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Bethany “Mercy” Merciallus

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Bethany “Mercy” Merciallus Empty Bethany “Mercy” Merciallus

Post by Zenke on Wed Jun 27, 2018 11:08 am


Character information

Name:Bethany “Mercy” Merciallus
Age: 28
True age:109
Personality: Bethany, or Mercy as she prefers to be known as, is a sardonic Asentari who hides a lifetime of pain behind crude jokes and alcohol. Born into the asentari nobility, she grew up in a state of fear, until one day she was forced to face her existence and either fight for a better life or die. She spent many years with the love of her life, broke her heart over a thirst for adventure. She was a pirate captain, brutal and commanding as her father, and she was a slave, from which scars that would never heal were left on her.

Bethany faces life with a smile and a short temper. She shows signs of someone who is self  destructive, between excessive drinking and a tendency to pick fights. She loves a good bar brawl. However she still protects herself on an emotional level. She finds it hard to trust, and often keeps people at arms length. Though she has a tendency to flirt with just about anyone, she keeps relationships short and simple and is only interested in women. She rarely reveals her full name, opting for her ill begotten nickname. She rarely sticks her neck out for anyone, and can be very self centered at times. Generally, she wont do something for somebody unless there’s something in it for her.

Bethany is more like her father than she is willing to admit. She has a temper, and its easily ignited especially when she’s sober. This is a symptom of repressed anger over her past, at her father, and the people who caused her suffering. She has enough of a hold over herself that she is very difficult to enrage, but if she’s pushed far enough, it often ends in a fiery display and a burning building or two.

Despite her selfishness, and her mocking nature, she recognizes a person in pain. She is careful not to overstep boundaries or use that pain to hurt someone farther. She can become very defensive of people who have suffered at the hands of others. She is not so fragile as to be hurt by such things and willing throws herself in the line of fire.

Likes/dislikes: She likes Drinking, Fighting, and flirting, She dislikes being sober/the inevitable hangover, goody two shoes, facing her responsibilities.
Fears: Becoming her father, Being enslaved again, Slavers


Bethany “Mercy” Merciallus 83eee110

height: 5’8”
weight: 128lbs
Appearance: Bethany has Bright red eyes, black hair and dark caramel skin. She has a well toned build, though she is much stronger than her appearance would otherwise suggest. Her arms, from shoulder to wrist are covered in fine dragon scale, a deep red in color. Likewise, these scales cover her hips, and run down her outer thigh, spreading around as they reach her knees to cover her lower legs entirely to the ankle.
clothing: Bethany is self conscious of her scales and keeps them covered with cloth wraps. She wears a light grey shirt, grey tunic, and black pants tied at the lower legs to stop her scales showing. She wears white socks and black slippers. Despite their flimsy appearances they’re made of tough leather. On top of it all she wears a green hooded cloak and toga, with a belt of leather strips. She has a piercing in her nose. She carries Both Asi and Vadjra on her left hip.

Fighting style

General Fighting Tactics: Bethany is a brawler, using her strength and agility to keep on top of her foes attacks, while dishing out as much damage as possible. She fights chaotically, stringing out slashes and thrusts with Asi and Vadjra, using her ambidexterity to her advantage as she switchs hands and keeps a fluid string of strikes going. She relies on her dragonskin to protect her, forgoing the use of armor to avoid slowing herself down. Bethany is an excellent medium to close range combatant, using her ranged powers in place of ranged weaponry. She constantly puts her Stoneguard to use, letting it take the brunt of attacks that would otherwise prove problematic to her low durability.

She will use her weaker powers to force opponents into a corner before making use of her dragon breath or other big attacks. Despite her low durability, she shuns armor in combat, and dislikes the restriction to mobility. She prefers to be quick and agile, and put her strength to use where she can. She does have a tendency to wear herself out quite quickly, though she doesn’t risk overusing her abilities, unless she’s driven into a rage. Mercy rarely spares opponants, which has led to her ironic nickname.

