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Unusual Encounters

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Unusual Encounters

Post by Jun on Sun Mar 25, 2018 10:23 am

Hmph! Go get cultured she said! If you can kill tow birds with one stone, go do it she said! This is more trouble than it's worth! The young blond bit harshly into the Karack meat. All around him were soldiers. Dead ones. With a certain emblem. That of the Dying Suns. He hadn't looted their bodies yet of any financial resources yet, but that was certainly on the agenda. He had travelled pretty far from Edia, ordered by his de facto mother and superior officer to go "get cultured." He didn't know much of the outside world. Or at least outside of Edia. He did pass through a...questionable city by the name of Karem. He didn't think such a place existed until he'd seen it. Though he was able to kill a bird there already, his job wasn't done. He was going to loop around the edges of the Kingdom of Mandolin and head back south to Edia.

The longer haired man didn't have a speck of blood on him, though his black scythe laying next to him, the blade still dripping with blood, was a different story. He wore almost noble clothes, mostly white in color with black boots and gold and black trim. Though he did carry a dark, Navy blue sword on his back. He wasn't expecting to have to defend himself out here. Though he did find an encampment nearby. Not too close where he was, but further than he would have expected a patrol. He didn't even know these people! So why did they attack him? Well whatever. He did notice something out of the corner of his eye. "Oh just come out of there. Were these guys your friends? They attacked me first and without so much as even asking questions..." His eyes narrowed at the area he saw them in. Or at least one of them. His slitted eyes were difficult to see right off hand, as the iris around the pupil was darker than the rest of it. The five foot ten man looked younger than he actually was, though not by a lot, being twenty-three years old, but still looking like a teenager.

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