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Example Human App

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Example Human App

Post by Orgoth on Thu Jul 05, 2018 4:42 am

Example Human

Character information

Name: Kairi Thorne
Appearance Age: 25
True age: 47
Sex: Female
Personality: If there’s one trait that is the hallmark of Kairi Thorne, it is perseverance. Torture and imprisonment have forged a strong and steadfast woman, one that shines her light on all that would bring darkness to Asmir. Many others would have fallen in the trials that Kairi has endured through her life, with only her perseverance and determination to shine keeping her from the abyss. Initially a wide-eyed and optimistic girl, Kairi became a far more stoic and considered individual, and though she still retained a certain wonder and curiosity of other living things, it is tempered by caution.

Deep down, Kairi is a firm believer in the principle that even the smallest thing can make a difference. This made her a perfect fit for the Order of the Sun when she encountered them. They valued her ability to get the most out of their small numbers, while she admired their goal of community and cooperation with other races. Kairi places importance on every little detail, lamenting the loss of even one on her watch. She has seen enough loss in her lifetime already.

Despite her willingness to cooperate and community spirit, Kairi still stops short of letting people close in her life. The events of her early days have left her with an instinct of mistrust that she finds it difficult to overcome. Kairi has still managed to make some friends though, such as Fayla Shor and Vala of the Hornless Clan, and with her adoptive mother’s help she is getting better at social things every day. Randalla Thorne is the one single person that Kairi fully trusts, and she is the only one what Kairi carries inside.

When it comes to conflict, Kairi tries to avoid it when possible. She is all too familiar with the cost of battle and she would rather die than risk anybody’s life in a fight that can be avoided. However, when forced into it, Kairi will fight ferociously and relentlessly to defend anyone she has vowed to protect. She is not afraid to kill, but she will avoid it if she can force a surrender instead. She believes there is good in most people, some just bury it more than others. However, she also knows that there are those who possess no redeemable qualities, in which case death is the only course of action.
Likes/dislikes: Kairi loves helping people, strawberries, and the color white. She dislikes authority, alcohol and broccoli.
Fears: Spiders, thunderstorms and not being in full control of her own body.


Height: 5’ 11”
Weight: 168 lbs
Appearance: Kairi is a moderately tall woman with dark brown hair and blue eyes. She is not overly bulky in terms of build, but she is still visibly muscular and athletic, with scars all over her body from her violent past.

Clothing: Kairi wears a variety of loose-fitting clothing, and predominantly favors the color white, complementing it with gold accents and embroidery. She also frequently wears a flowing white cloak with gold detail, tending to keep the hood up most of the time.

Fighting style

General Fighting Tactics: Kairi utilizes a very strike-heavy offense, using her natural attributes to her advantage. Once in close quarters, Kairi is a daunting proposition for foes. However, if she cannot close the distance on her foes she will struggle, given her low Magical Power. She has some ranged powers, but she can only use them in short bursts. Given this weakness, Kairi tries to avoid fights in large open areas if possible, but doesn’t hesitate to engage if necessary. Her shield can protect her from physical attacks such as arrows, so she finds her biggest challenge with magic-users.

When engaged in solo combat, Kairi favors a more defensive strategy, utilising her stamina and toughness to wear her opponent down. She prefers to force a surrender rather than outright killing an enemy, though this is sometimes unavoidable. Her strategy changes when leading others into battle, adopting a far more aggressive style. The reason for this is two-fold. First, leading from the front in this manner tends to inspire lower rank soldiers more, fortifying their resolve and spirit. The other reason is that generally the longer the combat wears on for, the greater the chance of incurring losses, so it is generally better to end such conflicts swiftly.

Heroic Trait: Go Down Fighting

Combat Stats-

( All stats are considered average unless stated. Stats must be balanced. You must decrease a stat to increase a stat. Raising one to good means you must lower one to fair. Read The Character Combat Stats Guide for more information)

Strength || Very Good
Speed || Poor
Agility || Average
Durability || Very Good
Stamina || Good
Magical power || Poor


Master Tactician and Leader: Kairi’s most prized quality is the ability to extract maximum potential from minimal resources. Lesser troops are inspired by her very presence, and she is adept at finding the perfect role for everyone under her command, allowing even a inexperienced force to overcome the odds.

Weapon Skill: Kairi is highly skilled with both forms of her chosen weapon, namely spear and longsword. She can switch between styles seamlessly.


Weakness to Darkness: Kairi’s attunement to the way of sunlight has made her more sensitive to the opposite element, darkness. She takes double damage from darkness based magical attacks.