Combat Stats-

Strength || Good
Speed || Average
Agility || Good
Durability || Fair
Stamina || Fair
Magical power || Average

Single and dual sword fighting: Bethany is very skilled in the use of her swords, alone or paired together. This skill extends to most short to medium length swords that have a similar build To Asi and Vadjra, meaning straight and pointy, as opposed to curved.

Ambidextrous: Bethany is Ambidextrous, and is capable of fighting efficiently with both hands. This comes in very handy for dual wielding her weapons, switching up her fighting style. She has no prefered hand when it comes to weilding Asi and Vadjra and she can easily switch to match a situation.


Poison: Bethany’s alcoholic tendencies has caused her to be more acutely affected by poisons. Poisons, magical or otherwise, last one post longer.

Ranged weapons: She cant use them, and isnt interested in learning to use them.


Primary Weapon: Asi
Description: Asi is a Spatha, the big brother of the Asentari Gladius. It shares the same double edged, wide straight blade ending in a sharp point, however the Spatha is longer. In the case of Asi, the weapon is 39 inches long from point to pommel. Asi is a Merciallus family Heirloom, and was said to have been forged in the the ancient dragon Rune’s flames. While this might not be true, Asi’s Enchanted steel blade is tinted shades of orange and red that ripples when in motion, giving the blade the appearance of solid fire. The handle is made of enchanted wood and gripped with enchanted steel wire sharing the same properties of the blade. Asi appears to have a mind of its own, as it tends to activate Runefire when someone other than Bethany picks it up, sometimes even waiting a while before doing so. This burns anyone other than Bethany.

Runefire - Asi is enchanted with the ability to coat itself in flames. While the flames are harmless to Bethany, if someone tries to wield the weapon while Runefire is active, it will continuously burn them until the drop it. The flames heat the blade, causing it to cut more efficiently, cauterise wounds as they slice, and can cause 2nd degree burns to the area around the cuts. It can also ignite wood and clothing. This ability lasts for 3 posts with a two post cooldown.

A Spatha
A Spatha:
Bethany “Mercy” Merciallus Spatha10

Secondary Weapon: Vadjra
Description: - Vadjra is a gladius. It is made of divinium, and was crafted by a talented human Smith for Bethany. It is 28 inches long, with a 2 and half inch wide blade. The handle is made of wood and bone carved into ridges to fit bethany’s grip. The weapon has a very sharp tip, perfect for delivering powerful and deadly thrusts. The wide blade is partially for defense, and partially to cause nastier wounds with said thrusts.

A Gladius
A Gladius:
Bethany “Mercy” Merciallus Gladiu10

Dragon Element

Element: Fire

Name: Dragon Breath
Type: Offensive
Description: The Asentari can breath out a powerful blast of their element. Generally speaking, the stronger the Asentari, the more devestating the attack, but this is their most powerful racial ability.
RankDamage CatagoryCone rangecooldown
1Average25ft * 10ft cone3
2strong35ft * 15ft cone4
3Very Strong45 * 20ft cone5

Name: Fire orb
Type: Offensive
Damage Category: very weak
Description: Bethany tosses an orb of fire that travels in an arc and explodes on impact in a 5ft diameter, causing very weak damage to anything that's hit. She can throw these up to 50ft.
Cooldown: 1 post cooldown after 5 uses

Base Form Customs

Name: Combat Instincts
Type: Support
Damage Category: N/A
Description: Bethany has developed incredible instincts in combat, allowing her body to react without thinking to threats perceived by her senses. This helps against the effects of blurred vision or a loss of hearing, as her other senses are capable of picking up the slack. It also helps to stop her combat capabilities from being dulled by overconsumption of alcohol.
Cooldown: Passive

