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Skill List and Sheet

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Skill List and Sheet

Post by Orgoth on Wed Jan 03, 2018 11:30 am

Skill List

This is a list of all of the skills available to a character to invest skill points in. First, you must select 3 skills that will be your character's "chosen" skills, and 3 that will be "exiled" skills. Both exiled and chosen skills must consist of 1 major skill and 2 minor skills. Skills cost 2 points to increase in rank, with each skill starting at Untrained. However, your chosen skills each start at Novice, with a point already invested in them, and only require 1 point to increase, whereas the exiled skills cannot be increased. Your character will receive 5 skill points at A-1(with 3 already applied to Chosen skills, leaving 2 to spend), and will gain 5 points at certain ranks as they get more powerful. The ranks are A-3, A-5, R-1, R-3, R-5, E-1, E-3, E-5. Skills can only be increased to a certain rank, dependent on the character's own rank. The ranks and their caps are listed in the table below.

Character RankMax Skill Rank(Chosen)Max Skill Rank(Non-Chosen)

The following is the list of skills available for your character to choose from. The skill sheet template and instructions on how to submit it are at the bottom of the list, here.

Major Skills:

Stealth: This skill covers your ability to be undetected, be it by moving silently or disguising your appearance. This skill also governs your sleight of hand with regards to concealing items on your person.

Healing: The art of medicine. These people are experienced at bandaging up wounds, treating infections and diseases, and identifying flora that would help in treating such things. They can also develop antidotes to poisons given enough time to work, and they can also heal severe injuries over time. If your healing skill expert or higher, and you have a magical healing ability, this skill can be used in conjunction with that ability to perform extremely advanced repairs to a person, such as regrowing limbs or organs. Cannot be used in combat.

Awareness: How well do you notice small things, from body language to detecting a possible intruder. This skill is vital for a lot of character types. They are also more likely to detect traps.

Lock-picking: Your ability to open locks and other such devices. No more, no less. Cannot be used to open magical locks.

Enchanting: This skill governs how adept you are at imparting magical properties onto objects like weapons, armor, shields, or even non-combat items like furniture or utensils. This skill also covers the ability to remove enchantments or curses from objects.

Animal Handling: This skill measures your ability to influence an animal’s attitude towards you, either by empathy or by sheer force of will. This skill is required to ride mounts, as well as manage any pets or animal companions you may have.

Minor Skills:

Cooking: This skill does what it says on the tin. It governs your culinary knowledge and expertise with the practical application of that knowledge. Chefs are always sought after in civilised areas, and someone who knows how to get a good meal out of limited ingredients can be invaluable to groups travelling out in the wilds.

Wilderness Survival: Your ability to survive in the wilderness. This skill covers tasks such as hunting, finding advantageous terrain for camps, identifying useful resources in the environment, maintaining equipment, and constructing simple traps. This skill also strengthens your ability to identify and follow footprints and tracks.

Art: The ability to evoke an emotional response through a particular medium. Though not obviously useful, it can be used in an RP capacity to add some flavour to the tale. Each investment in this skill grants you expertise in a specific art form. This could be anything from comedy to drawing to poetry to music.

Special Skills:

Special Skill: Knowledge
This skill is divided into categories, with each point invested in Knowledge being applied to one specific category. Each knowledge skill is categorised into Major and Minor skills according to their general importance. Having no points in a particular knowledge doesn’t necessarily mean you know nothing about the subject, it simply means you only have a casual understanding, but no in-depth expertise. It’s also important to note that investing a lot of points in a knowledge category does not guarantee that you will know exactly what you need to know at a particular time, just that you are more knowledgeable about the subject. The categories available are listed as follows:

Major Skill Categories:
Arcana (ancient mysteries, magic traditions, arcane symbols, cryptic phrases, dragons, magical beasts)
Architecture and engineering (buildings, aqueducts, bridges, fortifications)
Nature (animals, non-magical Beasts, plants, seasons and cycles, weather, vermin)

Minor Skill Categories:
History (royalty, wars, colonies, migrations, founding of cities)
Local (legends, laws, customs, traditions)
Nobility and royalty (lineages, heraldry, family trees, mottoes, personalities)
Religion (gods and goddesses, mythic history, holy symbols)
Geography (lands, terrain, climate)

Special Skill: Crafting
Like the Knowledge skill, Crafting is split into several categories with each point contributing to a single category, and the categories are divided between Major and Minor skills according to their general importance. The higher your skill, the better the quality of your finished product. The categories are as follows:

Major Skill Categories:

Minor Skill Categories:

Special Skill: Linguist(Insert Language): Linguist allows a person to learn a new language, on top of the languages they know. As it is, all races know the Common tongue, and their own racial tongue. Humans know common, and get one free language, based on where they come from in their history, or have a very good reason for them knowing it. Linguist only costs one skill point to upgrade instead of two, however whether its chosen or non-chosen still matters and non chosen languages take longer to master. When you take linguist you chose one language, and upgrade it as you would any other skill. As you get a higher rank with a language you become better at speaking the language. You can take on more than one additional language, but it takes up a slot on the skill sheet. You cannot exile Linguist.

The languages are:

Skill Sheet Template

This is the skill sheet you will use to record the skills you have chosen for your characters. Copy the template from the code box and past it into a new post in new apps. Name the new post (_) Skill sheet, where (_) is the name of your character.

[center][u][size=16][b]Skill Sheet[/b][/size][/u][/center]

[center][b]Major Skills[/b][/center]

[i]-Chosen Major Skill-[/i]

Skill Name:
Points Invested:

[i]-Other Major Skills-[/i]

Skill Name:
Points Invested:

Skill Name:
Points Invested:

[i]-Exiled Major Skill-[/i]

Skill Name:

[center][b]Minor Skills[/b][/center]

[i]-Chosen Minor Skills-[/i]

Skill Name:
Points Invested:

Skill Name:
Points Invested:

[i]-Other Minor Skills-[/i]

Skill Name:
Points Invested:

Skill Name:
Points Invested:

Skill Name:
Points Invested:

Skill Name:
Points Invested:

[i]-Exiled Minor Skill-[/i]

Skill Name:
Skill Name:

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