Poor Ranged Weapon Skill: Kairi has had no training with any kind of ranged weapon, nor has she expressed any interest in doing so. As a result, she must rely on her powers to deal with foes at range.


Primary Weapon I: Starlight
Description: Starlight is an elegant and unique weapon, given that it was found in a crater out in the Kri’Lak Badlands. Starlight was originally the weapon of Solden Kallis, the legendary knight that founded the Order of the Sun, until he fell in the Battle of Soltin Cross. It has since served Kairi faithfully since she found it. Its base form is a longsword, roughly four-and-a-half feet in length. The blade is 2 inches wide, and the guard is relatively large for a weapon of its size. Two large orbs are set into the guard, and both glow blue when the weapon is in use. The weapon was forged by Eldari smiths, who presented it as a gift to Kallis, after he and his unit defended a small Eldari garrison in Endaron from a Heanta raid.

Abilities: Starlight’s magical property allows Kairi to change its form at will, transforming it into a spear. The spear is 7 feet long, with the blade shortening to a foot-and-a-half, and the handle extending to just over 5 feet long. The design remains the same otherwise.

Primary Weapon II: Bastion
Description: Bastion is a medium-sized round shield made primarily of Divinium with leather details. The shield is equipped with a forearm mount and quick-release mechanism, so it can be mounted and unmounted from her arm swiftly. It also comes with a leather strap, with Kairi’s full name inscribed in Eldari script along its length, allowing Kairi to carry the shield on her back when travelling. The most striking feature of the shield though is the face of it, displaying a large impression of the sun on it.

Abilities: Bastion’s magical ability is what gives the shield its name. Kairi can hold the shield in front of her and project a large barrier, roughly 8 foot high and 12 feet wide, though the barrier will not expand past physical obstructions such as walls or ceilings. The barrier cannot be physically traversed, nor can regular weapon strikes penetrate it. However, if any kind of energy attack or character ability strikes the barrier, it will shatter. Note, physical abilities of characters will break the barrier. Only normal, unenhanced weapon strikes of anyone with Average or lower Strength will be stopped. The barrier will absorb up to Weak damage, with anything higher punching straight through, and will last for 3 posts or until broken, whichever comes first.

Secondary Weapon: Instead of a secondary weapon, Kairi has a suit of leather armor, made primarily of boiled leather pieces over white cotton clothing.

Custom Powers

Battle Mode

Name: Solar Flare
Type: Support
Damage Category: None
Description: Kairi emits a blast of bright light from her eyes, blinding anyone with unprotected eyes. The target’s vision is blurred for 1 post. This does not work on anything that does not have functioning eyeballs, and they must be looking directly at Kairi for this to work. When Kairi uses this move, her eyes begin to glow a second before the flash goes off, giving an alert enemy a slight warning.
Cooldown: 2 posts

Name: Shield of Faith
Type: Defensive
Damage Category: None
Description: Kairi creates a barrier of pure energy around her, protecting herself from harm. The barrier exists until it absorbs a total of Average damage, but it only protects from energy damage. Physical attacks and abilities will still go through like normal, and excess damage will go through also. The barrier forms around Kairi’s body like armor.
Cooldown: 3 posts

Name: Wall of Swords
Type: Offensive
Damage Category: 10x Very Weak
Description: One of Kairi’s true offensive abilities. Kairi creates a 10 swords made entirely of light in front of her. The swords then speed in a direction of Kairi’s choosing, travelling in a straight line until they hit something, then dissipate. The direction of the swords cannot be changed once in flight, and they do not have homing abilities. The swords are spread in a random pattern 10 ft wide and 10 ft high and have a range of 100ft.
Cooldown: 2 posts

Name: Armor of the Faithful
Type: Defensive/Support
Damage Category: None
Description: Kairi can use her power to bestow protection on others. This takes the form of a magical armor that increases the armor category of the person targeted. This has no effect on a person with heavy armor, and if the person is wearing no armor it will grant light armor protection. She cannot bestow the protection on herself. She can use this ability once per thread, and she can use it on multiple targets at a time within a 5 ft distance of each other, at the cost of 1 PP per target per post. The effect lasts for a maximum of 3 posts, or until Kairi loses consciousness, whichever comes first.
Cooldown: Can be used once per thread

Name: Total Defense
Type: Support
Damage Category: None
Description: Kairi channels the raw instinct of Na’Sora to grant herself preternatural reflexes, tightening her already formidable defenses. She gains +2 to Agility while this is active, but cannot use Offensive abilities, and it lasts for 2 posts.
Cooldown: 3 posts

Enhanced Battle Mode (Unlocked at R-1)

Appearance: Kairi’s appearance doesn’t change in this form except a blue-green glow from the details of her armor and clothing.

