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The Kingdom of Mondolin

  • The Kingdom of Mondolin

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  • Mith Silvanus

    This truly massive city is the capital of the Kingdom of Mondolin, the independent country of the Humans. The city itself is a architectural wonder, as despite being such a huge and intricate construction, the task of trying to conquer it is even more tricky and complicated. From the hugely impressive five-gate portal entrance, to the impossible number of siege machinery and defenses and impenetrable wall, and the sheer number of dedicated and expertly trained men and women that man these defenses, the city is truly an immovable object against the irresistible force of war.
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  • The Silver Citadel

    The Silver Citadel is almost as much a work of art as it is a defensive structure. It was made with the sole purpose of demonstrating the skill and ambition of Mortal Men. Standing well above the city walls, this huge structure is made of an alloy which is magically made by combining normal stone and quicksilver to make a material that's nearly indestructible and gives the Silver Citadel its name with its magical sparkle in sunlight and moonlight. This impressive building is home to the King and Queen of Mondolin, as well as the command center for the rank and file military and the Knights of Mondolin, the elite military organisation.
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  • The Verdant Plains

    The vast temperate plains that lie south of Mith Silvanus. A relatively tranquil land, a lot of horse ranches exist here, using the ample land to raise horses for the Mondolin mounted forces. The South Road from Mith Silvanus leads to the small city of Mith Verdanus. Heading further south brings you to the Manacus Desert. The River Undine travels southwards until it reaches Mith Verdanus at the center of the plains, then heads west towards the sea.
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  • Mith Verdanus

    Sitting in the center of the Verdant Plains, on the point where the River Undine turns towards the sea, Mith Verdanus is a peaceful and vibrant city. Renowned for its skilled artisans and the quality of its agricultural services, Mith Verdanus is the center of art and food in the Kingdom of Mondolin. Under the watchful eye of Antonio Luna, the region's governor the city is a safe and pleasant retreat from the hustle and bustle of the capital.
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