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The Magus of Flowers Merlin (WIP)

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The Magus of Flowers Merlin (WIP)

Post by Siegfried on Wed Mar 28, 2018 11:29 am

Eldari Magi

Character Information

Name: Merlin - The Magus of Flowers
Appearance Age: Early 20’s
True age: 546
Sex: Male
Personality: Merlin himself has described his personality as a “jumbled mess that no one, especially me, has the time, nor patience to sort out.” He seemingly lacks any kind of seriousness, or sense of responsibility, and does things simply to test out whether something would work out, or not. He also has an unnatural sense of calm around him, leading to others becoming more relaxed in his presence. Generally, he is a presence who is admired, but slightly excluded from most of Eldari society due to this, which doesn’t bother him in the slightest. He lives to experience life, and rarely shows any signs of negativity, though it can happen. He also treats most everyone as children, especially the younger races. He will even treat older beings like this, one the best cases is a member of the Golden Council.The member in question was nearly 600 years old at that point, with Merlin only being 246. Merlin admonished the Council member in front of his peers, for yelling at some Eldari youth playing near the council chambers. Ir was said to look like “a father disciplining his son.”

As stated before, Merlin treats almost all of the other races as children, believing that, while they will make bad choices, by the time they “grow up”, they will be on the right tracks. As such, despite warring against them for years, Merlin holds no ill will to Heanta, even applauding the young Faylandrea Shor for her friendship with the Heanta Valatrix Of The Hornless Clan, despite this fact not being known to everyone.

Merlin has an insatiable craving for bettering himself, whether it be through spellcraft, or simply learning new knowledge. At the height of his power, Merlin could have been called one of the most powerful, and intelligent Mages the Eldari produced, but it was this same craving that threw him from his heights, in the creation of his staff, Avalon. It is also this craving the leads Merlin to leave the Eldari randomly, sometimes for a few days, once for almost 35 years. It also can lead him to just stop a battle, in order to go do something “more interesting.”

Merlin, in battle, is exactly the same as he is any other time. He is also prone to grading other magic users use of magic. He can easily make unseasoned fighters lose their focus, and is almost never shaken up in a battle. However, very extremely rarely, something can set Merlin off. His entire personality vanishes, leaving only a Spirit of Rage, and Destruction, according to an Eldari soldier who witnessed it.
Likes/Dislikes: Bettering himself, learning new knowledge, watching the growth of the other races, His staff and book, Avalon.
Fears: Losing his temper, being bored, Liliana returning(Explained in backstory)


Height: 5’8”
Weight: 150 Lbs
Appearance: Merlin is described as being a creature with no visible signs of how old he is. He is considerably paler than most Eldari, and his eyes, which should be yellow, like all Eldari, constantly change colors an Merlin’s whim, his favorite color being blue. He is lithe, but muscular, and his face is considered handsome, even by Eldari standards. His hair is in a state of messy, and is extremely long, reaching to his knees. He has it in a messy ponytail almost always. He is constantly seen with a happy expression on his face.  

Clothing: Merlin typically wears a skin tight, sleeveless black shirt, over which he wears a white cloak, with a frilled deep V collar of multiple colors. The colors change on Merlin’s whim. The cloak has a clasp, made of a golden, silky material, tied in a three loop bow, with an X made of the same material over that. He then has a white hood, which also covers his shoulders, tied by a pink knot, but also having two x’s next to the knot, with blue fabric hanging behind them. The shoulders of the hood also have pink, feather like protrusions under them. Merlin also wears a pair of black, very wide trousers, with a golden six-pointed log on the front of them, and a pair of black boots, with intricate designs in a lesser shade of black on them.

Fighting Style

Merlin, as a spellcaster, is not suited for up close combat. He wields spells, quite expertly as well, and takes out his opponents that way. He also tends to keep foes off balance, with his constant happy-go-lucky attitude, and enemy spellcasters almost always come to hate him. He has a strange taste for grading their spells, but they always fall flat compared to his own, in his own mind. His speed is also good, allowing him to get out of close combat sooner, rather than later. He could fight with his staff, Avalon, as it is unbreakable, but his swings don’t have any strength behind them, so he is, by his own admission, best utilized with a sword fighter of some kind, especially in his now weakened state. He will help out an ally, if he can, and can generally deal with foot soldiers himself.