New powers

Name: Wall of Faith
Type: Defensive
Damage Category: None
Description: This power acts as a larger-scale version of Shield of Faith. It has the same damage limitations, but it is 10 ft in radius. If Shield of Faith is used while this power is active, it will instead stack on top Wall of Faith.
Cooldown: 4 posts

Name: Steel Bulwark
Type: Support
Damage Category: None
Description: Kairi can channel her power to fortify her physical defense and become a true paragon of endurance on the battlefield. This power grants Kairi a +1 to her Durability, for 3 posts.
Cooldown: 4 posts

Name: Sun’s Wrath
Type: Offensive/Support
Damage Category: None
Description: This ability increases the power of Kairi’s weapon strikes. Very Weak light-based energy damage is added to the weapon for 2 posts or 10 hits, whichever comes first.
Cooldown: 3 posts

Name: Healing Grace
Type: Healing
Description: Kairi can channel her energy into healing others. She can only heal one person at a time and she must be able to touch her target. As long as contact is maintained, the target's wounds will be healed. The more severe the wounds, the longer this healing will take. The scale is as follows:
Damage CategoryTime neededExamples
Light1 postCuts, bruises, hairline bone fractures, light burns
Moderate2 postsDeep lacerations, minor bone fractures, moderate burns
Heavy3 postsMulti-layer lacerations, bone breaks, 3rd degree burns
Severe4 postsMinor organ damage, Multi-point bone breaks, severed limbs, charred flesh
Critical5 postsModerate organ damage, severed limbs, major blood loss
Limbs can be reattached using this healing, but not regrown using this method of healing.
Limitation: This ability requires hands on contact. Cannot be used if the user is in the second stage of exaustion state or higher. Only restores the target's physical body. It does not restore their stamina or magical energy.

Name: Bright Slash
Type: Offensive
Damage Category: Average
Description: Kairi slices at the opponent with her weapon, which both inflicts damage and blurs their vision. It has a range of 30ft, and inflicts Average damage and blurred vision for a post.
Cooldown: 4 posts

Boosts: Strength +1, Durability +2, Agility +1, Magical Power +1

Ascended Mode(Unlocked at E-1)/Ascended Hero Mode(Hero, Unlocked at E-5)

Appearance:(Your appearance in this form)

New powers

Name: (this can be anything. Mostly for flavor.)
Type: (Offensive, Defensive, Support, Restorative)
Damage Category: (If any; Very Weak, Weak, Average, Strong, Very Strong)
Description: (give the ability a good description to show how it works and what it does)
Cooldown: (all abilities have cooldowns.)

Name: (this can be anything. Mostly for flavor.)
Type: (Offensive, Defensive, Support, Restorative)
Damage Category: (If any; Very Weak, Weak, Average, Strong, Very Strong)
Description: (give the ability a good description to show how it works and what it does)
Cooldown: (all abilities have cooldowns.)

Name: (this can be anything. Mostly for flavor.)
Type: (Offensive, Defensive, Support, Restorative)
Damage Category: (If any; Very Weak, Weak, Average, Strong, Very Strong)
Description: (give the ability a good description to show how it works and what it does)
Cooldown: (all abilities have cooldowns.)

New Boosts: (Choose Another four +1 stat boosts for your character for this form. You can stack them on the previous forms boost, or add boosts to the other stat. An example would be +1 stamina, +3 Durability (heroic Trait), +2 Strength +1 Agility, and +2 Magical power. Max of +2 to any boost, and +3 to heroic Trait.)


Early Life

Born Kairi Grayston in 955AII, the only child of Karl and Catherine Grayston was always destined to be strong. However, it was how she achieved her destiny that would truly demonstrate her strength and character. The Graystons were agricultural by nature, a trait inherited by Kairi to this day. Karl Grayston was born in the province of Tihr, a mostly rural area that lay towards the eastern reaches of the Kingdom of Mondolin, on the border with the Free Lands. He was a farmer through and through, and when he inherited the Grayston farm after the passing of his father, he wasted no time in getting to work on the land. He continued to trade the fruits of the farm with both traders in the Free Lands and the Kingdom as his father did, and he did very well from it. It was during a trade run to Mith Silvanus that he met the love of his life.

