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Post by Orgoth on Wed Mar 28, 2018 6:07 am

The Beginning (0 -511, AI)

In the beginning: there was nothing, a nothing so empty it defied comprehension. And in that nothingness formed a consciousness known as Typhos, The First Being. Typhos had command of both Time and Space. As it was the First, there was nothing to stop it or tell it otherwise. And using its power, it created Asmir, the sun, and the moon. it created the sisters Na’Sora and Na’Kora, and gave one the Sun and the other the Moon.  The lands were empty and barren though, so it tasked Na’Sora, his favourite, with populating this new world. However, Na’Sora could not do so along, and she used her gifts to bring about the births of Lia and Manus. Lia was tasked with crafting the earth for Na’Sora’s children to live on, and Manus was tasked with keeping the new life in order.

Na’Kora became jealous of her sister, and annoyed by Typhos’ choice. So she created Death, and set it upon Na’Sora’s people. She also gave life to Zen, to disrupt Manus’ work in the world by bringing chaos, and Orgoth, to spread hatred and discord upon Na’sora’s people. When Orgoth grew lonely, he begged Na’Kora for a companion. Na’Kora ignored his pleas, but Na’Sora took pity and made Grainné, his rival and companion. Due to the constant conflict raging between the “Gods” and their creations, Typhos decided to give the mortals that had been created a stable base and center of their own power. It called this neutrality, and left a being known as Erolath in charge of this. Typhos then departed for the cosmos, to seek out greater mysteries. In his stead he left Ambiron, the god of justice, to govern the gods and keep them from fighting to much. Ambiron created a realm of light known as to mortals as heaven. It was from here he ruled and sorted out disputes between the gods.

Na’sora’s first act after creating her helpers, was to give life to the Eldari. She crafted them from her own energy, and instantly fell in love. Na’Kora, not letting her sister have her creations in peace, gave life to the Heanta from the fiery earth. She had Zen sow chaos in their souls, and let them loose to tear apart the world.

Curious about these new creations, Lia wondered if she could have some thrive in her forests. The heanta were too hostile and flamey, so she decided to ask Na’Sora for some of her creations to use. Na’Sora showed Lia how to make the elves so that she could simply make her own. However Lia then decided to alter them to fit better in their new environment. She gave them each nature powers, and the ability to communicate with the other life in the Forest. Lia called them the “Eldross”.

After Lia created the Eldross, Orgost took a shot at bringing a race into the world, and thus the Orken race was born. They were a race ruled by power and dominion over others. Unbeknownst to Orgost, those traits would be their undoing.

The War In Heaven (511-540, AI)

Not long after Typhos left, a darkness began to amass in the Gods' realm. It crept around the edges of Heaven, and slowly began to seep in. Na’Sora blamed Na’Kora for the creation of this darkness, but there was something far more sinister afoot than the dark goddess’ machinations. Furious that she had been blamed, Na'Kora went to check on the situation herself. As Na’Kora stepped up to the darkness, a clawed hand shot from it and snatched her up. Then, a being unlike anything she had ever seen stepped forth into the realm of Heaven. Darkness swirled around his form and fought the light of heaven, before he spoke in a tongue unknown to any God. However, when he raised a hand and thrust a spear of pure darkness at her, she understood exactly what was going on.

Purest moonlight exploded from Na’Kora and the attack was blasted away, though she was still trapped. However, Ambiron appeared to aid her, and he struck a mighty blow on the hand that held her. Freed, they retreated from the darkness, away from the intruder. The creature spoke, and though Na’Kora still did not understand, Ambiron did. "I am Kraj’ne, King of the Demons," the creature said, "my kind hungers and we shall feed." The intruder retreated from the realm. However, the invasion had just begun.

Ambiron called all Gods to council to discuss how to repel these creatures. It was Lia who suggested they band together, but the other Gods were stubborn, divided too long by the strife between them. Na’Kora refused to work with her sister, and set off with Zen to find a way of repelling the darkness. Orgost began to patrol the border, and fought many battles with the demon intruders, however time and again he failed to kill one, as they worked together, unlike the Gods. Na’Sora tried to use her sunlight to fight back the expansion, and held it for a time.

Then, the first true incursion came, and again Ambiron rode out to meet the Demons. Kraj’ne came, along with Gis, the behemoth who had grabbed Na’Kora, and Lacris, sister Of Kraj’ne. The Gods watched, sure of their power, as Ambiron fought the demons back. Ambiron’s might was unmatched, his duty to Typhos held his resolve in the face of the Demons. When he struck a lethal blow on Gis, Kraj’ne told Lacris to step back. Kraj’ne and Ambiron began to fight, and the duel lasted a decade. The battle could be heard throughout Asmir. Suddenly, Kraj’ne landed a blow on Ambiron, infecting him with the blackness that ate slowly at his realm.

The infection gave Kraj’ne the upper hand he needed to cleave the head from Ambiron’s shoulders. Victorious, he dragged the dead God’s body back into the darkness with him and the demons feasted. The death of Ambiron shook the other Gods, as they assumed their infinite power ensured they could not die. Perhaps they could not slay each other, but they could be slain, this they knew now. So they decided that they must put all things aside, and work together.

The second incursion came not long after, when the demons came in force, Kraj’ne leading the charge. His power had grown since slaying Ambiron. Battle was fierce, and the demons held the upper hand for much of it. The gods began to lose, despite their concerted effort to work together. The reason was simple. Their strongest members refused to work together. Na’Sora and Na’Kora, daughters of Typhos could not put aside their rivalry. However, when Kraj’ne struck Orgost with his corrupted darkness, Gráinne threw herself in the path of a killing blow and was horribly wounded. Kraj’ne moved to kill Gráinne, and Orgost begged his maker to save her. Na’Kora heard his call and struck Kraj’ne with a blast of moonlight before he could kill Gráinne. She drove him back, but wasn’t enough to keep him back. He countered her attack and struck at her, but the attack was intercepted by Na’Sora.

Together, the sisters blasted Kraj'ne with sunlight and moonlight and completely overwhelmed him. They sent out their power, surrounding the demons and crushing them together. Trapped in place, they began to weave a prison of pure divinity, trapping them in chains of shining metal. Together they cast the demons from Heaven, and secured their prison so tightly none could escape. They anchored it to Asmir, creating Na’Kora’s Forge and Na’sora’s Glade.

And together, they made a third anchor, and hid it away along with a fail-safe should the Demons ever begin to escape. Their final act was to seed Asmir with the metal known as Divinium, the same metal they had forged the Demons' prison with. After the defeat of the Demons, the darkness receded and Heaven was restored. Exhausted, the Gods began to slumber.

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