Combat Stats-

( All stats are considered average unless stated. Stats must be balanced. You must decrease a stat to increase a stat. Raising one to good means you must lower one to fair. Read The Character Combat Stats Guide for more information)

Strength || Poor
Speed ||  Good
Agility ||  Average
Durability || Fair
Stamina || Average
Magical Power || Very Good

Extremely Intelligent: Even without most of his spells, Merlin is still an adaptable, tactical fighter. He easily won his battles during the Second Great War without having to use his magic, and he can still call on those kinds of smarts during battle. This also means that Merlin knows when to get out of a fight.

Resistance to Mind Altering Abilities: Merlin, as stated before, is an extremely intelligent person. He is easily able to kick people out of his own mind, but if someone does manage to stay, he has the added defense of his mind being a maze. Not even Merlin is sure where his mind leads to, and whoever is there might find themselves being stuck there, if they don’t get out soon.

Long to Mid Range Fighter: Merlin is best able to fight from a mid to long range position. He can match most anyone with bow in accuracy.

Strength: Merlin, obviously as a spellcaster, is not the strongest man on a battlefield, and can be easily overpowered, if an enemy gets close enough to hit him.

Close Combat Ability: Merlin has almost never trained with a melee weapon of any kind, meaning he is basically useless in a straight up brawl.


Primary Weapon: The Staff, Avalon. It is made from one of the oldest trees on the mainland, and Merlin himself cut the branch out of the tree, after searching for almost a month. It is in this staff that Merlin poured his massive magical power, and most of his magical knowledge. The staff is as tall as Merlin is, and it is an extremely dark brown, almost black. The top of the staff bows in almost a half circle, before shooting a point straight up. In the middle of the half-circle, a piece of enchanted metal, made from one of Merlin’s friends who has a gift for enchantment, is placed, held in by what appears to be pins. The pins form a cage around the top half of the enchanted metal, and Merlin can pour some magic into it, and turn it into a walking light. There are then three pieces of differently colored fabric, which are connected to the bottom of the enchanted metal. The colors are, top one pink, middle one blue, and bottom one gold. The staff’s main feature is that it can be summoned by Merlin at any time, in any place, regardless of barriers or other spells. Though, Merlin carries it with him almost everywhere.

Secondary Weapon: The Book of Avalon is a small, leatherbound tome that can fit easily into Merlin’s hand. This is, essentially, Merlin’s spellbook. It is an extension of the Staff of Avalon, and can be destroyed, but the book can re-materialize after a bit (2 posts). It is set up in a way that most of the book is locked to Merlin, until he can regain most of his lost power.

Eldari Racial Abilities

Poison Resistance: Because the Eldari are inherently magical beings, their bodies are far faster at locating and eliminating threats that would infiltrate them. As a result, they recover much quicker from the effects of poisons than other races would. This cuts 1 post of duration of all poisons inflicted on an Eldari. For example, if an Eldari is inflicted with a poison that lasts for 4 posts, it will only last for 3 posts. It also increases a poison's grace period by a post.

Prestidigitation: - This ability is a minor magical trick that novice spell-casters use for practice. You create one of the following magical effects within range:

  • You create an instantaneous, harmless sensory effect, such as a shower of sparks, a puff of wind, faint musical notes, or an odd odor.
  • You instantaneously light or snuff out a candle, a torch, or a small campfire.
  • You instantaneously clean or soil an object no larger than 1 cubic foot.
  • You chill, warm, or flavor up to 1 cubic foot of nonliving material for 1 hour.
  • You make a color, a small mark, or a symbol appear on an object or a surface for 1 hour.
  • You create a nonmagical trinket or an illusory image that can fit in your hand and that lasts for a few minutes.

Magi Abilities

Blessing of Na'Sora: Level 1 Physical

Merlin Abilities

Shapeshift: Merlin can shapeshift into any animal form (barring mythical beasts, like Dragons, Gryphons, etc). He is able to hold this form indefinitely, unless a battle starts. He cannot transform in battle. Also, the only way to know it is Merlin, is that whatever form he is in, it will always match his white hair color. So, if he transforms into a hawk, it’ll be a white hawk. This is also why he can change his eye colors on a whim.