Name: Stoneguard
Type: Defensive
Damage Category: Average
Description: Bethany forms a protective layer of stone plates over her body. While it doesn’t protect her from melee weapons or weak attacks, if mercy is hit with a magical attack equal to average or higher, the stone plates will absorb the attack, shattering. It will only block average damage, so if a strong attack hits her she will still take half the damage from it. Once cast, Stoneguard consumes a powerpoint every post following, until it blocks an attack and breaks or Bethany cancels it. After stoneguard breaks the cooldown begins.
Cooldown: 3 post cooldown

Name: Molten Beam
Type: Offensive
Damage Category: Strong
Description: Bethany fires a continuous beam of fire from the palm of her hand. The beam lasts long enough for her to sweep it in a 90 degree arc, dealing strong damage and igniting anything in its path. It has a reach of 60ft.
Cooldown: 5 post cooldown

Draconic Seal Lvl 1

Seal appearance:
Transformation method:
New appearance:

Dragon Element Custom

Name: Fire Grenade
Type: Offensive
Damage Category:

Draconic Seal Lvl 1 Abilities

Name: Flamestone
Type: Support
Damage Category:

Name: Inferno Javelin
Type: Offensive
Damage Category:

Name: Haze
Type: Support
Damage Category: N/A
Description: Bethany vanishes into a haze of smoke and reappears up to 30ft from her current location. The smoke cloud lingers for 1 post and has a 5ft radius.
Cooldown: 2 post cooldown


Draconic Seal Lvl 2

Seal appearance:
Transformation method:
New appearance:

Dragon Element Custom

Name: Consuming Flames
Type: Offensive
Damage Category: Strong
Description: When activated, Consuming flames wreaths Bethany in an aura of heat and flames, that slowly becomes more powerful before erupting in a blast of fire that ignites and deals strong damage to anyone caught in the blast. Consuming flames has 3 stages. She can stop it anytime before stage 3 begins.

Stage 1: Bethany begins to exude vast amounts of heat within 5 foot of herself. The heat is highly uncomfortable, and touching Bethany directly can cause burns to unprotected skin. Stage 1 begins when the ability is activated, and lasts 2 posts. Costs 5 power points to activate, and Consumes 1 Power Point in the next post.

Stage 2: Bethany Bursts into flames that cover her entire body, and extend out an extra foot from her. This increases the effect of stage one’s range by one foot. Anything Bethany comes in contact with bursts into flames as well, and the flames can cause second degree burns. Attacks with her weapons also deal’s fire damage. Lasts one post, consumes 2 power points.

Stage 3: Bethany erupts in a fiery blast of power that covers a 30ft radius around her, dealing Strong damage to anyone caught in the blast. Consumes 3 power points.

Cooldown: 7 post cooldown. (11 powerpoint cost over 4 posts)

Draconic Seal Lvl 2 Abilities

Name: Burning Resolve
Type: Restorative
Damage Category: N/A
Description: As soon as Bethany’s stamina hits its limits, her burning resolve activates to give her two more posts of full power fighting, rather than entering exhaustion stage one, When this extra stamina runs out, she immediately enters exhaustion stage two instead.
Cooldown: Passive (costs 3 power points)

Name: Flamestone Shield
Type: Support
Damage Category:

Name: Scorched Earth
Type: Offensive
Damage Category: Very Strong
Cooldown: 6

New Boosts:


-Young Life-

History: Bethany Merciallus was born to Variana Lionvin and Castus Merciallus. Her father was a fire asentari, and her mother an Ice asentari. As if by some cruel joke, the were the exact opposites of their elements. Her father was a cold, cruel man, who treated those around him as if they were filth. His temper ran hot though and he often lashed out at people around him. Her mother was warm and kind. She had been forced into their marriage, and the only good of it had been Bethany, though she had two sons, Jastus and Markus, before that.

Bethany’s brothers weren’t much better than their father. Both were ice Asentari, Bethany was the only one born with her father’s gift. This annoyed them to no end, as the Merciallus family had a strong history of fire. They claimed the blood of the legendary dragon Rune ran in the family, though there wasn’t much evidence to support such claims. Her father was especially annoyed, as the only child of his who would carry on the fire was a girl, and he hated her for it.

