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Asmir Origins

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Asmir Origins

Post by Orgoth on Wed Mar 28, 2018 6:07 am

The Beginning (0 -540, AI)

In the beginning: there was nothing, a nothing so empty it defied comprehension. And in that nothingness formed a consciousness known as Typhos, The First Being. Typhos had command of both Time and Space. As it was the First, there was nothing to stop it or tell it otherwise. And using its power, it created Asmir, the sun, and the moon. it created the sisters Na’Sora and Na’Kora, and gave one the Sun and the other the Moon.  The lands were empty and barren though, so it tasked Na’Sora, his favourite, with populating this new world.. However, Na’Sora could not do so along, and she used her gifts to bring about the births of Lia and Manus. Lia was tasked with crafting the earth for Na’Sora’s children to live on, and Manus was tasked with keeping the new life in order.

Na’Kora became jealous of her sister, and annoyed by Typhos’ choice. So she created Death, and set it upon Na’Sora’s people. She also gave life to Zen, to disrupt Manus’ work in the world by bringing chaos, and Orgoth, to spread hatred and discord upon Na’sora’s people. When Orgoth grew lonely, he begged Na’Kora for a companion. Na’Kora ignored his pleas, but Na’Sora took pity and made Grainné, his rival and companion. Due to the constant conflict raging between the “Gods” and their creations, Typhos decided to give the mortals that had been created a stable base and center of their own power. It called this neutrality, and left a being known as Erolath in charge of this. Typhos then departed for the cosmos, to seek out greater mysteries.

Na’sora’s first act after creating her helpers, was to give life to the Eldari. She crafted them from her own energy, and instantly fell in love. Na’Kora, not letting her sister have her creations in peace, gave life to the Heanta from the fiery earth. She had Zen sow chaos in their souls, and let them loose to tear apart the world.

Curious about these new creations, Lia wondered if she could have some thrive in her forests. The heanta were too hostile and flamey, so she decided to ask Na’Sora for some of her creations to use. Na’Sora showed Lia how to make the elves so that she could simply make her own. However Lia then decided to alter them to fit better in their new environment. She gave them each nature powers, and the ability to communicate with the other life in the Forest. Lia called them the “Eldross”.

After Lia created the Eldross, Orgost took a shot at bringing a race into the world, and thus the Orken race was born. They were a race ruled by power and dominion over others. Unbeknownst to Orgost, those traits would be their undoing.

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