Catherine Dale was an administrative worker for the city, a career she was forced into more so than one she chose. She longed for the freedom of the countryside, and she always dreamed of what lay beyond the city’s ramparts. She had heard tales of the beauty of the Verdant Plains, and the city of Mith Verdanus that sits on the River Undine as it winds its way from the mountains in the north before heading out to the sea. Catherine was a dreamer, and though she was very good at her job, she felt stifled and restricted. One of her favorite pastimes was going to the Market District and listening to the stories that merchants and caravans brought with them from their travels. One such trader caught her eye in particular, and little did she know how it would affect her life.

One summer’s day, Catherine was in the markets, as usual, when a caravan arrived selling vegetables and wools from Tihr. The man who owned the caravan, Karl Grayston, was handsome, polite and humble. A whirlwind romance ensued, with Catherine travelling down to the market every time Karl was in town to spend time with him. After a while, their love was realized when they both decided that Catherine would move to the farm with Karl. They got married soon after, and they spent their honeymoon travelling the land, taking in all of the sights and sounds. Soon after, they welcomed a child into the world, a baby girl that they decided to name Kairi.

Kairi was a curious and precocious child. She love to explore the lands around the farm, and she seemingly had no fear whatsoever, especially for a child. She also loved helping around the farm, a pastime that helped her develop a toughness and resilience that would serve her well in the coming years. Eventually her father started to bring her on his trade runs to Mith Silvanus and Mith Verdanus. The Graystons became renowned for the quality of their supplies, as well as their extraordinary kindness. They were welcomed wherever they went, and they lived happily, for a time. Unfortunately, Kairi wouldn’t be the person she is today if her story was perfect.

The Trial, Part One

In 963AII, when Kairi was 8 years old, tragedy would strike. The political situation in the Free Lands had always been chaotic, but things were really beginning to degenerate approaching the end of the second Age. A new upstart organisation, known as the Nyberrite Alliance, had secretly been gathering strength in the shadows. The Alliance had managed to infiltrate most major settlements in the Free Lands, and had begun to destabilize the existing factions in the area. Their biggest coup came about when they overthrew the Karemma Guild, the ruling faction of the city of Karem, the closest city to the Mondolin border. Karem subsequently cut off trade with Mondolin traders, including the Graystons. While the Alliance appeared outwardly to simply be another mercantile guild, internally they were ruthless and cunning. They utilized a mercenary group called the Red Fang to carry out the unsavoury work required to keep themselves in power.

The Red Fang were mainly used for intimidation, although when this didn’t work they had other means of silencing opposition. In return for assisting the Alliance, the Red Fang were allowed to continue their illicit activities in Alliance territory, including slavery, extortion and murder. It was these endeavors that would impact Kairi’s life forever. The Alliance sent word that they would offer protection to the communities on the Free Lands border, in exchange for a cost. Most farms paid up, wishing to avoid trouble. Unfortunately, the Graystons were too strong-willed for their own good. Karl sent word to Mith Silvanus for aid, but unbeknownst to him, the messenger had been an agent of the Alliance, who instead disposed of the message and reported the Grayston’s defiance to the Red Fang. The retaliation was swift and decisive.

A Red Fang squad arrived at the break of dawn, and laid waste to the Grayston farm. Karl took up his sword and dispatched some of the raiders, but he was overwhelmed and struck down in front of his wife and daughter. Catherine told Kairi to run, and attempted to hold them off, but she was swiftly overrun and killed. The raiders saw Kairi and grabbed her, binding her hands and feet and dragging her back to Karem with them. Instead of killing her, they decided to use her for labor.

Kairi was subjected to beatings and torture, and that was while she was working. When her “shift” was over, she was then made to serve the mercs when they returned from whatever barbaric job they had been on. Initially she was just physically beaten as a form of amusement to the men. However, as she grew older, the form of amusement she was forced to provide became a bit more basic in nature. She was subjected to violence and sexual abuse the whole way through her teens and into her adult life. The only thing that kept her in any way sane during all of this was the thought of revenge. As each man “took their turn” with her, she fortified herself with her desire for vengeance. She would get her chance. It was only a matter of time.