Bethany spent much of her young life avoiding her brothers torments, her fathers rages and the pain her mother dealt with. She tried to block it all out, but she could not escape her life, or the inevitable beatings she received. Her days were spent full of fear, and existence was dismal. That was until the day she met a young wind Asentari and a small bit of goodness found its way into her life. She fell in love with Aline Drexara the moment they met. It was two days after her 17th birthday. Bethany was exploring the wilderness around her family estate, something she was fond of doing. She had many places to hide from her brothers and father out in the grounds, but she often ranged farther from home to look for new places.

Her brothers had followed her though, and with no one to stop them began to harass her. However, things were taken too far when Jastus pushed Bethany, and she lost her balance close to the edge of a deep crevice. She started to fall, when she was hit in the back by a powerful gust of wind. She was pushed to safety and her brothers sent with her. Confused, she turned to meet a young woman close to her own age leap across the gap and land gracefully before her. She smiled at Bethany and helped her up, mentioning how that had been a close one. She’d explored that particular crevice, and it went right through the island. She’d have found herself freefalling to the forest floor very far below had she fallen in there.

Jastus made to attack Aline, but Markus convinced him to let it go, and they left. After that, Aline took Bethany exploring, and showed her places to hide. They talked a little but, but Bethany kept quiet about her family. She was happier not thinking about what she would be going home. After that, they agreed to meet again, and again. Aline helped her escape her brothers, and for a time, she felt truly free as she explored the islands of upper Edia with Aline. Friendship blossomed between the two, though Bethany felt more. She feared to make a move, as it might drive her only friend away.

However Aline brought the subject, seeing if Bethany was interested in anybody. Bethany tried to avoid the subject, afraid to explain that she didn’t like men. Aline pushed a little harder, and Bethany told her that the only person she had ever felt anything for was Aline. Aline was dead silent. Bethany tried to explain that she hadn’t meant it like that, to try and recover from it before it was to late. However, Aline leaned forward and kissed her. “Your cute when your frazzled.” Aline said with a smile. “And for the record, I like you too.”

After that, things seemed to change for Bethany. Her brothers torments became less of a problem, and things she dealt with at home were inconsequential. At Least for a few weeks, until one day her father called her into his study. “You are old enough to be married.” He told her. “I have arranged for you to be wed to Varmor Von Broven. Perhaps you will do something useful with your life and give me a fire breathing grandson.” He said. Bethany refused, and her father’s temper flared.

Bethany didn’t leave the house for three days. The beating was more severe than any she’d ever endured. She might have died, except her mother stepped in. He’d beat her too. Something in Bethany snapped that day, and she knew she needed to leave this place or die at the hands of that man. She found Aline the first chance she got, and they began to plan their escape. But somehow, Jastus had found out about their plan. The day before leaving, Markus came to her and told her about what Jastus had seen. Markus convinced him to wait to tell their father by telling him they could use it to mess with Bethany. However, Markus had felt guilt over what had happened to their mother, and knew that this time their father might not stop.

Though Bethany wasn’t sure she should believe her brother, after all he’d willingly gone along with tormenting her for the majority of her life, but he seemed genuine. He was never as cruel as Jastus, and had even stopped him when things went to far in the past. She didn’t forgive him, but she thanked him for the heads up and decided to leave early. Bethany visited her mother and told her she was leaving, and that she should do the the same.

To Bethany’s surprise she was happy for her. She gave her as much as she could, including enough jewelry to trade outside of Edia. She told Bethany to go as far as she could and never come back. And that she was glad to know all of her children wouldn’t be suffering here. After speaking with her mother she left to find Aline at her house. However when she arrived, the place was on fire. Her father held a knife to her throat, and both Jastus and Markus, whose face was bruised and bloody, stood nearby.

