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Oceanic Creatures

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Oceanic Creatures Empty Oceanic Creatures

Post by Orgoth on Fri Aug 03, 2018 3:15 am

Ichthyoma: Known to most simply as Ichthies, Ichthyoma is a mid-sized marine reptile, taking the rough shape of a dolphin. It has large eyes for spying fish in the dark depths, a long snout for catching said prey, and a large brain that gives the animal its inherently curious nature. Ichthyoma are a very friendly species to most creatures, and will often swim towards and around people out of curiosity. There have even been instances of Ichthies pushing people ashore when they were in danger of drowning. They act a lot like real-life dolphins. They can be too friendly at times, with many an Ichthy falling prey to a shark or Mosa Marinta they thought was a friend. They tend to usually frolic with Omaploths, and feed on small fish.
Oceanic Creatures Ichthy10

Omaploth: Inhabiting close to the coasts of Ka’Lesa, Omaploth are herbivores that closely resemble real-world plesiosaurs, sporting long necks and tails, small heads, and four fingered flippers. They also a pair of dorsal fins that are used for navigating underwater with greater control. They are generally timid creatures, fleeing if threatened. They will, however, fight to defend their young, utilizing an array of slams and tail slaps. They are not very strong or durable, but they do possess great speed underwater, being able to escape most threats they encounter. Fully grown, an Omaploth usually measures about 15-18 feet long. They are mammals, meaning that they do have to occasionally surface for air. Occasionally, Omaploth are known to sunbathe on land.
Oceanic Creatures Epioth10

Aboleth: Aboleths are fish-like amphibians of immense size, often reaching 20 feet in length and weighing up to 6,500 pounds, though they continue to grow as they age and there are rumors of some fantastically ancient specimens reaching 40 feet in length or more. They resemble a bizarre eel, with long, tubular bodies, as well as a tail at one end and two fins near the head and another along the back. Aboleths' mouths are lamprey-like, filled with serrated, jawless teeth. A little bit back from the head are four long tentacles, two sprouting from across each other on the top, and two more of the same on the underbelly. Their heads are roughly triangular-shaped, with a spherical, somewhat beak-like nose. Above the nose are three eyes, each one set atop the other. Tendrils and a few shorter tentacles dangle from the bottom of the head. Aboleths breathe through a thick gray mucus-like substance, which covers their body and which they exude from four pulsating organs along their body as they moved. They prey mostly on Ichthyoma, with their only real threat coming from the Mosa Marinta.
Oceanic Creatures Monste10

Mosa Marinta: Known as “King of the Sea”, the Mosa Marinta is the ultimate marine predator. It sits at the top of the aquatic food chain, feeding on Omaploths, sharks and other marine wildlife. An enormous marine lizard, Mosa Marinta is one of the largest creatures found in the waters surrounding the island. It has four flippers to propel its massive body through the seas. A small, finned ridge runs down the length of its back before developing into a paddle-like tail. The solitary and territorial Mosa Marinta is fairly slow-moving, but with its size, it can cover more ground than one might expect, making them adept ambush predators. They have been known to attack sea vessels, with most being either severely damaged or destroyed outright. Luckily, they are extremely rare, and usually stick to deeper waters. Survivor accounts agree that they can be roughly 30 to 40 feet long, with large jaws that can swallow people whole.
Oceanic Creatures Maxres11

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