The Sun Rises

In 979AII, when she was 24 years old, 16 years after she had her life ruined by the Red Fang, Kairi Grayston was about to be unleashed. She finished her shift in the iron mine on the outskirts of Karem, and began to make her journey back to the city with her captors, when the party was suddenly attacked. The assailants were Human, but they bore a sun insignia that was unfamiliar to Kairi. The Red Fang party was wiped out swiftly, and Kairi and her fellow prisoners were freed of their bonds. The leader of the Human party identified herself as Randalla Thorne of the Order of the Sun, a formidable-looking warrior in scale mail and wielding a large spear. Randalla dispatched a small contingent to escort the prisoners to safety, while she and the remaining troops prepared to attack a Red Fang camp. Kairi knew the camp well, it was where she had been held all these years. Kairi asked to go with the group to the camp, but Randalla refused, pointing out the danger. However, Kairi informed her of her imprisonment there, and the knowledge of the camp layout she possessed. Randalla eventually agreed to let Kairi escort them, on the condition that she did not get involved in the fighting. Kairi reluctantly accepted the terms, and they set out for the camp.

The attack was swifter and cleaner than it would have been, as Kairi was able to point out patrol routes and the location of the barracks. However, Kairi didn’t know that Argesh Kolarov, an Heanta and one of the Red Fang’s strongest and most brutal warriors, was coming to inspect the camp. The troops of the Order of the Sun were beset by Kolarov’s men. They held their own for a time, but when Kolarov himself joined the fray, it was in danger of becoming a massacre. Randalla ordered a retreat while she engaged Kolarov herself. Kairi was about to join the retreat when she spotted Randalla smashed through a barricade, her spear flying from her grasp. Kolarov stalked his prey, mocking her for her futile stand. He was about to deliver the finishing blow, when Kairi stepped out in front of him. She wielded Randalla’s spear, and she stared at her foe with pure hatred in her eyes.

Kairi flung herself at Argesh Kolarov, striking with rage rather than skill, and for a moment she had the surprised Heanta reeling. However, the experience difference kicked in, and Kolarov knocked her down with a heavy blow. He moved in with his remaining men grinning maliciously. But then his men started to crumple as they were struck down by arrows and spears. Randalla’s troops had returned to help their captain. Even though their numbers were few, they fought like an army in the name of their captain. Kairi was in awe of the resolve of Randalla’s troops. Every loss seemed to inspire them even further as they fought their way through. Argesh rallied his men quickly though, and soon Randalla’s men began to suffer heavy losses. Randalla herself joined the fray again, wielding a sword she had picked up. She tried to cut her way through to her ailing troops, but she was intercepted by Argesh.

Argesh and Randalla fought ferociously. Kairi still had the Human’s spear, and she began to cut her own swathe through the Red Fang troops. Randalla had just begun to get the better of Argesh, when the Heanta suddenly triggered his True Demon Form, growing an extra pair of arms and about two feet in height. Argesh began to overwhelm Randalla, toying with the Human as he shouted insults at her and her men. Kairi turned to see Randalla’s weapon struck from her hand, and began to run. Randalla closed her eyes as Argesh made his move to strike her down. She heard the sound of steel penetrating flesh, but she felt nothing. She opened her eyes again, and stared in surprise. Kairi was standing before her, Argesh’s blade protruding from her back where it had run her through. However, Argesh also wore an expression of confusion, the reason being Randalla’s sword was embedded in his chest, right in his heart. The Heanta collapsed backwards in a heap, and did not move again. Randalla caught Kairi as she fell, and lay her gently on the ground.

The survivors from Randalla’s unit approached them slowly. The Red Fang troops had scarpered after the death of their leader. Randalla shouted to them to release any prisoners they could find, and to look for medical supplies of any kind. She gazed down at Kairi in admiration, asking her why she had risked her life for a stranger. Kairi simply replied that it was the right thing to do, before slipping into unconsciousness. Randalla used her healing abilities to stabilize Kairi until her men returned with bandages to patch her up. One of the prisoners was a healer, and he helped tend to the rest of the wounded. Randalla then ordered a return home, their mission completed.

A New Beginning

Kairi awoke in a comfortable bed, a feeling that seemed alien to her now, although not unwelcome. A girl in bright-colored uniform walked in and checked on her wounds to make sure they were healing alright, and brought Kairi some food. After years of the barest scraps, Kairi was brought to tears by the sight of a plate of fresh food in her lap. Once she had eaten quite a large quantity of food and bathed, Kairi was brought to a large office, inside which sat Randalla and a silver-haired man she hadn’t seen before. Randalla gave her a gentle hug, and then the man walked around the desk and shook Kairi’s hand politely. He introduced himself as Odric Mantell, Captain-Commander of the Order of the Sun, with Randalla being his second-in-command. Kairi had heard of the Order of the Sun before, but had never seen their fortress in-person before. She looked out of the window in the office and saw lush, peaceful land as far as she could see. Tears began to form in her eyes.