Cath Pulag: Merlin's personal familiar. It appears as a small, white dog-like creature, with rabbit like ears. It is not much bigger than a cat, but it accompanies Merlin almost everywhere he goes. Merlin can also send Cath Pulag out, and can magically talk through the creature. (Not for combat)

Custom Powers

Apprentice Powers

Name: Dragoon Spear
Type: Offensive
Damage Category: Weak
Description: Merlin creates a spear, out of his own magical energy, the size of his staff. He can control it with his mind, and the spear moves when he wants it to. When it releases, it moves a little bit faster than if a normal strength human threw one. But, whenever it impacts a surface, it explodes.
Cooldown: 2 post cool-down

Name: Rose Cannon
Type: Offensive
Damage Category: Average
Description: Merlin creates a rosebud out of his own magical energy, and fires a wave of concentrated magical energy out once the rose "blooms". the range of the blast is up to 30 feet.
Cooldown: 3 post cool-down

Name: Speed of Wind
Type: Support
Damage Category: (If any; Very Weak, Weak, Average, Strong, Very Strong)
Description: Merlin enchants an ally with a buff, granting them a +2 to speed. While it is active, tendrils of what appear to wind circle around the target, but they are actually magical, and connected to Merlin.
Cooldown: 2 post duration, followed by a 4 post cool-down.

Name: Cherry Blossom Shield
Type: Defensive
Damage Category: Weak
Description: Merlin creates a shield, in the shape of cherry blossom petals. It is used to block Magical Attacks, but will break if anything above Weak is thrown at it. (It can be upgraded, the more powerful he gets, but I will add that in when he gets that powerful)
Cooldown: 2 post cool-down

Regular Powers

Name: (this can be anything. Mostly for flavor.)
Type: (Offensive, Defensive, Support, Restorative)
Damage Category: (If any; Very Weak, Weak, Average, Strong, Very Strong)
Description: (give the ability a good description to show how it works and what it does)
Cooldown: (all abilities have cooldowns.)

Name: (this can be anything. Mostly for flavor.)
Type: (Offensive, Defensive, Support, Restorative)
Damage Category: (If any; Very Weak, Weak, Average, Strong, Very Strong)
Description: (give the ability a good description to show how it works and what it does)
Cooldown: (all abilities have cooldowns.)

Name: (this can be anything. Mostly for flavor.)
Type: (must be Support)
Damage Category: (If any; Very Weak, Weak, Average, Strong, Very Strong)
Description: (give the ability a good description to show how it works and what it does)
Cooldown: (all abilities have cooldowns.)

Name: (this can be anything. Mostly for flavor.)
Type: (must be Defensive)
Damage Category: (If any; Very Weak, Weak, Average, Strong, Very Strong)
Description: (give the ability a good description to show how it works and what it does)
Cooldown: (all abilities have cooldowns.)

Elite Powers

Name: (this can be anything. Mostly for flavor.)
Type: (Offensive, Defensive, Support, Restorative)
Damage Category: (If any; Very Weak, Weak, Average, Strong, Very Strong)
Description: (give the ability a good description to show how it works and what it does)
Cooldown: (all abilities have cooldowns.)

Name: (this can be anything. Mostly for flavor.)
Type: (Offensive, Defensive, Support, Restorative)
Damage Category: (If any; Very Weak, Weak, Average, Strong, Very Strong)
Description: (give the ability a good description to show how it works and what it does)
Cooldown: (all abilities have cooldowns.)

Name: (this can be anything. Mostly for flavor.)
Type: (must be Support)
Damage Category: (If any; Very Weak, Weak, Average, Strong, Very Strong)
Description: (give the ability a good description to show how it works and what it does)
Cooldown: (all abilities have cooldowns.)

Name: (this can be anything. Mostly for flavor.)
Type: (must be Defensive)
Damage Category: (If any; Very Weak, Weak, Average, Strong, Very Strong)
Description: (give the ability a good description to show how it works and what it does)
Cooldown: (all abilities have cooldowns.)



Early Life And Training
"Magic is all I ever wanted to do. Even now, in my later years, nothing brings me as much fun as thinking of a new spell, or discovering a magical relic of the past. It's just too much for me to ever get bored of it!"
Merlin was born to two Eldari parents who had died some days after his birth. It was a tragedy to many in the Eldari community, so it fell to many to raise Merlin. He grew up happy enough, which would lead into his personality later in life. However, even from his youth, Merlin was fascinated with magic, and the applications of magecraft. His community supported him, and tried to provide him with many things that he would need. Luckily for them everything came seemingly easy to the young Eldari, and by the age of 12, Merlin was considered a child prodigy when it came to the crafts of mages. It was at this point he came under the wing of another spellcaster considered a prodigy. Liliana Vixx was an accomplished mage in her own right, and had heard about this child prodigy. She came to his house, and was amazed at the young boy in front of her. He grasped even the simplest of magical spells in minutes, and impressed with his own knowledge of magical practice, and theory. Liliana decided to take the young boy under her wing as her apprenctice, and Merlin's parents, of course, allowed it. And so began the nest stage of his life.

