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Sindaron and Endaron

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Sindaron and Endaron Empty Sindaron and Endaron

Post by Orgoth on Fri Aug 03, 2018 3:10 am

Kerubi: Kerubi are very small deer-like creatures that originally existed solely on Sindaron, but spread to Endaron when the Eldari spread to the mainland of Ka’Lesa. They are usually either green (male) or blue (female or juvenile). Males have large, prominent horns, with some individuals having massive, curved horns. Females are smaller and have stunted horns. Kerubi horns are used in medicine and are said to cure many diseases. For this reason, the males with larger horns are highly coveted by Eldari healers. Kerubi will often run around in forests and sometimes grassland, commonly in groups of four. They avoid danger when possible, fleeing when something threatens the group. This is rare however, as the Kerubi are well-protected, with the act of killing one punishable by death.
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Jerboa: A tiny rodent, a Jerboa looks like a miniature kangaroo, but its head and ears are extremely similar to a fennec fox. It has a long, flexible tail in which the fur grows thicker near the tip. Its eyes are large, and it usually has stripes on its back that differ in color from its normal coat. Intelligent and able to understand commands from people, Jerboas are often used as familiars or assistants to Eldari mages. This is also due to their ability to teleport short distances, which makes them tricky prey for predators, but also makes them useful companions.
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Endaron Elk: The mount of choice for Eldari civilians and military alike, the Endaron Elk is dependable and tough. Standing roughly the same height as a horse, but much broader, the Endaron Elk is a herbivore that the Eldari discovered when they arrived in Endaron early in the First Age. Endaron Elks are covered in thick fur that varies in color from white to brown. Their most prominent feature is the males’ massive antlers, which are extremely durable. Females are slightly smaller and have much smaller antlers. They are not as fast as horses, though they make up for it by having excellent stamina and endurance, and once they get going on a charge, they are very difficult to stop. They are quite tough to kill, and they can defend themselves ably if need be. They can also carry large amount without much trouble. They are mostly docile, though they do react angrily to threats, especially to their young.
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Endaron Great Fox: Prized both for its intelligence and its beauty, this carnivorous canine is as elusive as it is treasured. Standing slightly smaller than a horse, the Endaron Great Fox resembles an oversized fennec fox, but with one major difference; its nine tails. It is said that the tails are representative of the Sun. As a carnivore, tends to eat moderate sized predators and giant rodents. They are extremely intelligent and it is very difficult to gain the trust of one. However, if one does earn its trust, they will have gained a steadfast ally as Endaron Great Foxes are loyal to their last breath. They are not as durable or as strong as the Endaron Elk, but the more than make up for it with incredible speed, catlike agility and otherworldly stamina. They also have an unmatched sense of scent, and almost as good hearing, meaning they make excellent trackers.
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Gryphon: A rare and powerful creature, Gryphons are held sacred in Eldari culture. For one to be able to ride one is considered a great honor, and as such is not a task easily accomplished. Gryphons are intelligent creatures, and they choose their masters carefully. Standing easily 10 feet tall, a Gryphons front half resembles an eagle, while their aft is that of a lion. They vary greatly in color, as their color is not hereditary. They nest on the coast of the Cerulean Rift, usually on the tops of cliffs. If approached, they will not attack unless provoked, which is not difficult to do. They eat mostly small animals and sea critters, though they will never attack a Kerubi, even going so far as to defend them. As well as flight, Gryphons also possess immunity to poison, and though they are not as quick or agile as a pegasus, they are more durable and their talons can pierce all but the strongest metals.
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