Odric put his hand on Kairi’s shoulder and looked out the window with her as he spoke.
“I know you’ve been through a lot, and this is all a bit overwhelming. I just wanted you to know that if you need anything, just let myself or Randalla know.” He turned to look at Kairi with his piercing silver eyes. “She told me what happened in her report. That you risked yourself to save her and her men. That was very brave of you.” He gestured to a chair in front of the desk and she sat down. Odric sat on the other side of the desk and Randalla sat to her right. Odric regarded her curiously. “If I may ask, how long were you kept a prisoner of the Red Fang?” Kairi paused for a moment before reaching back into the past to when things were simple.

“I was eight when they took me. My parents died trying to protect our farm. That was sixteen years ago. I only know that because we were beaten extra hard on the anniversary of our captures.” Odric nodded with a frown on his face. Randalla leaned closer to Kairi and asked her question.
“Who were your parents?” Kairi searched her past again, tears welling up at the memories she had locked away for so long.
“Karl and Catherine Grayston. We lived on a farm in Tihr. We used to trade with Mith Verdanus and Karem. Daddy used to take me with him when he travelled to the markets...” Kairi trailed off as her emotions overcame her. Randalla wrapped her up in a firm but warm embrace. Odric stared at her with sadness in his silver eyes. He spoke with honesty and care.

“Kairi, we cannot repair the damage you have suffered over the years. The pain you carry must be immense. What we can do is help you carry it. That is the primary directive of the Order of the Sun, to work together, and help those who need it, in order to make a better world.” Odric’s smile was warm and genuine. “How would you like to join us? Randalla was impressed with how you handled yourself in that fight, and we could use any able hand we can get. Our troops who came back from that mission have gained a deep respect for you. You don’t have to decide right away, but whatever your decision, Sunshield Hold and the surrounding lands are open to you. Randalla has kindly offered her home to you as well, and she will look after you while you stay here.” Odric rose and bowed politely. “That’s all I have right now. Randalla will show you to her house. Farewell, Kairi Grayston.” Kairi bowed in return and thanked Odric, then followed Randalla out of the office, and into her new life.


Kairi’s transition to a normal life was far rockier than even she expected. She had trouble dealing with people, and she was plagued by flashbacks and nightmares. Deciding the best thing to do was to keep to herself for now, Kairi instead focused on her studies and training. She was a natural at combat, with the help of the only benefits of her incarceration, razor-sharp reflexes and a keen sense of danger. She was also a keen study of history and, though she had to learn to read and write first, she was fascinated by the Eldari mythos and theology. She quickly became an adept and knowledgeable young woman.

However, because of her social difficulties Kairi struggled in one major aspect of her training: teamwork. She found herself unable to trust anyone, and instead tried to complete her objectives herself. This isolationist behavior alienated Kairi even more from her peers. For her part, Randalla tried to reach Kairi through frequent talks and sparring sessions. This did result in Kairi opening up to her slightly more than others, but Randalla knew she was holding a lot more back. She had begun to care more and more for Kairi as time went by, which wasn’t surprising given that Randalla’s own story had certain parallels with Kairi’s.

Kairi, for her part, wanted nothing more than to be able to lay her demons to rest and focus on the future, but wherever she went she saw echoes of her past. The people around her now seemed good, but she couldn’t shake the feeling that if the people that imprisoned her were capable of the atrocities that she had been forced to witness and endure, then anyone could be. She didn’t feel like anyone could be trusted to watch her back. That viewpoint would be challenged soon.

The Trial, Part Two

As the years passed by, Kairi built herself quite the reputation throughout the land. She became renowned not just as an extremely skilled fighter, but also as a kind and honorable woman. Her exploits not only elevated her own status, but also that of the Order of the Sun, whose popularity increased dramatically. However, this level of renown also creates enemies. This danger was compounded by the fact that Kairi still kept to herself, and operated alone on assignments when possible. She had grown extremely fond of Randalla in this time, but Kairi still kept something back from her. She never told Randalla this of course, but Randalla was aware of it nonetheless, and she worried about Kairi’s safety.

During one particular mission, Kairi was sent to Dungard, a small settlement in the Freelands, to retrieve goods that were looted from a caravan travelling to Edaria from Sunshield Hold. She tracked down the culprits before they managed to sell the stolen goods and neutralized them. However, she realized that they were bearing a contract from the Nyberrite Alliance. The contract had no specific instructions, except to bring the goods to Dungard. However, she found that the crates and barrels were empty. Realisation dawned over Kairi as she recognised the Red Fang attire the thugs wore. It was a trap.

