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Heanta: Appearance and Nature

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Heanta: Appearance and Nature

Post by Orgoth on Thu Apr 18, 2013 8:44 am

Heanta are the second race to appear in Asmir Ka'lesa, and mortal enemies to Eldari. Heanta are human in appearance, set apart by their one or more horns on their head. They have skin ranging from chalk white all the way to charcoal black, or any shade of grey in between. They have a diverse range of eye colors, but their hair is usually black, red or silver. Heanta are similar to Eldari in that they do not need to wash, and their hair is often long and incredibly clean. Some have pointed ears, too, but not all of them. They have sharp claw like nails between half an inch to 2 inches long, and sharp teeth. They're claws are tough enough to shread through light leather, cloth and skin with ease. Heanta Range from 5ft to 8ft in Height.

Heanta grow to full adulthood within 15 years of birth, a side effect of their increased rate of regeneration, and live for centuries after. Heanta are carnivores, and feed on living flesh. They don't need to feed more than once a week after they are fully grown, but when they do they don't always go for the livestock they keep about. Some are very fond of human or eldari flesh. Heanta are only considered adults once they take Na’Kora’s trial at the age of 18, and allowed to quest for their demon matrix thereafter.

Some Heanta are intelligent and sophisticated, some brutish and dumb, but no matter their appearance and mentality, they all share one thing in common. They are incredibly violent, with an unnatural love for bringing harm to others. Their viciousness makes Orken look meek in comparison. They fight as much with each other as they do with the other races, and rarely leave anyone alive to tell of their coming.

Heanta have something called a Demon matrix. The Demon matrix is a piece of crystal taken from the magma chasms below Na'Kora's Forge, a dormant volcano that is the supposed birthplace of all Heanta. The Heanta must first claim their crystal chunk, and take it above to the mouth of the volcano where they shape it, and perform a ritual to imbue it with their latent magical power, allowing them access to a set of powers, or for stronger heanta, a monstrous form likened to the demons who warred with the gods long ago.

The demon matrix is then set into their skin, a painful process, but life changing for any Heanta to survive the journey. Heanta who have gone through the ritual and have a Demon Matrix do not need to feed for long periods of time, and can go without sleep for a week or more before suffering from exhaustion.

Heanta make their home in the lands of kyrias, a mountainous region north of the eldari kingdom. Kyrias' capital city is Av'eden. Av'eden is built into the side of the largest Volcano with Kyrias' borders. It is protected by the molten lava and constant eruptions by a Magical dome created by the Heanta's strongest leader in history, Ren the hornless one.

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