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Character Combat Stats

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Character Combat Stats Empty Character Combat Stats

Post by Zenke on Sat Nov 25, 2017 7:12 am

Basic Stats

Strength Strength is the messure of a persons raw physical power. High strength allows a person to lift more and hit harder, while allowing them to resist knockback attacks, or overpower foes in grapples.
Speed Speed is a persons overall movement speed, how fast they attack, how fast they run, fire bows and so on.
Agility Agility is the messure of a persons reactionary speed. Even if someone has lower speed, high agility allows them to react to incoming threats faster.
Durability Durability is the messure of how much damage a character can take before they're knocked out or incapacitated.
Stamina Stamina governs how long a person can keep fighting for before they start to become tired right up to when they're exausted. More info on stamina can be found in Exhaustion State.
Magical power Magical power Governs how often a person can use spells or abilities during a fight before it starts to drain their stamina. More on Magical power can be found in Exaustion state.
Stat Levels

Level ValuePosts until exaustion (stamina)Power Points (Magical Power)
Poor -273
Fair -184
Good1 106
Very Good2 117
Amazing4 139
Transcendant5 1410
Explaining Stats

Stats define your character, and help balance them out. When making a character, you may assign a different level of a stat to each of the six stats. All stats start average. However to improve one, you must make one stat worse. For instance, if you wanted to have Very Good Strength, you must put another stat down to poor, or two stats down to fair. When your done, your stats will look something like this.

Strength || Average
Speed || Very Good
Agility || Good
Durability || Poor
Stamina || Average
Magical power || Fair


Now, on the chart above you can see there are three additional levels above Very good. These are boost levels. When a character enters new forms, they are granted temporary boosts as long as their in that form. Now say the stats above belong to an Nalia, an asentari. She has just unlocked her first Draconic seal. This form grants her a temporary +1 boost to four of her stats, selected at creation. Nalia picks Strength, Speed, Agility and Stamina. Her new stats would look like this.

Strength || Average Good
Speed || Very Good Excellent
Agility || Good Very Good
Durability || Poor
Stamina || Average Good
Magical power || Fair

This +1 pushes very good into Excellent. +2 on top of very good pushes it to amazing. If your character has managed to achieve the Hero Tier, they can change one stat from +2 to +3. in this case, Nalia's Speed would be able to reach Transcendant.


Abilities may also be used to provide temporary boosts to your stats. Unlike Nalia's draconic seal, Buffs granted from an ability will not last nearly as long. Nalia can keep her first draconic seal unlocked until the fight ends, but an ability will only grant a buff for a few posts.

Name: Rush
Type: Support
Damage Category: None
Description: Nalia focuses and channels magical energy into her body, boosting her speed and agility by +1 for 1 post.
Cooldown: 3 post cooldown.

The Ability Rush would temporarility push Nalia's Speed from excellent to Amazing, and her Agility from Very Good to Excellent for one post. It doesn't seem like much, however the temporary buff can still change the outcome of a fight. Buffs can only increase a single stat by +2, and obviously cant push a stat passed transendant.

Abilties can also give debuffs. Debuffs work the same way as buffs, and are temporary. However debuffs cannot reduce a person's stats lower than poor, and cannot deal more than a -2 to any one stat.

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