Figures emerged from the darkness around Kairi as she drew her weapon. She fought bravely, but the numbers were too great. Kairi was overrun and accosted by the Red Fang once again. She was dragged to Karcanak, a stronghold of the Nyberrite Alliance. Karcanak was a city built on the backs of slaves, where the wealthy elite enjoy a life of decadence and opulence, while those unfortunate enough to populate the lower-class are subjected to a life of torture and slavery. Entering a large hall, Kairi was brought before a face from her past, and when she realised who the Heanta was that scrutinized her with a hungry look in his eye, she could not hide her shock.

Argesh laughed at his captive, clearly reading her expression. Kairi didn’t understand. She had killed him, run him through with a spear. She had watched him collapse to the ground in a heap and not move anymore. But here he was, extracting amusement from her confusion.
“You’re probably wondering how I’m her in front of you when you killed me quite dead. Well don’t worry your pretty head about that, my love. Know only that one doesn’t get to my position without being able to fool those that would try to kill me. Feigning death is just one of my tricks.” The Heanta snapped his fingers, summoning an underling to his side. “Bring young Grayston here - sorry Thorne - to the special cell. I’ll deal with her when I’m ready.”

The “special cell” turned out to be simply another prison cell, albeit right beside Argesh’s personal quarters. Argesh’s idea of dealing with Kairi was to make her fight his underlings in the main hall. She refused to fight every time meaning that she just be beaten down. This continued for a couple of weeks, while Argesh watched in amusement, but his thirst to see an actual fight grew. Kairi entered the “arena” again, only to find out that Argesh himself was her opponent. Once again she refused to fight, and he began to beat her from pillar to post. When she still refused, Argesh decided to try and provoke her. “Come on, girl. Do you want to die?” Kairi just dusted herself off and stared blankly at the Heanta. “I will not be a part of your games.” Argesh sighed and readied his weapon. “You disappoint me. When I heard of the mighty warrior you had grown to be, I wanted to fight you one-on-one, and extinguish the mighty Kairi Thorne. But I guess I’ll just have to end this and find another toy. Pity, at least your parents put up a fight, if you want to call it that.”

Kairi’s head suddenly hurt, as her mind filled with images of the farm, and the day it all died. Her father trying to hold off the bandits, as her mother tried to carry Kairi away. Amongst it all, he was there. It was Argesh that led the Red Fang party, and it was him that struck Catherine and Karl Grayston down in front of their daughter. Something began to take hold of Kairi, a different will from hers interacting with her body. Power welled up within her, a power that was alien to her. She looked down at her hands, and saw a purple aura around them. Kairi had unlocked her Battle Mode some time ago, but this was different. She looked at Argesh, a passenger in her own body. Her voice spoke, but it was devoid of her usual softness, instead dripping with pure anger and malice. “You will pay.” Argesh stopped in his tracks, and grinned evilly at Kairi. “That’s more like it. Come now and- ghaghk!” Before he could finish, Kairi had close the distance between them in a blink, and pulled out the Heanta’s throat in the next. He collapsed in a heap for the final time, and Kairi made sure he wouldn’t come back by crushing his head beneath her boot.

The Red Fang underlings that surrounded the “arena” raised their weapons, but Kairi simply smiled at them. They couldn’t pose a threat now, not with this much power. But there was something else too, a craving for inflicting damage on those around her, those who have wronged her. This craving carried her to the first poor wretch to raise his weapon to her. He received a fist through the chest in exchange. She picked up the man’s sword and continued her spree, turning the hall into a bloodbath. She ran out of the hall, her speed amplified significantly, and headed out into the streets. She was accosted by Alliance guards, but they met the same end as the fools inside the hall. Anyone that got in her way was summarily eviscerated in increasingly violent fashion. When Kairi reached the outside of the wall and entered the foothills of the Goazon Mountains, she felt control of her body returning to her. She was filled with a wave of nausea and shock at what she had just witnessed her body do, but then the pain happened. She looked down and saw wounds all over her, including a particularly alarming gash in her side. Apparently she was heavily damaged from her violent escape, but she felt nothing until the frightening power she had uncovered had dissipated.