Training under Liliana was hard, as she expected the absolute best out of the young Eldari. However, as time passed, and Merlin continued to learn from her, he began to see her in a new light. In a few years time, Merlin considered her his mother, and Liliana considered him her son. It is also through Liliana where Merlin first started to crave bettering himself. Through his training, he managed to come up with a way to mimic the Eldross way of shape-shifting into beasts. As a gift, Liliana created Merlin's now famous familiar, Cath Pulag. It is also through her training where Merlin began to create his own spells, and began basing them off of flowers. It is because ofn these spells Merlin became known as the Magus of Flowers. However, things were not always so happy with Liliana. She harboured a deep hatred for Heanta, and came into many arguements with Merlin, who simply didn't have that kind of hate in him. He loved all creatures, even the Heanta. He viewed them as children, who simply didn't know any better, raving against a world they never intended to live in. In fact, Merlin viewed all of the races like this. The two could argue as long as a few days, but neither side would gain an inch. Liliana's hate was too strong, and Merlin's love was just as strong. However, the two still cared for one another.

As Merlin's skill, and craftiness grew, he began to do things on his own. He had spent the last 20 years under Liliana, but he had finally emerged from under her, considerably long, shadow, and had begun to make a name for himself. It was during this time that Merlin met, and befriended an Eldari Warrior. Dalrodir Shor was the perfect foil for the enigmatic Merlin, as Shor was considered a genius of the Eldari Warrior way of fighting, while Merlin was quickly becoming seen as the next genius of the Eldari Mage way of fighting. It placed a heavy burden on them both, but that burden seemed to disapear when the two would sit down, and talk for a bit. Merlin came to consider Shor as an older brother of sorts, as he was several hundreds of years younger than Shor. It is also because of Shor, that Merlin became much more active in the defence of the lands of the Eldari. 

Destruction of Innocence
"Even if the Heanta were wiped out, what then? Would it bring back the scores of dead we have lost? I do not believe that is a righteous path. Their hate must be levied with understanding, and love. Only then, can we come together. If Ren was capable of seeing Shor as an equal, what does that say for the rest of them?"
After almost 100 years, Merlin had become as much of a part of Eldari life as anyone else. He was well respected for his skill in magecraft, and his views on the other races. It was because of this, that, when the time came for a meeting between the Eldari, and Heanta, to finally stop the rampage of the Kishin Dola, Merlin went. It was also because of quite alot of asking from Shor, and Liliana. So, during the meeting between Dalrodir Shor, and Ren the Hornless, Merlin was there, and witnessed the joining of the two great warriors. Despite speaking up, and volunteering to also fight, Merlin was told it wouldn't be the best idea, by Liliana, Shor, and Ren. Merlin also met Celeana, the mother of an very interesting Heanta Merlin would meet later in life. However, despite not fighting the Kishin Dola, Merlin would soon have his own fight.

Three years after the Kishin Dola was defeated, the Golden Council had sent for Merlin, telling him that Liliana had disobeyed them, and had started a dangerous line of research into an ancient magic, which would wipe out the Heanta. Merlin knew how invested Liliana had been in her own hatred for the race, and knew that she was serious. So, against his better judgement, he went to join the raid on Liliana's home. When he got there, most of the party had been slain, and Liliana was about to kill another one, when Merlin stopped her. Merlin pleaded with Liliana to stop, but she was too far gone. The battle that followed was a grueling one, with Merlin throwing everything he could at Liliana. Merlin, near the end of the fight, launched one of his most powerful spells at her, and when the dust cleared, she was gone. The Council appluaded Merlin's effort, but Merlin didn't feel the same way. In his mind, he had broken a major rule of his. All life had reason to be here, and yet, when push came to shove, Merlin had destroyed it, just the same. It bothered him, even after talking to Shor about it. It was at this point, Merlin first left the lands of the Eldari, in search of his own answers. It took him 35 years to come back to Gilderan, and when asked where he had been, Merlin wouldn't talk about it. However, many stated that the life had come back to his eyes. This started the habit of Merlin leaving Gilderan for stretches of times, sometimes for a few days, sometimes for a few months. This one, however, was the longest stretch of time.

