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Kingdom of Mondolin

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Kingdom of Mondolin

Post by Orgoth on Fri Aug 03, 2018 3:13 am

Karack: These small, omnivorous creatures love meadows and plains. Standing at around a foot tall, karacks feed on rodents and smaller prey, as well as grass and hay. They are usually grey or brown in color, with a large tuft of fur on their hindquarters, and smaller tufts on the back of the head and on the back at the base of the neck. The fur tufts serve as a weather-warning system, able to detect the static charge of thunderstorms, standing on end in response. Many farmers keep karacks not only for this reason, but also due to the high quality meat they produce. They are easy to maintain, given that they feed on vermin like rats and mice if feed is scarce, and they breed relatively quickly.

Meiji: One of the main types of livestock in the Kingdom of Mondolin, meiji are cow-like creatures with leathery gray skin. They have black stripes along their backs and a head reminiscent of a Hadrosaur. They have a large, two-pronged crest protruding from their heads and a flat, spiked tail. Docile creatures, meiji spend much of their time grazing, and possess an adaptability that allows them to survive anywhere that has sufficient vegetation to sustain them, though excessive consumption means they have been almost completely wiped out in Kyrias and the Free Lands. meiji display herd mentality, traveling in groups ranging from a few individuals to many hundreds. Herds are often lead by a dominant male, who is usually the largest and strongest. meiji are generally domesticated and are frequently bred for their meat, which is a delicacy across the lands, and their ability to carry large loads.

Pegasus: The signature mount of the Sky Knights, the airborne defensive unit of the Knights of Mondolin, the pegasus is instantly recognizable on the battlefield. It takes the form of great winged horse, usually pure white in color. Black pegasi have been known to exist too, although they are very rare. Pegasi are raised on the Verdant Plains in the famous Hanovar Province, where they are bonded to a Sky Knight in a ritual known as the Ascension. The pegasus will then serve the Sky Knight until death. As well as flight, pegasi also also possess inherent magical resistance, as well as improved eyesight and hearing. Physically, pegasi are not very durable, nor can they carry very much besides the Sky Knight, hence the Sky Knights only wear light armor. However, their speed and agility is unmatched by any other airborne force, allowing them to hold their own in aerial combat against more heavily-armored forces.

Verdant Stallion: The premier land mount of the Kingdom of Mondolin. Verdant Stallions are so valuable that they are exclusively reserved for the Knights of Mondolin. They are slightly larger than the average horse, and have the same range of colors. Their advantage over normal horses is their insane carrying capacity, easily able to handle the weight of heavy barding and a fully armored knight. They also possess incredible durability, which combined with their heavy armor makes them very difficult to bring down. Their speed is fairly good once they get going, and once at top speed their combination of mass and strength means that it is nigh impossible to stop a charging Knight.

Mountain Ox: This herbivore travels in herds of about ten to fifteen members. As its name implies, it is primarily found near the mountains to the north and south of Mondolin. They are herded by ranchers who make a living in those areas. They are used mainly for their carrying capacity and their thick fur, which is used to make extremely effective cold-weather clothing. They are docile most of the time, though the males will charge if they are agitated or if a threat is sensed. They are usually white and about the size of real-world bisons.

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