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The Conclave and Its Cities

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The Conclave and Its Cities

Post by Vala on Thu Mar 22, 2018 5:15 am

The Ardorian Conclave is an independent gathering of lords who rule cities and towns in the freelands. Oleas and Zadartis are the two main cities of the Ardorian Conclave, as well as several large towns situated in the lands around them. The Ardorian Conclave like to see themselves as the good guys, and directly oppose the Alliance and its twisted ideals. They do not allow slavery or the taking of slaves in their lands, and their roads are relatively safe. However, they can be just as underhanded as The alliance. In the battle for Edaria city, when Lady Aline Dexara refused to submit to Ardorian control, they pulled out their forces and left the city to the mercy of the Alliance. A very underhanded tactic they like to use on smaller towns that can't protect themselves from large threats.

Oleas is a large sprawling city situated close to the Lonerit Mountain range that runs through Edia and spawns the rivers Sentia and Vantia. Oleas is a wealthy city, clean and free of disease. The main reason for this, is because Oleas drives the poor that would infest the rest of the city into a single slumlike area. They

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