air and on the ground, and are relatively equal in strength. However, they are not as durable as the wyverns they cohabit with.

Edia (Upper and Lower) Dragon10

Kelari live in the wild, however, the Asentari also raise and train them to be be mounts. When done correctly, they are incredibly loyal to their owner, as long as they are not mistreated. They are very playful and cuddly, and able to read their owners intent. If they sense they're owner doesn't like someone, they are quick to growl and prepare to fight, but most of the time are calm and at ease if alert. Their smaller cousins, the Kelit, are ideal family pets and protectors. Kelits are members of the Kelari family, but they are around the size of a large dog such as an malamute or alsatian. They share many of the same physical features as the Kelari, including being capable of flight, but they have no scales on their chin and neck, and their talons are shorter. They make excellent family pets as they share the same protective nature as their larger counterparts. They are rarely seen outside of upper Edia.

Edia Wyvern: These wyverns are fairly large in size. they stand taller than a horse and are 15 to 20ft long from snout to the tip of their tail. They have short, triangular heads filled with sharp teeth. they have large powerful wings and are covered in thick scales of a variety of colors. Unlike the similar Kyrias wyvern, they are not venomous, but possess a breath attack which varies in element according to the color of the wyvern.

Edia wyverns are mainly found roosting on the underside of the Edia Islands and the Lonerit mountain range. They are solitary creatures, but sometimes live in pairs. They’re highly protective of their nests. Despite this, they are somewhat trusting of Asentari, who tame wyverns as mounts for battle. Because of their roosting habits, it is quite a feat to reach and interact with a wild wyvern without falling to your death, especially if they take a disliking to you.

Edia (Upper and Lower) Mhroc-10

Drakes and Crag Drakes: Drakes, and their larger relative crag Drakes, are a land based wyvern-like creature that lives mainly in Lower Edia. However, they can also be found in the Badlands. They live primarily in forests, and have replaced Edia’s wolves as the apex predators of the area. Normal Drakes are slightly smaller than a horse and live in packs of two to three. They do not have a breath attack, like the wyverns that dominate the sky, but they are fast and deadly hunters. Capable of standing on two legs to deliver deadly attacks with their forelegs, they run on all fours. Drakes are slender and agile, and can be used as a mount.

Edia (Upper and Lower) E64a8c10

The untamable crag Drakes however, are almost twice the size of their smaller brethren. They are solitary creatures and dominate the area they live in. Crag Drakes are wide and heavily muscled, and though they are slower than regular Drakes, they are capable of building up enough momentum to smash through wooden gates in a single impact. Crag Drakes are identified by their dark blue scales and snout horn.

Edia (Upper and Lower) D459e310

Gargwa: Gargwa are large flightless birds with fat bodies, long necks, a curved beak and a crest on their head. They’re wings do allow them to glide short distances, meaning a fall from upper edia is often times not fatal for Gargwa. They stand 3-4 feet tall, with females generally being shorter by about a foot. The males are covered in bright colorful feathers, contrasting the females mottled brown and grey. They’re short legs end in claws the are quite sharp, and though they are generally gentle birds, they can be deadly if they’re enraged. Despite they’re chubby bodies, they’re surprisingly fast creatures, capable of outrunning Drakes if they realise they’re being hunted. They are omnivores, feeding on insects and seeds. They are often preyed upon by Wyverns and Drakes. Gargwa are found in upper and lower Edia. Its a bit of a mystery as to how they made it to upper edia, considering they cannot fly, but they did.

Edia (Upper and Lower) Mh4-ga11

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