Post Liliana and 35 year disapearance, and the Start of War
"Yes, I took part in the Second Great War. Yes, it is, probably, where I made most of my fame. No, I didn't love it. War isn't fun, nor beautiful. War is the opposite of the natural wonder of the world."
Merlin's Tower
Merlin had lived easily in Gilderan for some time. His efforts for defeating Liliana allowed him to request a small part of the island, to build his own home. It was a field of flowers, and Merlin built a tower there, and it is here where Merlin mostly studied, practiced, invented, and sent out Cath Pulag to deliver messages for him. Soon, though, the rumblings of a war made their way to him. It had been about 59 years since the defeat of Liliana, but Merlin had, in his own mind, grown up since then. He was ready to defend his home, and people, albiet in his own way. The Golden Council came to him, and asked for his considerable skill to be brought upon their enemies. Merlin accepted, but on one condition. He would do it his way. 

Merlin's participation in the Second Great War is where most came to know his name. He became known as a Eldari of unknown tactics. Nothing Merlin did made any sense, but they always worked. He once, famously, walked into an enemy camp alone. He was captured, but left after only a few days. In this time, stories came out of the camp of a horrible sickness that had befallen the soldiers there. It was a horrible stomach virus, and, due to this, Merlin was able to simply walk out. The cause for this sickness was never officially found out, but when asked about, Merlin always had a distinct shine in his eyes, and replies with simply, "Watch what you eat around me." However, in the later stages of the War, Merlin started to grow tired of the constant fighting. In his mind, war was the oppoeite of what made the world wonderful. However, he stayed in the fight, if only due to the prodding of Shor. 

After the War, and Retreat to the Tower
"The Council doesn't like very much, if I can be honest. I don't blame them, I did make things quite.....difficult for them. They still act like children though, so I have to pop in every once and a while, and give them a stern talking to."
After 55 years, the Second Great War ended, and Merlin was applauded for his part in it, on the Eldari side. However, Merlin never publicly liked the fact that some of the respect he earned, was from warfare. He even publicly denounced the war, and his own efforts in it. He also realized that in doing this, the Council would slowly keep him far away from the main affairs of eldari society. However, instead of fighting it, Merlin embraced it, and was seen less, and less in Gilderan, instead staying in his tower for long periods of time. It was becuase of this split, that, Merlin wasn't present during the complete extinction of the Eldross, and the death of his friend, Dalrodir Shor. Merlin mourned in his own way, when the news reached him. He visited the city for the first time in some time, surprising many of Eldari community. He stayed for only a few hours, before leaving. He personally visited Shor's daughter, Mariel Shor. After swapping stories of her father, Merlin soon left, as enigmatic as ever, back to his tower. He wasn't seen for some time, as he was researching something, though no one knew what, not even the Council. And Merlin preferred it this way.

After some time, Merlin had finally re-appeared in the world of the Eldari, though in an absolutley Merlin way. He had spent most of his time putting the parts together for his own staff, one that would handle everything he could output. He had broken every staff given, or made for him over his life, so Merlin figured that it would be better to make one himself. After taking a branch from one of the oldest trees in the Eldari lands, and having enchanted a piece of metal himself to put into the staff, he finally moved on to his final step. He poured his magical power into the staff, for almost a full day. The result was stunning, the staff hummed with magical energy. However, it had sapped Merlin's own power, leaving him weaker than he had ever been. It had also taken most his knowledge of his own, personal spells, and creating a tome of them. Naming both the staff, and tome Avalon, Merlin descended into Gilderan, if only to tell the mages there to never do what he had done. It was extremly dangerous, and had almost killed him. Merlin may have been a shunned figure, but if he, personally, stated that a type of magic was dangerous, almost all listened. He retreated back into his tower, only leaving once more, to visit Mariel Shor again. He had heard she had given birth to a daughter. Unluckily for Merlin, he was about 30+ years to late. As he found out, he grew an interest in meeting the know adult Faylandra. Utilizing Cath Pulag, Merlin soon found her, with a Heanta girl no less. He soon appeared to them both, much to the surprise of the Heanta, who he later learned was named Vala. She was also incredibly similar to the Heanta Merlin had met, when Ren, and Shor had gone off to fight the Kishen Dola. Introducing himself, he simply appluaded Faylandra on her friendship, and left soon afterwards, his curiousity sated. He moved back to his tower, but was troubled by how much time had passed. He decided that the time of the Tower Wizard Merlin was over. He wanted to go back out into the world. He wanted to see the sights, and be a bit adventerous. He would become the Magus of Flowers again.

Side Notes:  At the height of his power, Merlin was considered a E-5 rank. However, due to the whole, losing most of his power, he got bumped back down to whatever tier this app gets, when it is graded. I hope to bring him back up, but that is why, in his backstory, he is doing incredible things with magic, but on his app, he only has the barest abilities. He will unlock more as time goes on.
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