“I hear you mean to abandon your family. After everything I’ve given you, your going skip out on me with this little harlot! I see I will have to teach you a lesson by ending her life.” He made to move, but Aline elbowed Bethany’s father in the ribs and slipped free. The knife jerked a gash across her throat, and she clasped a hand to it. Bethany didn’t see how much blood there was, but the sight of it was enough to cause something to snap within her. She let out a cry of outrage and tackled her father into the burning building, hitting him with enough speed and force to smash them through the weakened wooden wall.

She rolled through the fire, an armor of stone forming over her body. Her father hit her and back, and the blow sent her tumbling out the opposite side of the building. As she hit the ground she spotted Jastus rear back to let out a blast of ice at her, but he was tackled to the ground by Markus. The two brothers began to struggle and fight. Bethany turned her attention back to her father, who launched his own breath attack. The stone armor took the brunt of the attack and shattered, and Bethany returned fire with a spear of solid rock. The attack hit her father in the chest with a sickening thunk and he was thrown to his back. It had happened so fast, it took her a  moment to realise that she’d actually hit him. That the strike was fatal.

The momentary shock was driven off by concern for Aline, but Aline was on her feet approaching. Bethany’s attention returned to her father, who extended a hand to her. His eyes were dark, but his face was shocked more than angry. He tried to say something to her. She moved closer, as Jastus and Markus stopped their fighting, realising what had happened. “Help me, my child....” Her father said weakly. Bethany knelt beside him, slapped his hand away and unclasped Asi, the family sword, from his side. “You don’t deserve my help, or my mercy.” She said. Her father’s face darkened with anger, angry at death or her or the world. And then he was gone.

Bethany stood up and looked at Jastus and Markus. “Take care of mother. I won’t be back.” Jastus met her words with a glare so hate filled if looks could kill it would have struck her down on the spot. But there was also fear in his eyes, and he chose not to challenge her. Markus looked at his father’s body with regret, and nodded. “Someone has to.” He said. After that Bethany took Aline by the hand, and they left the charred remains of their pasts behind.


After the aftermath of the battle with her father, Bethany moved to Eapara city with Aline. They lived there for several years, It was a  happy time, and they lived comfortably. However it wasn’t long before her father’s death caught up with her. Though Bethany shrugged it off on the outside, she was torn apart by what she had done, and the fear that her father’s evilness had infected her haunted her in her dreams. It wasn’t long before she convinced Aline to flee Edia with her, to range out into lands beyond the floating islands. She didn’t tell Aline the real reason she wanted to go, but it was still obvious to her friend that she was fleeing her past.

They left Edia and traveled west in the guise of humans, easily done since Bethany’s red scales were easily hidden beneath clothes and Aline’s only give away was her silver eyes. Even then, the concept of humans with powers was not unheard of, and they were seen as one of those extraordinary cases if their powers were witnessed. During the initial few months they took the time to learn as much about the world beyond their borders. They met heanta and eldari, and discovered things that were considered rumors and legends in Edia. They explored great caves, ruins in the freelands left by ancient eldari or heanta, and places than many feared to step.  

The world had not waited while the Asentari hid away on their Islands, and plenty of things had happened since the birth of bethany’s people. She read about wars and battles, the death of Ren the hornless, and the fight between a dragon and the hero Dalrodir Shor. Discovery was an addiction to Bethany, and she ate it up. Aline also enjoyed herself, but after three years she began to tire, and wanted to settle down.

During their adventures, they had amassed quite a large amount of wealth. They had also witnessed so much strife, and began to use that wealth to help others. The pair eventually established a settlement near Edia’s border and took in anyone who needed a home. The small village grew, and grew.


Ten years on and the village was a small port town, well travelled by most people. Aline had become a figure of the community, and much of her time was taken up running the town. Bethany helped out as much as she could, but took to drinking to kill time. She lacked the same kind of drive as Aline, and the only real thing she found that suited her was running the town watch. She was surprisingly talented at commanding others. However, she never felt like she belonged in Edaria. She was plagued by wanderlust. There was still so much to see, if she so dared to range into places most would fear to go. However she could not bring herself to leave for Aline’s sake. So she stayed, and helped.