The world spun as Kairi tried to make sense of what had just happened. She had been in near-death situations before, but she had never experienced anything like the power and malice that had been awoken within her. The blood loss was taking a heavy toll on Kairi as she staggered away, not really sure where she was going. She didn’t realize that she was wandering half-dead into the Kri’Lak Badlands. She staggered on, knowing that her end was coming soon. Her only aim was to get far away from Karcanak. The sands began to shift as a sandstorm brewed. Kairi draw the tattered remains of her cloak over her as she walked.

Kairi’s walk soon became a crawl, as she weakened more and more. As her vision blurred, she spotted something glinting a few feet away. Kairi crawled towards it, being drawn inexplicably. The object was a sword handle, made of metal and leather. The guard had a pair of gems embedded in it, and they pulse gently with a soothing light. Kairi reached out and grabbed the the handle, and everything around her disappeared.

Of Clouds and Starlight

Kairi’s first impression of death is that it was cozier than she imagined. It also smelled of a mixture of chicken soup and lavender. That was when she decided, she wasn’t dead after all. She opened her eyes, and her vision was still blurry. But a voice she knew well spoke, and everything snapped into focus. “She’s coming around.” The voice belonged to Randalla, whose face was mere inches from Kairi’s. Another voice replied from a bit further away. It was Odric. “I can see that. Kairi? Can you hear me?” Kairi attempted to sit up, but Randalla gently forced her back down. “Easy, Kairi. You’re still bandaged up. What happened out there?” Kairi recounted the events leading her out into the Kri’Lak Badlands. All of it. Randalla approached her with a bowl of chicken soup and began to feed Kairi spoonfuls of it.

Odric stroked his chin thoughtfully. Kairi explained what happened when she faced Argesh, about the strange power that overcame her and caused so much damage as she escaped Karcenak. She was expecting Randalla and Odric to look shocked and appalled, but they didn’t. Randalla continued to feed her soup, while Odric walked over to a table and retrieved what was on it. It was the weapon hilt she had found in the Badlands. Now that it was not embedded in the ground, she could see the elegant blade the weapon possessed. Odric showed it to her. “We found you with this. It is Starlight, a sword said to have been wielded by Knight-Captain Solden Kallis, the original founder of the Order of the Sun. The gemstones in the guard are said to be magical, and were a gift from the Eldari after his role in negotiating the treaty that allowed Humans to settle in Endaron. It was lost after Kallis fell during the Battle of Soltin Cross.”

Odric turned the weapon over in his hands, examining the handle and guard in great detail. “It is said that whoever finds this weapon shall lead the Order into the new dawn, if they are worthy. To prove your worth, you must be able to activate Starlight’s hidden ability.” Odric focused on the weapon and spoke its name. The sword transformed into a mighty spear. Odric smiled and spun the spear around, before reverting it back to its base form. “It appears I am worthy. But I am not the one who found it.” Kairi downed a mouthful of soup as Odric handed her the sword and stepped back. She gazed at it for a moment, but then attempted to give it back to Odric. “I don’t think I’m worthy. I caused a lot of damage back at Karcenak. I... I killed a lot of people.”

Randalla glanced at Odric, who nodded but did not take the weapon. He folded his arms intently. “I think Starlight should make that determination.” Kairi winced slightly as she raised the sword up and spoke its name. Starlight glowed brightly and transformed into the spear. Randalla put a gentle hand on Kairi’s shoulder. “You see? You are worthy. You are a good person, Kairi. Whatever happened in Karcenak, I’m not sure. But I know that it wasn’t truly you.” Odric nodded. “And clearly, Starlight knows it too. The gems were enchanted by the Eldari centuries ago. They do not lie.”

The Trial Never Ends

Kairi carried Odric’s words with her from that point on, and as she moved on, she knew she had to open up to somebody. It was not feasible to contain everything she held close without risking losing control again. For this, she turned to the one person she knew she could trust, the one person that did nothing but care for Kairi since they met. One day, when they both had some down time, Kairi and Randalla sat down for a meal and talked about everything. Randalla listened intently, and despite everything Kairi revealed to her, Randalla’s warm and genuine expression of compassion never wavered. The two embraced, and although they both knew Randalla could never, and would never, replace Kairi’s real mother, they knew they were as close to a mother and daughter as could be.

Time passed, and Kairi had many adventures as she sought to be the best she could be in this strange and colorful world. She even managed to make some solid allies along the way, including an Eldari by the name of Faylandrea Shor, a descendant of the great hero Dalrodir Shor, and her friend Valatrix, the youngest member of the legendary Hornless clan of Heanta. Although the trial of life never ends, Kairi knew she had the strength to face it, and be her own judge. All the while, she knew Karl and Catherine Grayston looked at their daughter with pride.

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