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A World In Transition

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A World In Transition

Post by Orgoth on Wed Mar 28, 2018 6:05 am

First Great War and Arrival of the Dragons (541-600, AI)

It was inevitable that conflict would soon break out among the new races. Halfway through the “First Age”, as it was called, the Eldari-Eldross alliance and the disruptive forces of the Heanta and Orkens  found that they could no longer co-exist peacefully. Thus the First Great War was upon the world. The war raged for many years, but it brought only death for both sides. In the end Erolath unleashed Dragons upon the world. The mighty airborne beings soon had peace between the races, by giving them a common enemy. Only by standing together did they have any chance, but in the end they won out and the dragons retreated to Edia.

The Calm Years (600-800, AI)

A period of peace would occur where the Eldari-Eldross alliance and the Heanta and Orken coalition were content to stay within their own borders. However, there was friction between the Heanta and the Orkens as they each blamed the other for their unsuccessful attempt at overthrowing the other two nations. Despite their trade coalition agreement, relations were always volatile at best.

Orken - Heanta War (800 - 810, AI)

Tensions eventually boiled over when the Heanta sent a purposefully crappy shipment of ore to the Orkens resulting in the deaths of many Orkens due to faulty building materials, i.e. bad metals for fittings and seals, rusty supports, that kind of thing. The Orkens chose to temporarily void their trade agreement with the Heanta and began to attack outlying Heanta towns and forces. The Heanta welcomed the opportunity to fight with mighty Orkens, seeing a perfect chance put the Orkens in their place as perceived by the Heanta. The war raged for a year until both sides fully recognized the might and strength of the other, in the process developing a grudging respect for the other’s abilities. Trade began again, and preparations for their next attempt on the Eldari and Eldross’ lands began.

Peacetime and Arrival of Humans (810-1000, AI)

But at the same time, a new race was in the ascendancy. This race would come to be known as Mortal Men, the youngest and the most conflicted and enigmatic race to emerge in Asmir Ka’lesa. They were created by Erolath who decided that, given the failure of the Dragons to “neutralize” the races, a more subtle approach was prudent. The Humans were designed to eventually subdue the other races when they grew into a large enough civilization. However, a spanner was thrown in the works by Zen, who secretly tampered with the Human make-up, resulting in them being the diverse and chaotic race that exists today.

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