The town grew. Trade was booming, however things began to sour, as the town’s trade began to attract the attention of various ne’er-do-wells and bandit groups. However, the main problem that arose was the Red Fang, who began to harass their trading routes and send threats and demands to Aline. This seemed to be countered by the nearby city Oleas, who sent a small force to protect Edaria. However, their motives were no more pure than the red fangs’ as they tried to force Aline to accept them as their ruler. However, Aline refused to bow, and continued to build her city with the ideals she had in mind. It became a safe haven, and when the Red Fang finally attacked, and Oleas pulled back its support, a surprising number of people rose to defend the town.

After the battle, Aline established a true army, and formed it into one of the toughest defense forces the freelands would ever see. However, Bethany wasn’t around to witness that, as her life began to stall, and the growing pressure the town put on her relationship with Aline began to crack. 45 years after they had met, Aline broke up with her, and told her she was free of her obligations to Edaria and Aline. Bethany hadn’t expected things to end like that. But Aline didn’t want to stay tied to someone who would never be around, and knew it wasn’t fair on Bethany either.

-Dark Days-

After leaving Edaria, Bethany traveled from town to town, drinking, fighting and working odd jobs. She was no longer tied town, but she found her new freedom to be overwhelmingly boring. She moved from job to job, working as a caravan guard, bounty hunter, explorer, anything that paid well and didn’t keep her tied down to one place. During her travels, she met a young swordsman out for justice to avenge his dead parents, and joined his quest for the sheer thrill of it. They kept traveling together, and soon enough more added more people to their merry little band. The group began to work as mercenaries for The Conclave, tasked with targeting and disrupting the red fang, and trade Karem and Karcenak’s trade  lines.

During this time, Bethany’s temperament became more and more brutal. She rarely spared enemy forces and was severe with mistakes her own men made. She was nicknamed Mercy, ironically, and it stuck. She seen the darkness descend on her, and knew where it had come from. It scared her, but she was in to deep to care. Years passed, friends died, contracts ended and before she knew it she was running a bandit group, competing with the Red fang and preying on travellers around Karcenak.

It all came to a swift end, when the Red Fang sent their best assassins to kill the group. However they had explicit orders to take Bethany alive, as her constant activity had drawn the attention of the Master, one of Karcenak cities heads. Not surprisingly, the assassins did their dark work, and killed most of Bethany’s bandits before her. However, they did not get away unscathe as her rage burned like wild fire and she killed anyone dumb enough to be caught in her path. However the assassins blades were coated with a powerful sedative, and she was eventually taken down.


The lack of free will and access to her powers created a very interesting situation for Bethany. She raged against her captors the first few days, but slowly became more relaxed. She still fought if she got the chance but the men who held her began to give her plenty of room. Even without her powers and weapons she was strong enough to crush ribs and break bones if they got to close. After the initial few days of captivity she began to calm down though. And recede into herself. And also sober up, an unfortunate side effect of not drinking.

When she reached Karcenak, they took her to see the master. He moved to inspect her, and when he got to close, she headbutted him, breaking his nose. He seemed pleased by this, and then she was dragged to a cell, where she was kept until they could acclimatise her to her new life. She preferred to fight, and take the beatings than give in, but they slowly wore her down. Eventually she decided to stop fighting, and was deemed safe enough to be put to work loading wagons and shifting heavy loads.

Her life was a true nightmare, worse than anything she’d endured when she was a child. And though she was tougher than back then, she was still fragile. It was a matter of time until something gave. She kept to herself and endured it as best she could. She avoided getting close to the other slaves, and let the frequent disappearances and deaths of slaves slide from her mind, rather than dwelling and allowing such things to get to her. It was of course inevitable that, during her time she would meet someone. That someone was Valette, a young girl no older than seventeen.

