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The Green Lands of Sindaron and Endaron

  • The Green Lands of Sindaron and Endaron

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  • Sindaron and the Golden City

    Known to its inhabitants as Gilderan, the Golden City lies in the very center of Sindaron, a shining beacon across the sea. Dominating the center of this great city is the Damerlond, the headquarters of the Eldari leadership and also the base of the The Eternal Watch. Merchants everywhere line up to access the market here, making it a prosperous center of commerce. In times of war, the city also serves as an impregnable fortress against enemy forces. That is, if any manage to get as far at all. The rest of the island is made up of a combination of extremely fertile farmland and lush, magical forest.
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  • The Damerlond

    The Damerlond is the central stronghold of the Golden City which houses the top ranks of Eldari hierarchy, the Elder Council. The Elder Council wisely has jurisdiction over all Eldari interests, as well as directing the deployment of the Eternal Watchers, the Eldari military defense force. This astonishing building's exterior is made of gold, while the interior is like any other building, except extremely luxurious. The shine of the building can be seen from across the see, giving the Golden City its name. Despite the fact that the outside is made of metal, the inside does not overheat, maintaining a comfortable temperature at all times.
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  • Gateway Harbour

    This pristine harbour-town presides over the only known way to safely traverse the Cerulean Rift, the great sea that stands between the mainland and the Eldari homeland of Sindaron. Gateway Harbour is a bustling town full of activity as merchants journey from far and wide to trade with the Eldari. This town is home to both Eldari and many humans who are allied with them.
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  • Endaron

    This is the land around Gateway Harbour that falls under Eldari jurisdiction. Although Humans are not generally permitted to live on Sindaron, that is not the case in Endaron as small human populations sprout up around this land and are welcomed by the Eldari as friends. This area is also known for its lush forests and fertile farmland.
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    Strange Lands (O...
    Sun Mar 03, 2019 5:10 am
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  • Minarion

    Minarion is a medium-sized Human town that the Eldari let the Humans who were friends with them establish just inside the border of Endaron. It is a relatively prosperous and peaceful settlement, and although it has been the subject of small attacks by orken and heanta, it has never been notably affected. This is due in no small part to the efforts of the Human-led militia and units of the Eternal Watch, who work hard to protect their Human friends.
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