She was scared and alone, taken from her family. She reminded Bethany of herself, and Bethany responded to the fear on an emotional level. She took Valette under her wing and protected her as best she could, teaching her how to keep her head down and go unnoticed.. However one of the guards took an interest in Valette, and began to harass her. Bethany caught him and warned him away but she was just a slave to them. And they did not take kindly to her threats. One day, the guard and his comrades corned Valette, and had their way with her. They left the girl for dead, but she was saved by the other slaves. When Bethany found out she snapped and took revenge for Valette.

She disarmed one of the guards and cut a bloody path through the compound. Bethany killed the Guards involved in Valette’s rape, before she was successfully subdued. When she was dragged before the master, beaten and broken, to face punishment. He was furious about what had happened, but chose not to punish Bethany for it. Instead, in response to her outburst, he had Valette executed in front of her. It was so quick the girl was dead before she hit the floor, before Bethany could do something to save her. But it was a mistake.

Bethany was consumed by a burning rage so powerful heat began to explode off her. The suppression chains grew hot as they tried to contain the power within, before they shattered, freeing the inferno within. One of the guards drew her stolen sword and turned it on her, but Asi for whatever reason, decided to copy her owner and burst into flames of its own. Bethany killed the master, the guards, and anyone stupid enough to get in the way. She left the house burning and escaped the city.

Bethany fled Karcenak, using the fires stoked by her rage to escape the cities guards. But when the anger died, she collapsed. She woke up several days later, in the back of a wagon travelling south west, having been picked up by an old merchant named Gareph, travelling home to see his family. Gareph gave her food and water and let her ride in the cart with him while she recovered. A week passed, and the they were on the tail end of the journey, coming into a village not far from Karem, when the cart was waylaid by bandits.

Gareph told her to stay put and she was more than happy to comply, having no interest in getting involved. She expected they would ask a tole and be on their way, but they demanded everything. Gareph tried to reason with the bandits but one of the bandits struck the old man. Despite herself she jumped from the wagon and drew Asi, cutting the man’s hand off as he went in for a second blow. The other bandits attacked her, but she made quick work of them, and those that chose to fight died. The rest fled.

Gareph thanked her, and Bethany’s response was that the first one was free for saving her. She wasn’t interested in helping people for nothing. They made it to Gareph’s hometown in one piece, but when she went to depart, she realised she had nowhere to go. Gareph took pity on her and offered her a job as a caravan guard, going as far as paying her an advance on her wages to get new clothes.

Bethany stuck around with Gareph for a few years, even growing fond of the old human. She found it amusing that he treated her like a child, when she wasn’t much younger than he was. But he let her keep to herself and didn’t ask to many questions and it was a nice break. Eventually however, she decided it was time to move on. She ventured home to Edia for the first time in a very long time.

Edia had changed since she’d been gone. The asentari had even revealed themselves to the world in the last few years of her imprisonment and it was finally interacting with the rest of the world. Bethany asked around about her family and found out that a few years after her father’s death Jastus got himself killed in a drunken brawl. Markus had a family, and had kept his promise to take care of their mother. She had nieces and nephews running around out there.

When Bethany went to the estate to visit, she seen her family from a far. Seen how happy they were. She turned around and left, refusing to ruin that happiness. Because she feared deep down that she carried her father’s evilness with her, and didn’t want to subject them to that again. Bethany left Edia, avoided Edaria and returned to doing what she did best. Drinking and fighting.

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Bethany “Mercy” Merciallus Empty Re: Bethany “Mercy” Merciallus

Post by Orgoth on Wed Jun 27, 2018 11:31 pm

My only issue has been solved.

Approved A-5

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Bethany “Mercy” Merciallus Empty Re: Bethany “Mercy” Merciallus

Post by Jun on Thu Jun 28, 2018 10:51 am


Rex von Broven. Asentari. A-4
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Bethany “Mercy” Merciallus Empty Re: Bethany “Mercy” Merciallus

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